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Rygen is an upstanding Citizen

Name: Rygen
Age: 24 Ordinations
Race: Human
Sex: Male

Rygen stands at five and a half and weighs one hundred and eighty pounds. His frame is lithe and muscular, and shows the many scars of his short lifetime. A fiery red mane is held in loose braids and kept out of his face by a black silk band tied around his forhead. Clean shaven with piercing blue eyes under thin red eyebrows he is a rather wild looking man.

~Coming soon...ish

Rygen is a man who deeply believes in honor and justice. He enjoys a good fight and is not one to shy away from standing up for the weak or against the unjust. Outside of fighting he is fairly social, enjoys frequenting the taverns of whatever city he may be in and training to hone his skills.

Being a man of honor, Rygen puts his faith in Aslan and will often offer up a pray to the Aetherian before a fight or battle. He also reveres Diana for her battle and defeating the Cyraxians.

-Level 1 Halberd -Starting package

-350 Crowns
-Halberd: A six foot length of flexible hardwood with a eight inch blade attached on the end. On the backside of the blade is a hook that can be used for pulling shield out of the way among other things. (Starting package)
-Leather armor: Cuirass and greaves. The curass is styled as a vest and leaves his arms bare. (Starting package)
-1 set of clothing: A simple white tunic and set of stained brown trousers.
-1 cheap dagger
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