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Millicent Harloche

Name: Millicent Harloche
Race: Human (Aelyrianized Vagran)
Age: 20
Location: Jaedaxia

Height: 6'6"
Weight: 215 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown. Long and neatly cut. Worn just above the collar and parted at the center.
Skin: Fair skinned caucasian

Personality: A friendly enough man, however he is strongly independent, almost to a fault, and somewhat unscrupulous.Though noble in his goals, he often convinces himself that he knows best, and will therefore work with less savory methods and people to achieve his means.

Background: Born the second son of a barber, working along one of the many busy streets of Aelyria Prime, Millicent spent his earliest years playing among the children of the city. As he grew however, he took great interest in his father's work, and despite having no actual obligation to learn the trade, he took up an apprenticeship alongside his older, Wilbur. The two soon became rivals as Millicent's prodigal knack for medicine soon became apparent. It was not long before he caught up his brother in skill, and from there they constantly competed to outdo each other. The relationship persisted through their teenage years, and eventually, Wilbur was ready to serve as his father's equal, and share the shop. Millicent however never truly aspired to follow his father's profession. Instead, he saw the practical knowledge of a barber as a mere jumping off point. He was deeply interested in anatomy and medicine, and greatly desired to further research the subject. However, in a world of magic, such research would not be easy. Few people were interested in the potential of medicine and surgery, when healing magics could remedy the issue now. This quick fix mindset appalled him. It seemed that man's reliance on such magics were in fact hindering people's desire to go forth into the world and learn from it. Surely most ailments have a cause and a cure which can be understood by mankind. Knowing the subject must be researched, Millicent left his home to pursue his goals.

  • Basic Healing
Experience Earned:
  • None
Wealth: 500 crowns (Starting)

Major Possessions:
  • Basic dissection equipment (Heirloom)
  • Low-level criminal contacts
  • Clothing -
    • Basic cotton shirt and breeches
    • Simple canvas overcoat
    • Sandals
  • Food and water- 1 cycle
  • Imperial Visa
  • Cheap dagger

Fluid Time Log:
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