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[Location] The Fish Market

The Fish Market

 The Fish Market is a group of tents and stalls setup in an alley of the Oneiro-Kaimelea District, a bit off of the center street. It is not hard to find and all Ariosians know where it is and visit it frequently. Ariosians, by in large, do not eat that much meat and rarely do any eat anything besides fish. Red meats are considered disgusting by most Ariosians, so it is no mystery that the Fish Market is quite a flourishing place and many of the fishers are quite successful. All fish are caught fresh that morning, or the darkening before, providing the best and highest quality fish available.

The market is quite a bustling place filled with both fishers and customers hustling around and various fishers shouting out their prices, trying to lure customers and to compete with the other fishers. The tents are flashy and made out of wooden poles with brightly colored awnings stretched over the top, trying to attract the eyes of potential customers so they could scream their prices at them. All the tents were designed to be able to be setup and taken down in a matter of moments and to keep the rain off the fish that were underneath. There were no set prices on the fish, and they fluctuated brightening by brightening depending on how kind the sea had been.

Every darkening the fishers packed up and went home, leaving an empty clearing in the alley that smelled distinctly like fish. It was only clear for a few hours before the new fish were brought back in and the tents were setup. The Fish Market was the first thing to open in Arios and the first thing to close. Those that wanted the best of the catches arrived early, often before the suns had completely risen over the waters of the Eunesian Sea and while a thick mist still clung to the ground.

Secrets :

Type of Location: Merchant
Notability of Location: Common Knowledge
Training/Employment Opportunities: Yes/Yes
Lv 1-2 Fishing
Fish Peddler, Fisher
Can This Location Be Self Moderated?: No
Credits: GM Ensnare, based on the original concept by GM Prism


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