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[Location] The Arios Center

The Arios Center

 The Arios Center was newly constructed in Kalendryas of Era XVI, replacing the old large, wooden cabin-style building that used to serve this purpose. The building was now made out of stone, but it was not constructed out of the traditional, seamless, glasslike stone that most traditional Ariosian buildings were built out of. Instead, it was constructed out of blocks of marble that had been imported from Olympia. Each brick was quite large, about the length of human man lying down, and as thick as three human men stacked on top of each other. These bricks had been quite costly but were much more effective at resisting the rain than the previous wooden structure had. And to further prevent rain damage, and rain getting inside, a thick vine plant had been magically induced to grow in a weaving pattern all over the structure, lining the cracks.

The structure of the Arios Center was quite large, rising about fourteen feet into the air, allowing for an impressive, vaulted sealing. There were three pairs of large double doors, one pair at the front and then one on either side of the building. When meetings were in session, these doors were left thrown open to both invite others to participate and to allow a breeze to flow through the room, keeping it cool despite the body heat generated inside coupled with the natural heat of Arios.

The inside of the Arios Center was quite simple. Along the center of the back wall was a raised, wooden platform that had two sets of steps on either side. On the platform was a long wooden table and five wooden chairs, all made from the same, dark hard wood that Arios is famous for producing. Off to the stage left side of the platform was a podium, where people stood when addressing the citizens or when speaking to those who sat at the table. The center seat at the table was reserved for the Thane, and the other seats were taken by anyone else who it would be appropriate to have at the meeting. The room itself was filled with rows of backed wooden benches, which aligned themselves around the raised platform in three columns. When a meeting was to be held, these would fill from the front back; no seats were reserved so front row was on a first come first serve basis.

Meetings were held regularly on the first darkening after the first Darkening of Sleep, the darkening of Lunaria, which was the only darkening that Ariosians slept during the entire cycle, of the month. Any and all announcements of up coming events were stated here and citizens were allowed to speak as well. Also during this time, the newest issue of The Insomniac Dreamer Monthly was available to be purchased for a mere one crown. Meetings might also be held intermittently throughout the month as need be, and this was the place where it was held if it was open to the public, as meetings often were. But this hall was not exclusively for public announcements but often the celebrations for many events were held here; the room would then be cleared and allowed for dancing and partying, any Ariosians favorite pastime.

Secrets :

Type of Location: Government
Notability of Location: Common Knowledge
Training/Employment Opportunities: No/No
Can This Location Be Self Moderated?: No
Credits: Original concept by GM Prism, new write-up and reworkings by GM Ensnare


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Forty Third Brightening in the Fifth Cycle in the Month of Kalendryas in the Season Winter; Era II of the Celestine Mandate, Era XVI Post Fractum. The First Era of his Highness Prince Milo L'Evienne

Keldons eyes looked over the Arios Center building, it looked rather new in his eyes. Infact it looked like it was extremely new the stone still holding its natural shine. Standing there in the small community township he looked around slightly noticing that the people seemed to be relaxed, and seemed to not be concerned about the recent change in government. Atleast that is how he took in his settings. His eyes returning to the marble building and slowly he made his way inside the structure.

The damp weather was causing the white silk shirt Keldon was wearing to cling to the dark summer green doublet that he was wearing. While Keldon was dressed well, his clothing just denoted that he was not poor, not reference to his ties in the legions, other then the longsword fashioned to his hilt, no sign of his ties to government or anything of the sort.

Entering the room he looked around, the building was rather simple and basic. It was a building for meetings and while at the moment it was rather empty. He still noted that the craftsmanship was fine, regardless of the simplicity of the structure. Keldon was feeling fairly relaxed at this point and was far from the life he knew back in Jaedaxia, and Prime. It was becoming more apparent that perhaps this area would make suitable and perfect for a home, a place where he and his wife could relax and not worry
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