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Rose Dwermonth's Stone (Druid Grove)


From the very source of the enchanted springs which flavor the fine Zerdargian Ale of Clan Burk, one would find, if one were looking, a pathway which suddenly appears from out of the dense forest undergrowth. It is a path seldom found in the Center of Peace Sanctuary unless one is deemed worthy.

For at least two millenia, dwarf druids have reigned in this patch of the Dolwoods between Zerdargia and what is now the entrance to the Underground City of Dargis. The wagon road to Dargis runs through the Center of Peace Sanctuary. The forest allows travel on the road as long as peace is maintained.

A friend of the forest may find the path, if pure enough to read nature's signs. If one waits quietly the sign of Carmelya's blessing will appear through the morning light of the trees. The light will start you on your way to Druid's Grove located deep within the forest. The light will open your eyes so that you can see the Sanctuary through the eyes of a druid. Your entrance into the heart of the Sanctuary will not go unnoticed. If your senses are attuned to the mysteries, you will see the beauty of Carmelya's creations unhindered. It will be as if scales of darkness will drop away in the brightness of dawn.

Dagma is the keeper of the grove. She is a rumoured 700 year old master druidess who has not left the Dolwoods since she was exiled from Dargis. Always mystically inclined, as a young dwarfen maiden she was ostracized by the other dwarfs for loving nature. She eventually left to seek her calling so many years ago that she cannot remember a time when she lived underground.

Her familiar is Drucilla, a leopard whose eyes will be upon you as wind your way through the forest.

Unbeknownst to you she will lead you to a small meadow which contains a stone monolith. This is Dwermonth's Stone, an ancient monument to the first Dargian druid, Dwermonth, who was rumoured to have been 950 ordinations when his essense became part of the mystical Dolwoods.

If you find Dwermonth's Stone, you have reached Druid's Grove. Drucilla has already told Dagma, who will greet you if you are patient. The beauty of the forest surrounds and enfolds those who wait.

The legend of Dwermonth (as told to SLon by Dagma Mistress Druid)

"Then sit down lad and I'll tell ye a story." Drucilla lay at the feet of her mistress who had sat down on an oval rock which looked like over the centuries had grown to fit her wide bottom. Drucilla eyed S'Lon with her brown gold eyes. S'Lon could see in them an endless depth, and at times interest, acute interest in who he was. However, now was story telling time and she had heard the story of Dwermonth many times. She slowly closed her eyes and began snoring softly.

"Well I hope I don't bore you like I do Drucilla," the Druidess laughed, a big hearty laugh which made her full round cheeks turn pink above her gray beard.

"Nigh on three millenia ago, a young dwarf by the name of Dwermonth, from Clan Coppersmith of Dargis had come above ground. There had been a mighty battle between the Dwarfs and the Sylrosian elves, nasty bunch of elfs bent on taking the whole of the Dolwoods fer theirselfs. Dargis was open then, of course, and dwarfs were free to go to and fro selling their copper an' pretty rocks. They bought flour, and food from Naturan elfs, and had a trade goin' wid dem few stuff like fruit, milk, flour, wine, somethin' they drank fer they learned ta make ale fer themselfs. Anyway, dis youg dwarf Dwermonth was different from his miner brothers and clan. Clan Coppersmith. Dinna want ta mine underground. His favorite color were green, like da forest. Green trees, green plants, green carpets o' grass.

Durin' da great war of Elfs, he was captured, right here in da Dolwoods close to the ancient city of da dwarfs. Da took him hostage so dat Clan Coppersmith would join their fight agains' da Naturan elfs. Well, Dwermonth had a sweetheart lived in da city, Natura, dat is, an' he dinna want da elfs ta make clan Coppersmith fight agains' Natura. So he did sit right here, where we'is sittin' and instead of callin' to Cetheron his god for help. Ye knew Cetheron is da creator of dwarfs, he called on da nature god. He dinna even know her nam'. Dis called fer help from da god that created all da beautiful color of green in da trees, da grass, ye know. Well, da darndest thin' happen'd. Da forest came alive an' don' che' kno' da vines wrapped 'round da necks of da bad elfs, tripped 'em when de' wanted ta run away, tree limbs smacked 'em good, en' pretta soon dem elfs was imprisoned by dis same forest. Dwarfs come up to take Dwermonth back ta Dargis, but no by gosh, Dwermonth foreswore Cetheron, his patron, and begin worshipin' da god of nature. 'Course was a while 'til she came to him. Made him first Dwarf druid and let him take care of da Dolwoods 'til he died at 950 ordinations. Said dat da dust from he's bery bones, lies right here. So da' sacred stone of Dwermonth still guards da Dolwoods here in da Center of Peace Sanctuary. Made it da only druid's grove here. Dah der is other hidden glens and glades, non's so special as Dwermonth's stone."

Drucilla awoke and stretched after Dagma's story ended. Dagma laughed, "She's bored, so what kin we do for ye today?"


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