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Embel Almstad


 Name: Embel Almstad
Race: Medonian Human
Age: Eighteen (at start) Twenty-Five (current)
Location: District of Maeve
Physical Description:
Embel is a healthy looking, fair skinned Medonian Human standing at a hearty 5'10" and weighing an amount that you are not allowed to be privy to. That said, her youthful figure is accented by a fair amount of womanly curves, as well as a pair of significant female...endowments. Straight dark brown hair hangs down past the blades of her shoulders to her lower back, with two long tails of dark strands falling over her collarbone. The rest she often keeps back and away with a white tavern style bonnet. Her nose is slightly upturned, and her facial feature's are soft and more rounded than angular. Her eyes are a shade of brown, quite similar to her hair.


Embel is both immature and mature, both stubborn and easygoing. Much of her conflicting feelings are due to the significant shaping her mother has had on her growth. Forced to become a "desirable woman" far before she was ever ready, Embel often knows what she's supposed to do, but is consistently listening to her heart instead of her head. The farthest one can get from expressionless, Embel reveals her intentions and feelings through her facial features to an almost exaggerated, comical degree. Sweet and loving, she still maintains a huge part of her youthful girlish adolescent mannerisms. Behind a bright if somewhat awkward woman is an unusual and unyielding conviction. As accepting as others as she is, Embel provides no flexibility when it comes to what she feels.

A genuine air-head, Embel struggles with complex formulas, equations, and ideas, however her success in trades such as Alchemy comes from her tenacious attitude. What Embel lacks in intelligence, she attempts to make up for in hard work and creativity.

Enjoying a good meal and especially sweets, she constantly feels uneasy about her appearance or size, especially now that she often stands a hand above most other women. Feminine and ladylike, her imposing stature is still carried by someone who is trying to understand the more complex emotions in this world, like love. Struggling to live up to her mother's expectations, she understands that she should be looking for a wealthy, powerful man to eventually wed, but she often gets stuck in her own juvenile daydreams and pursuits. This "unripened" understanding as her mother calls it, causes her to not fully comprehend the true meaning behind the strictness in her parental values.

Official Training Levels: Experience Earned:

  • Novice Cooking Total: 5xp
  • Professional Alchemy Total: 6xp
  • Untrained Womanly-Self-Defense Total: 1xp
  • Novice Horseback Riding: 2xp
  • Untrained Dagger Total: 1xp
Individual Experience:

Alchemy (Approved by GD Amalthea) +2xp
Womanly-Self-Defense (Approved by AGM Guardian) +1xp
Cooking (Approved by GD Amalthea) +1xp
Alchemy (Approved by GD Amalthea) +1xp
Cooking (Approved by GD Amalthea) +1xp
Horseback Riding (Approved by GD Amalthea) +2xp
Cooking (Approved by AGM Finch) +1xp
Alchemy (Approved by AGM Aiir) +1xp
Dagger (Approved by GD Amalthea) +1xp
Alchemy (Approved by GM Indefinite) +2xp


Amount Spent
Item Bought
Total Coins
Starting Total -> 500
-75 Novice Alchemy Class Spring, Era XVIII pf
Basic Alchemy Supplies Spring, Era XVIII pf
Tip From Vanderlou Spring, Era XVIII pf
Clothing Purchases Spring, Era XVIII pf
Alchemy Purchases Spring, Era XVIII pf
Arms and Armor Spring, Era XVIII pf
Tavern Employment Spring, Era XVIII pf
Augustus Employment Spring, Era XVIII pf
Kaar Payment Summer, Era XVIII pf
Scholar's Roost Room Summer, Era XVIII pf
Augustus Employment Summer, Era XVIII pf
Current Total -> 2781

Major Possessions:
  • Basic cooking (-800 crowns)
  • Job at Scholar's Roost Taverna & Inn 35 crowns a cycle plus board (-200 crowns)
  • 1 rusty dagger
  • 5 Rations of Food
  • 5 Flasks of Water
  • 1 Visa
  • 1 mother's guide to finding a husband (no value)
  • 1 Arm crossbow with adjustable straps + 24 bolts
  • 1 Metal buckler
  • 1 Set of traveling clothes (pants, tunic, boots)
  • 1 Livery Uniform
  • 500 Starting Crowns
  • 1 Elven Windstepper
  • A horse tack set which includes: a full saddle, a breastplate, a halter (to lead and tie the horse when not using the bridle), a bridle complete with a bit and reins

Fill this in with your character's history. It can be as short or complicated as you wish.


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Fluid Time

Fluid Time


"Never forget where you came from."

Spring, Era XVIII PF (Cryxatum - Optia)

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The child wielded her stick much like she believed a swordsman would have. Slowly creeping from her was the battered serpentine body of a green snake. Suddenly the girl remembered something her mother had told her, 'They're just as scared of you, as you are of them.' She never wished she could take back something so much in her life.

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