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Evacuating Harding (Everlasting Winter)

5th cycle of Ponutis, Era XVI, Everlasting Winter

Norin had made his way to the hamlet of Harding, dressed in the warmest winter clothing he had. He was armed and present as Captain in the Veldar Elite. He had taken a squadron of dwarven soldiers with him through the cold snowy weather that seemed to be ravaging through Aelyria. He hadn't come to be hostile to the inhabitants of the peaceful hamlet, on the contrary, he had come to help them

The mayor, Lindy Taskmover, knew that Norin would come with Veldar Elites. They had spoken of it and what had to be done. Because of the current crisis, it would be easier to focus resources. Therefore, the Council of Four had decided to evacuate Harding and bring its inhabitants to Zerdargia, within the walls. Mayor Taskmover had agreed to this and Norin had been assigned to overview the evacuation and ensure the safety of the people of Harding.

He motioned to the half dozen Veldar Elites to stand guard while he found Miss Taskmover. He expected her to already have warned her people about the evacuation and its reasons. She was in charge of the hamlet and Norin couldn't move any of the halflings without her cooperation. He therefore sought her out in order to start the evacuation.
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