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Name: Carric
Race: Wood Elf
Age: 100
Location: Trysvale

Physical Description:
Carric is about six feet tall, with black hair that comes down to his shoulders and green eyes. One of his ears has been scarred, half of it cut off. He has pale skin.

Carric is reserved and can often be rude without really realizing it. He finds it difficult to be friendly with anyone unless that person has earned his trust over a long period of time. He likes the wilderness and being among trees, and he dislikes large cities and religious people.

Training: Experience Earned:
  • l


Amount Spent
Item Bought
Total Coins
Starting Total -> 500

Major Possessions: 1 Rusty Dagger
1 Deed to a Basic Tenement
1 Set of Plain Clothes
5 Flasks of Water
5 Rations of Food
1 Long Bow(Family Heirloom)
1 Visa

Background: Carric was born within the town of Trysvale, and he has lived there his whole life. He has gone on many trips traveling throughout the world and sightseeing, but always he has returned home. His life was fairly good until he was orphaned in a robbery gone wrong. His parents were killed, and he took revenge by killing the thief. Since then he has attempted to survive by himself, keeping the memory of that day in the darkest recesses of his mind, trying vainly to forget.

Fluid Time Log:

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