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[Starshadow Spire] Pew Pew (Basic Self-Mod Archery Training)

1st of Melora, Winter XVIII Post-Fractum
Winter of Miracles; GM Ensnare Approved

Lieutenant Kraasi Joav’lania, Lead Longbow for the Quicksilver Guard, leaned on her longbow, gazing down at it. The Elven longbow that every Quicksilver Guard member had--and that Motito himself had but had never used was graceful and elegant. She grinned cheekily as she waited for him, her hands on top of the tip, her chin coming down to rest atop her hands.

"....He's late," she murmured aloud. Her second, Sergeant Tarien Quenias, simply observed from the corner, giving her a starry-eyed look. Finally, the doors to the massive Gil'dae training hall opened, and Tito walked in, still dressed in his acolyte robes.

"Sorry," he muttered sheepishly, "One of my books was really getting away with me." She snorted and flicked him a look of mild amusement.

"Yeah, yeah...I won't let you get away with it next time..." Because they were always vigilant, always in top form, and his most elite and skilled soldiers, he allowed them more liberties in private than others might receive...this included a much lesser degree of formality than others might see. "Just get over here." Tito had his bow in tow along with his quiver, filled this time with training arrows, and stood before her.

"Alright, as you know, I'm Lieutenant Kraasi Joav’lania, and I'll be your instructor nowbright. Keep your hands and arms inside the room at all times, and there is an emergency exit directly to your rear." Tito lifted a single silvery brow.

"Are you done?" She gave him an impish grin.

"Just about. Anyway, this, greenhorn, is a bow. There are many types. The first divison comes in size. Shortbows are more compact versions for travel, smaller people, less weight, and less draw required...but it gets less power. Longbows emerged as greater range was required. Longbows are at least five and a half feet long to over six feet in length. It requires great strength to string and draw which restricts its use a bit. Although it's extremely effective, it can't be widely used.

"Now, of shortbows and longbows, there are various designs.
Straight bows are the most basic design recognizable as a bow with a string made of natural fiber placed under tension of a straight piece of select wood. Recurve bows have tips that point away from the archer. This effectively reduces the loading--or weight--at full draw--when you pull the string back--allowing the archer more time to aim before their arm fatigued. A recurve bow also imparted considerable energy to the arrow, more than a longbow of similar draw-weight. This meant that recurve bows could be shorter than other bows while maintaining the same arrow-energy. This allowed for the development of shortbows for mounted archery as well as smaller races. Composite bows are made by laminating different woods together under tension. The inside of the bow is created with a wood that resists compression and the outside of the bow is crafted with a different wood that resisted expansion. This allows for a much more powerful bow." Then she held up her pride and joy, showing it to him.

"....but this one is better than all of them. This, young trainee, is an elven longbow. You'll notice it has a very unique design...it is one of the best-quality weapons on the market, at the forefront of archery. Lets break down the bow, and discuss what the different parts are. This part right here, where you put your hand, is the grip. The top part is the upper limb, and the bottom is the lower limb. The design is known as recurve because if you looks at the very ends of the limbs, you'll see they curve back out..it's also the name of that part. The grooves in the middle of the curve is called the string groove, where this part--the string, obviously--comes down in a taught, straight line. It's the tension of the string holding the curves back that give the bow it's natural power." The entire time that she spoke about it she would motion to the part of the bow, and Tito would nod, and motion to the similar part on his bow to show he understood what and where as she spoke. She wasn't done yet, so he paid close attention as she continued on.

"This little nub on the string is the knocking point, and right around it is the serving. The front of the bow is called the face, and the back is the back, quite obviously. With me so far?" Tito just grinned, nodding. She had him label all the various parts in response, and once he'd done so correctly, she gave him a brief flash of a grin.

"Excellent...moving on."

"This," she began, smoothly drawing an arrow from her quiver, "Is an arrow, as I'm sure you've already guessed. The base here with the feathers is called the fletching. The feathers used are usually four-to-five inches in length. There are several types of fletching. Some are straight, some are spiraled a bit--called helical fletching, and the base of the fletching has two different types, most notably round back, where it curves outwards in a semicircle, and shield back, where it comes back in before curving out just slightly again." She drew another one, her practice arrows being shield back, and her broad-tipped arrows were round back, to show the difference before putting it away.

"The wooden, central part of the arrow is called the shaft, and the metal end is called the tip, or the head. The stuff that connects the shaft to both the head and the fletching is known as the sinew. Lastly, if you look at the very end..." she turned the arrow over so he could see it from the shooter's point of view, and pointed out the indented line across the back of the arrow, "...you'll see the arrow nock. That indent is where you slip into the string of the bow, right at the nocking point. When firing, it should line up right with the top of the grip, resting there ever so gently." She slipped the arrow into the string, nocking it. "Like so. Any questions?" Tito shook his head and she grinned. "Good. Next we'll move on to care and safety of bows and arrows."

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