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Rhorie Clearletter

 Name: Rhorie Clearletter

Race: Human

Age: 22

Location: Jaedaxia

Languages Spoken:
  • Jaedaxienne
  • Common

Physical Description:

Rhorie is almost completely average in everything. Medium height, medium build, blonde hair in a bob around her chin, oval face with average features. Her blue eyes are nice, but not especially vivid. Really, the only thing that truely stands out about Rhorie is her thousands of freckles all over her skin. from a distance you might think her tan, but no, those are really freckles. Her face is exceptional purely for amount of freckles squashed on it.

She does have a nice grin, and is rather appealing when she's excited.


Intelligent, curious and shrewd. Tends to bite off more than she can chew when shes excited, expecting the best and forgetting to plan for contingencies. Wants to know why and how things work, then try it herself. Tends to judge people by how useful she thinks they are, and whether they know anything worth learning, though she does this subconciously.

She likes cheese and strawberries, cats, books, learning whatever she can and solving puzzles. She is annoyed by people who proliferate false information, and if she hears someone saying something she knows is incorrect she has a hard time not stopping to tell them the right of it. If they don't believe her, it drives her crazy like nothing else! Stupid-People-Who-Wouldn't-Know-The-Truth-If-It-Bit-Them are her number one pet peeve. She also hates feeling like a fool herself, and being interrupted when she's concentrating.

Her general philosophy of life is ask questions, but don't get in the way of business: if you know more today than yesterday, you're doing a good job.

  • Scribe: 2xp (professional)

Amount Spent
Item Bought
Total Coins
Starting Total -> 700
Bed and Breakfast, 7gc/brightening Spring, Era XVIII pf
Tuition, 100gc/class Spring, Era XVIII pf
Clerk's Salary, 30gc/cycle Ulyris, Era XVIII pf
Sturdy Work clothes, 2 sets Ulyris, Era XVIII pf

Major Possessions:
  • Pen Knife: old, well maintained, blade worn with repeated sharpening
  • Plain Clothes: underclothes, one green dress, one pink dress, a plain vest, a rain cloak
  • Family Heirloom: old writing chest, made of mahogany and bound in brass, opens up into a slanted writing surface, with a divet for a quill, and holes for ink and blotting sand. the surface opens up to reaveal storage for paper, quills, pigment ect. Pressing a certain spot on the side of the box reveals the small secret drawer, large enough for a trinket or secret missive.
  • Other: Food and water for 5 days.


Rhorie is the eldest child of Kurt Clearletter, a scribe working in a small town south of Jaedaxia. He has a very wide but shallow range of knowledge, due to his work as a clerk-for-hire. He has passed on these tidbits of random trivia to his children- Rhorie, Gabin and Mikah. Unlike her younger brothers, Rhorie was perpetually frustrated because she always wanted to know more than her father was able to tell her, and was always full of questions he couldn't answer. Her mother is a normal village girl, who loves her smart daughter but can't understand her at all.

She's lived near Jaedaxia her whole life and has managed to save up enough money to go there to study- what, she doesn't know. Her father, seeing that he had two sons contented to stay with him and continue his business, agreed to let his daughter leave the nest. He gave her his blessing and the portable writing desk given to him by his own father when he started out as a scribe. Rhorie's mother had already written her off when she refused to marry the miller's son when he came asking, so she could care less what Rhorie did and sent her off with a goodbye and good riddance. Her brothers will miss her a little, but not enough to want to visit once she's settled.

Fluid Time Log
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