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Posted March 14, 2010 at 05:16 PM by Motito Gil'dae
Updated March 14, 2010 at 05:21 PM by Motito Gil'dae


I was listening to this song when the need to write something small struck me, so I put together a small, one-two page ministory quick, because I simply felt inspired.

I watched with wide eyes as Nikolai fell to the floor.

“No more games!” the man shouted, and I could feel my blood seize, even as Nikolai fell to the marble tiles with an unceremonious thud, though I definitely heard some splat in there as well.

My gaze slowly rose to the man who’d shot my friend, even a sticky, dark red pool collected around my shoes. I watched him, my blue eyes wide with abject fear. There was nothing I could do. We were going to die; all of us. As I felt this with a degree of certainty, an odd calm overtook my body. We were about to die. I knew it for certain. I did not doubt in the slightest my own mortality…and yet when looking at one’s own certain death a certain peace overcomes one.

For me, as that peace hit, along with the realization that Nikolai had been dead before he’d hit the ground, my entire body became limber and loose as a realization struck me. If I knew I was about to die…then I had nothing to fear. If I was to die anyway, than nothing I did mattered, so I could do whatever I wanted. A single hand came up to tuck an errant brown lock from my crystal blue gaze. A sense of determination came over me as I looked at the man holding the gun, currently holding up the hotel lobby.

My day had been going mostly routine, as much of my life had. I was a creature of habit. My alarm went off at five-thirty every morning. I allowed myself to hit snooze exactly twice before rising to shower and shave. I put on a nice shirt and tie along with some slacks and dress shoes. Normally I had a piece of peanut butter toast with some strawberry jam atop it, but today I skipped it. I stood at the door for a moment checking to make sure I had everything. Keys, wallet, cell phone…it was all there. Good. I left the apartment, which I locked up behind me unerringly, I went to my fifteen-year-old Volvo and head to meet Nikolai. I stop by the coffee shop and grab myself a latte on my way to the hotel, where Nikolai was staying. He’d flown in almost a thousand miles just to spend time with me since we hadn’t seen each other in three years, so my routine was disrupted because we were going to go out and get some breakfast before I went to work. I went to meet him in the lobby when the man with the gun had shown up, holding up the lobby.

Everyone had complied, but Nikolai had always thought of others before himself. He moved to stop the guy, but that had ended quickly when a staccato burst of sound interrupted his movement, stopping him dead before he collapsed.

“What are you looking at you piece of trash?!” he asked, sticking the gun in my gut. I did not flinch; did not waver.

“Not much,” I replied, staring right into his eyes challengingly. He sputtered for a moment as he realized I’d just insulted him.

“You wanna die kid?!” he asked incredulously, gun raising to level dead center at my chest. A slow, soft smile began to coalesce upon my lips. He had no idea. I was already dead, and I knew it. He’d come in showing his face. He wasn’t letting a single person in the lobby live after that. But in already being dead, I was free.

What happened next was nothing short of an epiphany of movement. One might have an epiphany of the mind, where they suddenly realize something, knowing it with absolute surety much as I’d had a moment earlier about my own death. This was an epiphany of movement, where my body moved on its own, as though it was exactly what my body had been designed to do…as though everything from my birth up until now had culminated into this moment. It still feels like slow motion as I remember it, though I know it was only a few seconds if that.

My hand swept up, the adrenaline pumping through my veins seeming to slow time, which allowed me to spy the release catches on the slide action of his gun. My left hand popped up under the barrel, throwing the shot off. As he pulled the trigger, the shot went wild, My other hand, which had started moving at the same time, came up over the gun, my thumb and my pointer and middle finger pinching together to release the slide. I yanked forward, and the slide action slipped off the pistol and the spring and barrel simply fell out as I yanked. The yank actions had started me turning to my left, so I simply allowed the momentum to continue, pushing the turn, my left leg hooking out and catching him on the back of the knee. As the joint automatically folded behind it, dropping him to one knee I completed the spin, my right knee coming up to slam into the back of his skull.

He crumpled to the ground, instantly unconscious, and I stood there, panting. Time was still running slow, and it hadn’t truly crossed my mind that it was already over. The lobby was deathly silent for several moments as everyone tried to comprehend what had just happened. I sunk to my knees not caring as my pants soaked in the pool of sticky fluid collected around me. I simply laughed. I let out the loudest, most triumphant laugh I had ever released. I had stared death in the face and refused to go quietly, and in doing so I had saved these people from their own certain death. I fell back onto my back, still laughing at my own success, when someone finally cried out.

“Call an ambulance!” I wondered what for when I heard this…Nikolai was dead already and I hadn’t done any serious damage to the attacker. Breathing was coming harder now for some strange reason, perhaps the adrenaline was draining out of my body.

The stranger’s cry seemed to snap everyone from their reverie, and instantly everyone rushed about. Some to flee, others to help, still others to seek help. As a crowd collected around me and they tried to speak to me, I blinked rapidly. I couldn’t hear them very well. It was like trying to listen to someone talk to you through water. I frowned and strained to hear but I couldn’t make out the words. Someone put their hand over my heart along with a blue cloth of some kind, but the cloth quickly turned red. Why was my chest feeling so heavy? It never felt this way before…Growing cold and tired and let my eyes drift closed.

I’d done well. I could sleep for now. I knew that when I woke up, I was sure it would be a good day after having become a hero. Nikolai would be real proud of me. But for now…I just needed to rest…
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