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An Invitation for the Tempris Ball [Private --Motito and Eri'lariel]

The Third Brightening In
The Month of Imperos
In the Season of Autumn, Era XVI
The Kalendryan Society Splits!

A strapping young messenger arrives at the Consul Office with an invitation. He was garbed in the tradition wear of the Secyclion feyanella which was a pleated skirt that came up to his knees. After handing over the invitation, he would politely asked to be excused unless told to wait for a response that was to be drafted, before he would leave for Secyclion, since Arios was his last stop for the Brightening.

 Unto His Lordship Motito Gil'dae,
Does His Grace, Baron Ajax Xanthos sends salutations and greetings,

Chairete Sir,

I trust this missive finds you and your family well. I have long heard of your exploits and accomplishments and it has always been a wish of mine to be able to hear these accounts of yours first hand, as well as to meet such interesting characters such as your wife and yourself.

It thus brings me great great pleasure and honor to invite Your Lordship and your wife to attend the Tempris Ball, held in celebration of the new month that had been discovered, on the 1st of Tempris at my humble residence, Arthro Galazios Epavli at the 14th Candlemark.

It will be a great honor to me, if Your Lordship chooses to attend and I look forward to your reply.

Yours Sincerely,
Baron Ajax Xanthos
Head of the Chamber of Trade, Secyclion

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