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A return to the Black Dome

The Second Cycle of Autumn, Era XVII PF

There was always only one path to the black dome. The same small, dark, twisting path. Not many people visited the dome. The druid had, twice before. It said as much in his notes. It even said in his notes that somewhere inside peculiar technology resided.

When he'd visited last- well, one of the last times- he'd come with a spaceman. One of the men who'd inspired him towards his various futuristic creations. He'd made notes on it- the dome, that was, and to a conclusion it was some sort of giant machine.

It was in this dome that Z'kron had learned more of the strange, "fifty-first century" science that had become part of his staple. How carbon "di-oxide" worked. Pink armor "forcefields". A ship that moved through space; something that James had said was similar to an Ugarni vessel, but somehow different.

Of course, Z'kron didn't remember all these experiences directly. His knowledge of them was entirely secondhand, from notes, stories, writings he'd made. It was unsurprising how much of the Z'kron-tech had been inspired by this pseudo-Xetan technology.

He'd encountered things like this before, once, in prime. While dealing with an elemental sci-worker, who'd worked with black-matter. But the druid, for all his brilliance, hadn't really understood the concepts then. And he didn't now, although his knowledge of arcanic physics had grown to something unparalelled in the meantime.

Z'kron thought he knew where the door was. He inspected the neat scrap sketch he'd copied rom his archives which depicted the entrance. Maybe the entrance was still there.
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