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Lavarel Sieghart is unknown and forgotten
Lavarel Sieghart

Name: Lavarel Sieghart
Race: Human
Age: 27

Physical Description:
Height - 220 cm (7'3")
Weight - 140 kg (308 lbs.)
Eye Colour - Dark brown
Hairstyle - No hair, absolutely bald
Skin - Dark brown with slash scars almost everywhere
Voice - Deep rough throaty voice.
Special note:
  • There are numerous scars in his body include the ones on the back, top of his head and his back.
  • It ranges from the smallest of 10 cm to the biggest of 90 cm running from the base of his neck to the bottom of his hip.
  • There are one scar in his face slashing from the middle of his forehead, through the corner of his left eye, to the left side of his chin.
  • He has bulky, well-built muscles, broad shoulder and chest.
Most of the time, he wears a full length cloak with hoods to hide his scars. Below his cloak, whenever possible, he usually goes barechested with dark pants.

Although being a rough man, Lavarel is actually a nice. Inside his scary-looking figure, there's a heart that commit itself to justice and goodness. Although he is a bit clumsy and often don't know what to do in social situation, he always tries to be kind to other. He always fears making people feel bad. Whenever his friend needs help, he will try his best to help them.

He always try to fully enjoy his life. He loves good ale, deer meat, fine woman, companion of others, and many other things. Unfortunately, He is actually afraid of showing himself to other. Because of it, he is quite reserved and a kind of passive, both in action and in speech. That's why, he's slow to befriend people, and slower to forget it.

He loves learning. To him, the proccess of learning should go on from the cradle to the grave.
Because of this, he set himself on a journey, for becoming a good man, a good survivalist, a good adventurer, to cure his shyness, to gain his "TASTE".

Training & Experience:
Basic longsword (starter, GD Amalthea) (+2xp)

HistoryTimestampAmount Spent Total Coins
  Starting Crown 680
Current Crown -> 680
Major Possessions:
1 Visa

1 Dull longsword

1 Full length hooded cloak (-20 crowns)
1 Set of plain clothes

5 Rations of Food
5 Flasks of Water

1 bronze medallion, made necklace with rings
Lavarel's history is pretty much shrouded in mystery, and not much is known about him.

One thing for sure, it seems that he's been enslaved for some time, and his master is not the best of all men.
Fluid Time Log:
Summer era XVIII PF
Gate of Arconis -- First arrival at Arconis.
Getting to know you [Lavarel Sieghart ~ open ~ AGM Fetch] --

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