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Adoptions Gone Wrong

Posted August 24, 2015 at 10:16 PM by Nimh

I'm frustrated. I apologize to those who have to keep hearing about his topic but it's presently driving me insane.

Almost 4 months ago my husband and I adopted a second dog who we named Floki, a 1 year old beauty of a mutt with a happy personality--he just loved everyone he met. We adopted him after a meet and greet with our girl Georgia. It went all right. They walked great together and could stand to be directly next to each other. But there was a catch--let them off leash or really let them interact and they were uncertain about the other. Mostly, Georgia wasn't sure she was certain. He kept trying to mount her. No good.

But we decided to adopt him anyway on the basis that the foster assured us that once Georgia put him in his place everything would be fine.

Three months later, things are not fine. After dropping a hefty sum on training classes because Floki is a very stubborn, strong-willed dog who wants things his way and is slow to respond, the two simply do not get along. Georgia does not trust him and after repeated attempts of him to mount her, if he comes within a few feet of her, she attacks him. Mostly she just tries to avoid him. Floki is now scared of her. Luckily, any time we've had them out together we've used basket muzzles--no injuries.

Well, the two just aren't getting along. It's a stress on me as I rotate the dogs two hours in the crate two hours out of the crate. It's a stress on them because they're locked up more than they ought to be. Basically, it's a crappy situation that's not going to get better for anyone. We've come to the conclusion that he's not the dog for us and he's certainly not the dog for Georgia.

So two weeks ago we let the rescue know that it's not working out, we've done our best but the dogs just aren't meant to be together. We fear now that they are poised to get into an altercation, please we need him out of our home as soon as possible.

It took a couple days for him to get back to me. "We're a small rescue, we have no fosters, blah blah. We'll keep you updated." A week later, I emailed him again--what's the status? Throw in a new wrench: my sister's fiancÚ is more devastated than we are that we have to give the dog up so he went and found the dog a home. I insisted this family (his cousin) needs to go through the rescue. Now rehoming Floki was delayed while they worked out the application. Queue problems: the guy lists ME as his vet reference (I'm not a vet and I don't even know him...didn't even know he had another dog, something we would have said NO, he's dominant, he should start out as an only dog); then the rescue can't get a hold of any of the guy's references.

So rehoming Floki was put on hold. But hey they had a Plan B: A foster that could be permanent home that had no other dogs. Great! We liked Plan B, why isn't that Plan A? "We'll call you tomorrow with an update once I have more information."

Tomorrow comes and goes, no phone call.

Dude called tonight to get an update and only got to leave a message. I emailed saying he really needs to get back to us. It's been two weeks, we've been very patient and understanding when most people wouldn't be (he even said so himself). But we've said multiple times--the dogs could get into a fight, one of them could get hurt, we have a vacation coming up and do not want to deal with the logistics of having to kennel a dog that we can't keep.

We could never drop him off at a shelter--that's not how we operate, either of us and the rescue knows that. I've threatened with communicating with other rescues and tomorrow I plan to. I have a friend who works with one rescue that's going to get started on that for me. Tomorrow I'm going to email the rescue that I got Georgia from, who I have a good relationship with.

I'm frustrated. This is absolutely emotionally draining on me, a person who never ever thought they'd have to return a dog to a rescue. I've spent the past two weeks rotating between anger and upset, which is driving the dude to distraction as he has to deal with me sobbing intermittently. I hate the idea that he has to go through finding a new home all over again. He's a good dog. He's not meant for us but he's a good dog. (Even if he is a stubborn pain in my butt...!!)

We all just need to be given the opportunity to pull the stress away. As one of my coworkers told me, if I can feel like this is not his home then he can feel it's not his home...and I can see that he's not happy and content. He's bored and restless. This isn't his home, no matter how much he loves us and wants to be with us. All of us aren't in a situation that's healthy or easy. It's not fair to us and it's not fair to him or to Georgia.

I'm just above and beyond over it. I keep getting told "this weekend, this weekend" and feel now that the rescue is taking advantage of me. I know it's not easy running a rescue but come on. A less patient, less sympathetic family would have abandoned the dog by now.

I need my life back...!
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    Well, you know you are doing the right thing! This too shall pass, as they say. Hate to hear this is still such a struggle to get him a new home. Keep your chin up!
    Posted August 25, 2015 at 11:21 AM by Walen Birch Walen Birch is offline
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