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Computer problems the bane of my life.

Posted April 29, 2009 at 02:27 PM by Palacrisis D Jones

Ok folks it’s not often I decide to bare my soul to the world but the following tale of misery is somewhat typical of my luck. It has been a trial the last three months ever since my old computer decided to commit suicide in spectacular fashion. So my activity on the site has been somewhat limited anyway this is the e-mail that I have sent to Dell UK.

On the 06/04/09 I sent Dell the following E-mail the only reply was to tell me that I had used an inappropriate email address. My initial correspondence has NOT been dealt with!

To the Director of Customer Relations

I am somewhat disturbed by the events of this afternoon. The back ground to my concerns revolves around the delivery of a new computer and its after care by your staff.

Invoice ~ 2409835126
Customer number ~ GB7156552
Dell order no ~ 23848230

Thus I was the proud owner of a brand new [out of the box] XPS630 except for the fact that I was unable to gain access to the internet ! It worked well otherwise, graphics and speed was amazing and I looked forward to discovering its potential however.……..!

Internet explorer was not functioning and when I attempted to install my wireless router D Link DSL G624T that had been working perfectly with my previous Dell 9200 I was getting error messages that made no sense!

Thus with my new machine barely 24 hours old I was forced to contact your customer services via telephone. The question of the wireless router seemed to be a mystery to the operative and although he manfully tried to gain me access after two and a half hours of this conversation my brand new shiny XPS630 was unable to even boot up.

The offer of a new computer was made and accepted and although I cannot fault the endeavours and politeness of the operator [Prami?] the simple fact remains that my new computer is so much scrap material now!

The reason I purchased such a high powered computer is that I fear my previous Dell purchased two years ago was over used and pushed to its limits causing it to give up the ghost and die in a spectacular display of graphic anarchy.

However after this afternoons debacle I have doubts about the quality of the Dell product, which does not fill me with confidence about my new replacement XPS630

It also occurs to me that the “customer help line technical support “ operatives should realise that not all customers are computer literate aficionados. There are those like me out here in the real world who are computer illiterate, content to follow instructions in press button a button b button c manner. We are not happy to be asked to open up the cover and inspect the gubbins inside our computers especially as the cover latch appears to be welded shut!

Equally the idea of sending an engineer out to inspect the said computer on site seemed to be a heresy to your operative. To paraphrase “ we can send an engineer but we cannot guarantee he will have all the parts with him it would be either an engineer or a new replacement machine!”

I am not sure what company policy is but to my mind a final diagnosis of the ills of the computer would be more efficiently carried out by trained personnel not by someone like me who does not posses these skills!

I am frustrated, I am well out of pocket because of the phone bill and I still do not have a working shiny new computer It would appear that I am back on the production list and my dream of a new machine is put on hold for yet more weeks!

I look forward to your companies reply to this missive


I have now received a replacement tower on Monday 27/04/09

This piece of equipment has the following problems.

1.Very slow boot up, - 8 to 10 minutes.

2. Flashing light [below power button] and a constant irritating clicking.

3. It takes at least an hour to load a CD Rom [games]

4. Game playing is highly variable [action sequences are jerky, the screen freezes and throws me out.]

5. Since receiving this tower I have had to effect two emergency start up repair procedures in DOS.

6. Computer has problems running two programmes at the same time.

7 A constant flow of Microsoft Windows [not responding messages]

8 The entire computer is running slow leaving me to wait for functions to change and work.

After 48 hours out of the box this computer, a replacement for the earlier one that crashed on day one of coming out of the box. I am frustrated with the product whilst I except that I am no expert this level of problem surely should not be the norm for a brand new piece of equipment.

It would be the norm to telephone one of your tech advisors but after the debacle of my previous two and half hour conversation that effectively left me with a non functioning machine I am loath to put myself through that trial again.

I look forward to your comments

R G Patterson
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  1. Old Comment

    The 26th Imperial Shields to the rescue!

    Strictly speaking if the computer does not even boot up properly, that is a pc issue, and something that should be referred to the original manufacturer of the equipment, Dell. It could be one of several local issues, like a corrupt operating system, to incompatible processors, or a bad adaptor.

    With respect to the internet connection, the ideal way to start identifying the issue is to determine if the computer works well and is able to connect to the internet fine using the ethernet, or simple cable connection. If your computer is able to connect to the internet fine with the basic ethernet/cable connection, that's a big plus in your favor.

    If on the other hand the computer is able to connect fine with the ethernet/cable connection but having difficulty connecting using the wireless router, there are several reasons for this:

    1) Improper router settings setup - this is easily rectified as its usually given in the manual. The important thing to remember here is that you should know a) your wireless network name and b) your WEP or wireless network key.

    2) EMI or electromagnetic interference, assuming #1 is all good. It's possible that there is something electric, electronic, or metallic within the immediate area that is disrupting the signal (like a refrigerator, which is one enormous magnet). The best questions to ask here are where exactly your router is located (floor/desk) and what else is in between the router and the computer. Distance sometimes plays a factor, but most routers should get connected wirelessly to anywhere within a typical residence.

    3) Incompatibility between the router and the laptop software. I know it sounds alarming, but it's resolvable. Most laptops come in with their own built-in branded software to connect wirelessly, which might sometimes be incompatible with the software. There are also generic wireless software products that run. Let me put it this way - your BMW car key will only be compatible with your BMW car, whereas the skeleton key made by the gypsy can pretty much fit any lock.

    Of all the possibilities, assuming # 1 is resolved, I am assuming this is the root cause of your situation.

    4) Antivirus or Firewall programs. Some of them have the ability to interfere with your wireless network connection, and it's usually suggested that one attempt to temporarily disable or uninstall them and see if it makes a difference in your ability to connect to the internet. It's like a castle and a moat - leave the drawbridge down and we can pillage the place all day, bring it up and we have no joy.

    5) Wireless network switch. Most laptops have an independent wireless network switch that enables you to 'turn on' the computer's ability to detect and connect to any wireless networks in the area. Yours might be disabled, or off.
    Posted April 30, 2009 at 05:16 AM by Alexis Sapientia Alexis Sapientia is offline
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