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[Location] The Soddy Slipper Clothing Shoppe

The Soddy Slipper

 Rusty chains hung from a pearly wall, dangling uselessly in the breeze. A wooden sign had once hung from the twin chains, declaring the establishment within to be "The Soddy Slipper", a clothing store. The sign had long since rotted away, falling from the chains and the proprietor had simply never bothered to replace it; everyone in Arios knew where to find him, after all, and anyone not from the island -- well, they didn't really matter.

The walls were cream, but frosted over with green algea and tufts of moss from the rainier season of late. Little lizards scurried from cover to cover, defying gravity as they clung to the sides of the wall as they ran. A large awning covered the entryway, sheltering prospective customers from the tropical storms for the brief moment before they crossed the threshhold.

There was no door to bar entry into the shop - in a city that never slept, there was no reason to close the store. Instead, the entry was marked by a curtain of colorful, interwoven threads, braided with glass beads of all shapes, colors and sizes. One would have to part the dangling strands of artwork in order to pass through to the store beyond.

If one thought the beaded curtain was colorful, it was only a prelude to the kaleidoscope of color inside. Garments made from every color of the rainbow - and some colors not seen in nature - lined the walls of the small shop. The islanders generally chose shades of the sea, but Aranar carried the more brilliant colors for the tourists who liked to take a bit of Arios home with them.

All of the garments were of the style seen on the natives of the islands, light fabric crafting slim tops and skirts, some short and some long. They came separately so one could mix and match their colors. There were vests for men, should they wish a little coverage of their torso, but none of the billowing undershirts of the mainland.

Small racks toward the counter held circles of jewelry, made for the neck, wrists and ankles. The adornments were made of a variety of materials, from strings of silk flowers to seashells and glass beads.

What one would not find in the shop were slippers. If one wanted shoes, the proprietor would be happy to point them in the direction of Wild River Outdoor Supplies for a good pair of sturdy hiking boots. Also noticeably missing were the dress styles of the mainlanders.

Mannequins and dress forms dotted the open floor, showcasing particularly ornate offerings. Through these humanoid forms, the owner of the shop was easily overlooked until he finally stepped forward to offer his assistance. He was Quel'anthasan, his form effiminate enough that it would take a newcomer a moment to determine if the elf was male or female. A little black monkey wearing a vest sat atop his shoulder, jumping off as he stepped forward to perch atop a mannequin. Around his neck hung a knotted string, ready to take your measurements.

"Welcome to the Soddy Slipper. I am Aranar, owner and proprietor. What color best suits you? I'd be happy to show you something in a deep aquamarine... I have a variety of island clothing to choose from. If you want something..." his lip curled into a sneer of distaste "...mainland, I can, of course, craft it for you, but it will take some time."

Secrets :

Name: Aranar Larenagasel
Job: Tailor/dress maker
Race: Quel'anthasan elf
Physical Description: Not the proverbial blonde haired elf, Aranar has long, thin locks that hang straight down to his lower back in a startling shade of orange, the tips of which have been dyed black as if dipped in ink. He wears a braid in his hair for each brightening of the cycle, randomly placed around his tresses. He is tall and extremely lanky. His skin is pale pink as if it doesnt see much sunslight. He is usually seen wearing a vest buttoned closed across his chest and a long tupenu, longer than the men of the village generally wear. His manner is effiminate and for anyone not used to him, it will take a moment to determine his actual gender.
Personality: He has the friendliness of a merchant wanting to make a sale, but it is a façade that is quickly discarded when his patience is tried. He is more tolerant and mild with long time customers and residents of the village, but newcomers and tourists easily irk him.
Important Notes:Sewing level 3

Items Available:
Secrets :

Female Garments

Pareo - The pareo is a wide length of cloth that is tied around the body, like a sarong. Short pareos will cover the wearer from waist to knees. Long pareos will cover from waist to ankles, or may be moved up to tie just above the breasts or across one shoulder to be worn as a single dress.

Short, linen Pareo
Long, linen Pareo

Short, silk Pareo
Long, silk Pareo

Add to above costs for embellishments to the garment:

Bead fringe
Beaded accents throughout the fabric
Batik dyed designs

Ta'ovala - The Ta'ovala is the traditional top worn with the Pareo. Like it's counterpart, the Ta'ovala is made of one single piece of fabric that may be tied straight around the torso, binding the breasts closely to the body, or it may wrap around the neck in a halter fashion.

Linen Ta'ovala
Silk Ta'ovala

Keikei - Keikei are skirts made of grass blades strung together and are mainly popular with children and tourists.



Tēfui - Tēfui are star-shaped flowers strung together. They may be made of fresh flowers, but in this shop, they are silk so they will last longer.

Long, neck Tēfui
Ankle Tēfui
Wrist Tēfui

Other Jewelry

Glass bead necklace
Glass bead bracelet
Glass bead Anklet

Strung seashell necklace
Strung seashell bracelet
Strung seashell anklet

Male Garments

Tongan - the Tongan is a vest, worn across the torso, generally without a shirt beneath. It can be worn open or closed.

Linen Tongan
Silk Tongan

Tupenu - The tupenu is the male version of the pareo, or sarong. It is worn from the waist to the knees on men, though some men prefer longer, especially in the cool of the evening.

Short, linen Tupenu
Long, linen Tupenu

Short, silk Tupenu
Long, silk Tupenu

Plain breeches


Secrets :

Type of Location: Clothing Shop
Notability of Location: Common knowledge
Training/Employment Opportunities: Sewing L1-2, Order clerk might be agreeable, especially with sewing experience
Can This Location Be Self Moderated?: Yes, for simple purchases of listed or comparable items.
Credits: Eri'Lariel Gil'dae

Oh, give the gourd a bow and arrow and he's a real elf.

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The Juive'lea stopped underneath the awning, shaking out her feathers so they would spray the rain out into the street. She glanced at the wall, with its lack of signage and wondered if she was in the right location. She would hate to walk in and find that it was actually someone's private home and she had been intruding. She was still an outsider here and being the small village that it was, it didn't take long for rumors of her to reach both ends. Already everyone in town knew who she was, where she had come from and why she was here.

Well, perhaps not here, but as she parted the glass bead curtain, she realized that this must be the place. Clothing littered every wall and rack in a variety of colors. Absolutely perfect! she thought, moving into the open room. Her wings dragged the sides of the doorframe, and once inside, she held them tightly to her to ensure she didn't knock over a mannequin. Wouldn't that be a tale for the gossips to tell?

The proprietor stepped forward to make his presence known. The sneer on his face melted away, leaving in its wake a sense of wonder. He had seen Juive'len, of course, but not since leaving Trelore.

"No... Aquamarine will most certainly not do for you. Such brilliant coloring. I could give you something in reds, but then you would just be a simple rose. How about something to offset that brilliant crimson of yours?"

He paused, turning to a rack and sorting through some fabrics. He held up a brilliant purple pareo and considered it for a moment before shaking his head and setting it aside. A few colors later and he held one up to her form for approval.

"With your red coloring, green would suit you best, but you also have a bit of orange in your feathers. You could go with a blue-green. It would suit you very nicely."

The blue-green garment he chose was silk, of course - the elf wanted to make a good sale after all and besides, silk was just exquisite against your skin. Fromt he edges hung strings of glittery beads. Throughout the fabric, embroidered vines ran in spirals and circles, their leaves accented with beaded drops of dew.

"Behind that curtain is a place where you can change," he said, indicating a curtained off room.

Eri'lariel moved to go in and to her surprise, the Quel'anthasan followed. She pulled off the flowing, but very wet, gown that she had brought with her from the mainland, dropping it into a heap at her feet.

"The undergarments too. We don't wear those beneath the traditional Ariosian garb."

She nodded and moved to obey without so much as a blush to her cheeks. The bare form was natural; there was no shame in it. Aranar moved in behind her, wrapping the fabric around the bottom half of her form. While she was not feeling modest, she did feel a bit guilty for having another man's arms around her being. Her husband would likely not be happy if he knew. But she didn't know how to tie the native garments off.

Aranar showed her how to work the knots that would best keep the dress in place. He left for only a moment before returning with a matching ta'ovala. As he worked, he gave her an explanation of each piece and a description of how it could be worn. He showed Eri' much more patience than he normally would a mainlander. But then, she wasnt a mainlander at all, was she. She was a displaced Trelorean, just as he.

Before she was done, she had bought not only the blue-green silk outfit, but two more in linen; one in oranges and reds, another in a bright floral pattern, incorporating yellow, orange and red flowers with green and blue green foliage. Those were for her. For the children, she had chosen one simple linen pareo apiece, each in a color that would flatter their complexion. For Elessario, a parreo of blue and yellow. Nenerai and Senthoi had garments in green with tiny pink and purple flowers embroidered throughout. The last was for Persephonie. For the human, she had chosen a pareo in a dark blue-violet with silver beads.

It made for quite a package and Aranar promised to have it delivered for her. She was only one willowy elf, after all. The original pareo she wore out of the store, adding her sodden dress to the pile to be delivered.

Secrets :

Total purchased:

4 Short Linen Pareos.........80
*** 1 dyed.....................15
*** 2 embroidered............40
*** 1 beaded..................25

2 Long linen Pareos............60
*** 2 dyed.....................30

1 Long Silk Pareo.............360
*** Embroidered..............20
*** Beaded....................25
*** Beaded fringe............40

6 Linen Ta'ovalas.............90

1 Silk Ta'ovala................235

Total: 1020 crowns

Oh, give the gourd a bow and arrow and he's a real elf.
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Early Morning, 9th Brightening in the Month of Aperitus, Winter
Era II of the Celestine Mandate, Era XVI Post Fractum

Tito, wearing no tunic, entered wearing only his black trousers...not even any shoes. As he entered, parusing the gathered items, he smiled softly, pleased to see it all. Yes...this would do nicely, especially considering that this is where the ladies in his family had gotten their items.

"\Vedui," Aranar smiled in a rather friendly fashion. Tito nodded in return, grinning, then looked at the list of offered items before speaking up.

"Six silk tongans--One silver, one black, one purple, one forest green, one bright red, and one midnight blue. Six of each size of tupenu as well, of matching colors each. A glass bead necklace, and two strung seashell bracelets." Aranar blinked at the order and penned it down, then moved to stand near the Medonian and measure him for his various garments. He beamed slightly, nodding.

"I have most of those in your size. Come back this afternoon and I'll have it all together for you, plus the new ones created. Now, for your price..." He did a few scratchmarks on a paper to total it up and whistled softly. "5,685 crowns. Quite a tidy sum." Motito, unphased by the number nodded thoughtfully.

"That sounds about right." The other man eyed him speculatively for a moment before shrugging.

Very well then. Advance payment of half would be necessary, the rest when your order is completed." Tito shook his head.

"I'll pay it all now, plus tip to have it done so expediently." He grinned and pulled out the six thousand crowns he'd pulled from his stores ahead of time. "Here you go." the thick stack of hundred-crown notes slapped on the table and they were swept up very quickly.

"Thank you again, of course sir. Your generosity is not misplaced, I shall make sure." Tito nodded and grinned, turning to depart. Later that brightening he retrieved his order, pleased to have some local Ariosan garb. Finally he could fit in a bit.
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The Second Cycle in Tempris
in the Season of Autumn, PF XVI

After a few months of becoming accustomed to her less-than-perfect figure, Aydyn had finally decided it was time to dress in local garb, those tummy-revealing skirts and barely-there tops that did nothing to reveal the fact that Aydyn had carried two daughters. She could remember the eras when she'd been younger--younger than her current 28 ordinances--when her stomach had been trim, lacking any excess skin that puckered unflatteringly when she slipped on a pair of pants.

And yet the clothing that Aydyn had purchased--even from Ieffreon--was decidedly unfriendly for Arios climates. It was damp, more often than not, when Aydyn was out and about and the heat was well-beyond uncomfortable some brightenings. The local dress favored that climate, although Aydyn would have far preferred something that did a bit more covering up.

Stepping into the Soddy Slipper, Aydyn darted a look around the interior, drinking in the displayed garments and the colorful decoration of accessories that dangled or lay close by them. She was in the process of handling a shell necklace, the cream-colored pieces clicking together, when her mindless browsing was interrupted by the proprietor. She smiled faintly at the individual assisting her, although it faltered somewhat at his obvious contempt for the mainland. She was draped in an Ieffreon toga that brightening, a deep green hue, but she knew that others knew: She was mainlander.

"I was hoping to buy some more local garb, Aranar. Maybe two of your long pareos and two short ones, along with a pair of ta'ovala to go with them. And...maybe just one of these." She held up the shell necklace, having become quite enamored with its pretty simplicity.

By the end of a candlemark, Aydyn came away with the four pareos and two ta'ovala, in various different shades of blue and green, splashes of yellow decorating both in floral patterns. The shells she wore around her neck when she left, a sharp contrast with the silver and peridot necklace she always wore. What she left behind was a total of 145 crowns for the whole thing, her purchase complete.
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Lijuan Cao is an upstanding Citizen
21st of Immanis, Winter, Era XVI pf

After having settled into her new house, Lijuan didn’t have much to do except wandering the village and making herself familiar with the different districts and buildings. During her daily strolls, she had asked a great deal of citizens about names and locations. So she knew the five districts and the more important buildings they contained. She had also already come across a decent-looking clothing shop, the Soddy Slipper.

And that clothing shop was her destination for that morning.

At first sight it looked a bit dirty and chaotic, Lijuan had to admit, but she soon found out that she was only looking at a high amount of moss, algae and other climbing plants that seemed to favor the wet, mild climate of Arios. Upon approaching the building, she noticed the beautiful curtain that served as a door. The owner did seem to have a good taste, and so she stepped in intending to purchase a few additional clothing sets. After all, she very much wanted to look like a citizen, not like an outsider anymore. Although she adored her elaborately worked kimono – the only one she had taken with her –, it was more important to adjust at the moment.

She was greeted by an orange and pale pink person who perfectly blended into his – or her? – colorful collection. Suddenly everything was color and shape. Lijuan didn’t know where to look first … when eventually the owner seemed willing to help her. “Welcome to the Soddy Slipper, err … Miss.” Suspiciously eyeing her kimono, the Quel’anthasan suggested: “Hmm, you could go with something red and orange because of your eyes. Blue and green would suit you nicely as well … but come to think of it, I guess color doesn’t matter with such a skin and hair tone.”

After a while Lijuan realized that the elf – judging from the voice, he was male – was waiting for a comment from her. She quickly bowed in a polite greeting, then walked over to the exposed pieces of clothing and started browsing through them. By holding particular pieces up, she indicated that those matched her taste.

After some time of searching and trying on, Lijuan had chosen two pareos and two ta’ovalas: the first set being of a fiery orange with golden threats woven into the fabric, the second being blue like the sky covered with lighter patterns. Then she had turned to the jewelry – guilty pleasures of all women – and added a glass bead necklace to the list of her purchases.

After the Quel’anthasan had determined the price, she was satisfied with her decisions. The Ariosian clothing was of a colorful, cheerful beauty that fascinated her, and she would have bought more, but she had to be careful with spending money. She remembered how many clothes of excellent quality she had once possessed … but she really prayed for Torek to help her not ending broke on the street. Apparently the first step had been well done.

With a grateful smile, Lijuan handed the total sum of 115 crowns over and left the shop with the promise of her purchase being delivered in a few candlemarks. It turned out to be true: At the end of the brightening she had found out how to put on her new sets of clothing and was wearing the beautiful glass necklace.
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