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[Location] The Flowing Water Tower


Immanis 15th, Era XVI pf onward
Located at the Myrtlewood District, the residential area of Arios where people lived who were neither rich nor powerful, was a small house belonging to one of the rare (soon-to-be) citizens with Kemite origins.

Its architecture was no exception to the general Ariosian style: It looked like a small tower with a rounded point at the top and was built of stone that, although opaque, shimmered like glass in the sunlight and was known as Ariosian Crystal. The grooves spiraling down the walls help a great deal in keeping the interior cool during the hot summers of the island, although indoor plumbing was not available in that particular house. Nobody, not even the owner herself, knew how old the house really was, since Ariosian Crystal was known to be very durable, often lasting several centuries. The windows were of a milky quality that made peering through them difficult if not impossible. The door which featured a sign reading

"Welcome to the Flowing Water Tower"

usually stood open to invite a fresh breeze and eventual visitors in and was framed by a rusty barrel at the right to collect the rainwater for daily usage. All in all, to a passerby the house looked like a peaceful and warm home, almost as if it had sprung from a fairytale.

The interior, however, was more than a bit different from the Eunesian architecture. While there was only one big room available, it had been furnished and decorated carefully and with the owner’s exotic taste. The main furniture included a low table made of pale wood, soft cushions in orange and pink located in the middle of the room and a wardrobe of the same pale wood leaning against the back wall. A small bookshelf next to it was mostly empty, only about a quarter had been filled with books about Kemite folklore, Zinn’Sunnese culture and a few half-hidden scrolls containing general information about arcana and business organization. There was also a small kitchen area at the right which was separated from the rest of the room by a paper folding screen painted with flower and leaf patterns and thus not visible at first sight.

The walls were decorated with a handful of paintings with different sizes, quality and themes. Some of them showed scenes from Kemite mythology, the two largest ones being a majestic and proud phoenix in bright orange, gold and red, detailed feathers and shimmering hard beak and claws, and a calm lake with naked brown children playing in the reeds and cranes flying under the blue sky. Another painting which stood out from the rest was depicting a fantastic landscape with snow white and crystal unicorns and colorful faeries roaming a forest, all kinds of tiny elves dancing at golden fields and in a city built of shimmering ivory and glass and scaled dragons flying in a pink sky over the whole scenery. It was quite clear that that painting was the favorite since it hung separated from the others.

Furthermore a small metal lamp had been placed at a small carved box in the back left corner, together with a rather new-looking book. A few inches away there was a small mirror and a few cups and kohl crayons placed in a certain order. A single blue cushion in front of them ensured that the owner’s knees did not hurt after sitting there for quite some time in the morning.

In the other left corner there was a small shrine, consisting of three yellow candles, a small amount of incense sticks and a tiny statue of Aslan or Torek, creator of the Kemites and God of Truth and Honor. A small set of chimes always lied in front of the shrine so that the prayer could attract the attention of the God before beginning their pray. It was a visible fact that the candles and incense were used every brightening and replaced regularly, although the location of the shrine itself indicated that it was a private place and should not attract the attention of visitors.

All in all, the home was always tidy and clean, although a tendency of books lying around at the stone floor could be noticed. At the brightening it looked colorful and welcoming, and at the darkening a few candles were always ready to spread a warm orange light and cozy atmosphere. The little home still felt a bit impersonal – but that impression would fade quickly as time passed by.

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