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Closed Like a Clamshell [GF'd]

First Cycle of Ponutis
The Longest Winter, Era XVI PF

Rain fell from the sky in relentless, grey sheets of cold water, washing and tearing at the landscape of Arios. This was not spring, and this was worse than winter; the temperature had dropped from the typical mid-seventies to a chilling mid-forties made even colder by the relentless rain and gusting winds. Most of the buildings in the Oneiro-Kaimelea District were made in the traditional looming, spiraling style, and had little adverse affects from the rain. But dotted here and there in between these tall structures, were wooden ones, or rather once were wooden ones. Where once dead logs had been stacked one on top of the other, now was growing moss mounds, eating away at the beams. It was a wet, cold disaster.

But, Arios was fairing better than the rest of Aelyria was; there was no snow and the weather, however chilly for Ariosians, was no where near as cold as the rest of the Kingdom. And the cold was not enough to kill the plants, but the rain just might be, but many of the druids had turned to growing their plants in doors. And although this produced very little food it was enough to sustain the tiny population of Arios. But not more, and that was the problem. It had somehow gotten out that Arios was not suffering as much as the rest of the kingdom, but the 'as much' seemed to be lost on the general populace and Arios was noticing a startling increase in visitors to the island. They sapped their food supplies, had no where to stay, and many were starting to go insane from the lack of sleep. It was all quite dangerous, not to mention the hurricanes and cyclones made anyone's crossing nearly lethal.

It was with this in mind that the government of Arios closed their docks--no ferries leaving and certainly none would be allowed to dock. There was a post in the middle of the Oinero-Kaimelea District that gave the decree:

Attention Citizens of Arios

Due to the extreme weather the docks will now be close, no regulated ferried will be allowed to leave or return. We are doing this for our safety. We ask all Ariosians to keep their eyes out for any non-Ariosians and to report then. They are taking up our preciously low food supplies and wreaking havoc on our city. Do your part as an Ariosian and help stop this.

We shall persevere!

From the Offices of the Thane of Arios
Quite a few citizens were gathered around this sign, despite the rain, and were huddled together and discussing it. The reactions were hard to guage, but it seemed that most were in favor of this. It was for their protection after all, and how could they take care of others if they didn't have enough food to feed even themselves.

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Yseult was on her way home when she came across the post and the crowd of people huddled around it. She slowed to a stop standing in the pouring rain wondering what these people could possibly be discussing in weather such as this, not caring that she herself was drenched from head to toe. She stood there for a few minutes watching through blurred vision before she made an effort to move closer so she could read what was written.

As she read, Yseult's face remained indifferent. She was too tired, too anxious, and too stressed to have any sort of emotional reaction to what was written. She had noticed the increase in visitors as of late, and she had been quite irritated by it, especially because they were consuming the limited amount of food that the Ariosians actually had. Not only that, they were starting to go crazy and wreaking havoc around Arios because of the lack of sleep. She understood that they were only trying to survive, but these visitors were merely stealing from the Ariosian citizens and not helping out in any way.

Yseult was glad that the government had decided to close the docks. She only hoped that this would work to eliminate the numbers of newcomers to the island. However, she felt that this was only the first step to solving the problem. The next thing that needed to be addressed was what to do with the visitors that were already here, for if a solution was not found quickly, these visitors could soon get out of hand.

Yseult sighed as she thought about what could potentially lie ahead for her. It was already raining too much, the weather was much too cold, food was running low, and now these visitors were only making problems worse. Well, at least the government was starting to do something. Yseult felt she should say something, but she decided to keep her opinions to herself. She wasn't one to speak out, especially when it came to what she was thinking. She was too afraid of people's judgement. However, she did enjoy listening to what others had to say secretly agreeing or disagreeing with each different input, and so, she stayed listening at the back of the crowd.

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Ensnare is a benevolent AdventurerEnsnare is a benevolent Adventurer

A lot could be learned by simply listening to what others had to say, and often those who chose to sit back and watch as events unfolded learned a lot more than those who threw themselves into the thick of it. But, unfortunately for Yseult, now was not one of those times; there was nothing to learn by sitting back and thinking because nothing was really happening. Most of the citizens gathered around the posting were in agreement with the young elf: it was better for them, the newcomers had been quite annoying, and it was not their place to take care of them before their own citizens. Especially when it was mainlanders like most of them were.

Not many people stayed around the sign very long, merely came and read the announcement, mumbled their agreement or nodded in silence before leaving again on their way. It was the brightening after all, and most Ariosians were quite busy during the brightening, preferring the darkening candelmarks to use for their own amusement. So the crowd was constantly changing, with Ariosians coming in singles and pairs, and at the same time, leaving in singles and pairs.

While Yseult was still hanging in the back of the group, which consisted of four other elves, three male and one female, and two humans, both female, when another person came striding up: a gruff-looking, raggedly-dressed male dorin, with dark grey fur and shifty brown eyes. He seemed on edge as he strode to the center of the group. His eyes darted back and forth as he read the sign, and he teased his shirt with his hands, wringing it more and more tightly. He seemed quite nervous, almost panicked; his breathing came in sharp, quick breaths, sounding as if he had run all the from the docks.

The other noticed this and eyed the dorin oddly, and one of the elves, a male turned to him, "Serale sir, are you alright?" His tone was inquisitive but his expression seemed condescending, almost accusative. The dorin's face leapt from the sign to the elven man, and his face turned into a snarling expression. He growled, "You have no right--" and then before anyone could react he pulled a knife out from under his shirt, it glinted maliciously in the grey-sunslight, dripping with water before he thrust it deep into the elf's chest.

The elf's blue eyes opened wide in surprise before he collapsed to the ground, uttering only the tiniest of gasps before he fell silent. The dorin pulled the knife out of the elf's chest, it glinted red and dripped with blood, before running off quickly. The others around, barely able to react, screamed and ran off except for one elven woman and the other elven man. The elven woman fell to the ground and screamed, clutching the bloody body, "He is dead, that man killed him! Somebody stop him!"

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