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Or'gog is unknown and forgotten
Or'gog the Orc

OOC: I am still in the proses of making this CIR; therefor it will be constantly revised.

Name: Or'gog

Race: Orc
Age: 17
Berth Brightening: unknown
Location: Jaedaxia

Physical Description:

Or'gog stands 6' 6" tall and weighs in at 275 pounds (of hard muscle). as far as looks (may change) go; same as my portrait.

  • None
  • None

Experience Earned:
  • None
  • None

  • Wilderness Survival, Basic-starter package
  • None

Weapon Rusty Dagger
Clothes Dirty ratted gray Tunic
Torn Brown Trousers
Black belt with a pouch
Brown Backpack
Pouch Crowns
Royal Visa
Backpack Dried goat meat x 10
Cheese x 10
Bread x 10
Water skin (Large)


Amount +/-
Item Bought
Total Coins

Or'gog grew up by him self in the wilderness around Jaedaxia. His mother died when he was 2 from a wound she got in a bear attack. When He was 7; Or'gog befriended Gaar'ka (a young Cheetari) near the farming community of Jaedaxia. One day Gaat'ka took Or'gog to meet his mother, bout when the farmers saw that Or'gog was an Orc they chased him off. Or'gog stayed in the wilderness until he was 17. after being alown for so long he decided to go into Jaedaxia to try and be come part of civilization rather then a lonely orc.

OOC: All of Or'gog's possessions he obtained from dead adventurers he found out in the wilderness.

Fluid Time Log:

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