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[Entrance] The Docks

The Ariosian Docks
Entrance to the Island


 Even since the islands were reopened to the mainlanders things haven’t been the same at the docks. It had always been rare to see the island bustling with people. Besides the lone boathouse on the shore and the docks themselves there wasn’t much else to see. Pehaps the odd citizen would be on the docks, or if visitors were lucky they might see people getting the trade ships ready further down the docks.

Despite the wood that Arios had at their disposal the dock was made of, soft, smooth, glossy stone. This would seem odd to the average visitor, even to most of the Ariosians it was strange, but they had always been this way.

There was never any real schedule for the ferries to operate, so the island of Arios ensured that there would be enough space of the docks for up the three of them to have their own pier. The other most pier would be able to fit in a fourth if it was absolutely needed, though in these cases it was more common for the trade boat to move from the docks and let the other boat come in, or for the boat to delay coming in by giving an impromptu tour along the shore lines. However either of these were rare occurrences. On the opposite end of the docks were the smaller piers reserved for personal boats. A sign at the end of those docks reads "See the dock house for dock fees"

There were two more piers off to the right hand side of the dock so that trade boats wouldn’t disturb the people coming to the islands. There was nothing overly special about this pier except that it was wider than the others so they could carry their big goods, often time large pieces of lumber, large crates and barrels of many kinds.

Once visitors would come off of the boats they would feel all energy return to them. If they were seasick they would feel leveled out and better almost as soon as their feet touched the soil. It was unexplainable, even by the people of Arios. They would feel refreshed physically and emotionally they would feel their troubles lighten around them. After enough time a person may grow to feel their former main-land problems leave them entirely. This would, of course, lead to trouble sometimes when and if the visitor returned to the mainland and their worries hadn't come back before they met someone involved in the problem in the first place.

One thing that most visitors notice almost immediately is that there were no guards there to watch them. There were no gates or people to check their visas, only the guard house stood there. There was no need to go to the guard house but it was there for those that may want to. It was just as easy to continue down the path right beside it and head through the woods and into town.

There were four places one could go after leaving the docks essentially. They could go to the beach, the dock house, follow the path, or into the woods.

Following the path was time consuming, yet it seemed as though the time meant nothing. The sun and the rain often danced together over the path falling lightly on those who travelled it. It wasn't often that it rained heavily in the forest path. The walk seemed magical, all sound musical and enchanted. Every step taken regained the person’s energy. Nobody ever got tired of walking, or tired at all for that matter. The journey was usually always uneventful besides passing the occasional person on the trail or talking with whoever you came with.

It took a candle mark before someone traveling at an average (human) speed would see the small village in a clearing. The first thing that catches everybody’s eye is a strange building that is clearly made out of the same material as the dock house, even from a distance. It takes another quarter of a candle mark before one will arrive at the city after seeing it.

Those that wished to enter the woods would feel compelled to stay out of it, at least in this area of Arios. It was as if a subtle hint was given to the person attempting to go into the woods to follow the path to the town. This was true for the entire journey up the path as well. It wasn’t un-fightable, but for most unexpected and believed to be the idea of the person who was heading for the woods.

Those who opted to go to the beach would feel the song of the sea as they walked on the sand. The gentle splash of waves causes water to constantly be in the air creating small rainbows here and there to the viewer. The beach was a place full of eventless things but it always seemed to be the ultimate place of relaxation, almost as though it was a scene from a dream.

The dock house was a small stone building with a sign that read “Dock House” on it (Here)

This can be self moded unless you plan to do something strange and unusual. All races are accepted on Arios and no visas are required as proof of identity. If you plan to do anything but get off of the boat please create a new thread unless it is the dock house, in which case go to the link above.
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Originally written by Prism, edited and re-written by Caffeine.

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Time StampThe Month of Pontius, in the Season of Winter, Era I of the Celestine Mandate, Era XV Post Fractum

Reinus scratched his head. He was back home...from wherever he went. Where did he go anyways? He...went to find...somebody. He shrugged. It wasn't important to know all the details and he doubt he could anyways.

He was off the boat in a few minutes and was finally on land. Fortunately, Arios did not require a visa because he would have forgotten to show his.
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TS: End of Melora, Era Xv PF

He remembered the old legends from his time in Olympia. An island existed, people said, an emerald jewel where forest lived wild and fierce and where people never slept. A lack of dreams and an ever growing forest to explore appealed to the little sprite. His nights were restless anyway and a blanket of fog had claimed his home. So he had resigned himself to yet again travel from his Silrosian forest home.

The warm air of Eunesia was familiar to him and th sprite realized how much he had missed the islands, their shores covered with the heady smell of ocean spray. The steady rock of a ship beneath his feet also comforted him as the mainland ferry pulled into Arios' diminutive docks. It was a small town, he remembered, home to a smattering of sleepless races.

A sudden swirl of energy coursed through his body as he landed gingerly on the shore. He felt invigorated, refreshed, as if his long journey north had never happened. The island's strange power rushed through him, causing Uriel to smile despite himself. He suddenly had so much energy. Now all he needed were tasks to fill his idle hands.

Yes, he would like it here. Perhaps soon he would call it home.
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The Fourth Cycle of Cryxatum
in the Season of Spring

Aydyn was glad to be off the ferry. She glanced behind her at the floating wood that had been pieced together to create the device that brought them from the mainland and out to the island. It was not that she got seasick, because she didn't, but rather that the sea made her a little queasy and nervous on the inside. She preferred solid ground, hard-packed soil and the scent of the trees to the sharp tang of the sea all around her.

That and a child of one and a half ordinances was somewhat of a burden on a boat. Particularly when that child seemed to have inherited her father's tendency to get sick when the ground was no longer sturdy under them. She sighed and looked down at her shirt. It was a white shirt and Aydyn already knew there would be a slight stain at her shoulder. But it was nothing knew--she had grown accustomed to spit-up over the long months since she'd become a mother.

The wagon that Aydyn had convinced the ferryman to take on rattled off the ferry at last and Aydyn smiled her thanks at the man who handed her Solstice's reins. She pat the sleek, glossy brown neck and murmured a quick word of encouragement before settling Noah in the bed of the wagon with the rest of her belongings. She ignored the fussing that it resulted in and simply proceeded to guide the horse and wagon towards the woods ahead of her. She'd been warned that the paths were a bit tight for a wagon, but Aydyn had no wish to be parted from the horse and her belongings--which Aydyn could never carry all on her own.

She frowned as she surveyed the options--a path, the beach, the woods, the dockhouse. She needed, presumably to head down the path. With a wagon she knew it would be difficult, but when you traveled with four cats, a toddling child, and all your personal possessions--which weren't much, she admitted--your options were fairly limited.

So Aydyn set off for the path, well-prepared to play with the wagon as the going got narrow.
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whoops! wrong character!
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Aperitus, Spring, Late Evening

As she stepped up onto the dock, Ashandra gave her cheeks one last brush over, breath hitching with the threat of more tears before steadying once again.

Though her tears seemed to have dried up, the pain in her heart was now accompanied by one in her stomach that had nothing to do with food. Grimacing, she settled herself down on the dock to wait for another boat to take her to the mainland; she had very nearly been able to walk the entire way hear on the uncovered seabed from Ieffreon, though she had been forced to swim the last bit.

But there had been no boat available, and she had done what she had to do. She had to get away from Ieffreon!

Perhaps it would have been easier if her reasons were more readily available, if it had been a physical ailment instead of a mental one. Then, at least, she might have been able to stay ...

No. It was best that she leave, and leave quietly at that. The University would be displeased, she knew, but there was no helping it. This was the way things had to be. At least she hadn't paid for any new classes recently ...

Settling herself down for a long wait, Ashandra braced her hands behind herself, staring up at the sky and letting her eyes fall closed as she enjoyed the soft touch of the night wind, smiling slightly.
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The Fourth Cycle in Imperos
in the Season of Summer

It was not ideal to travel with a two ordinance old little monster. Not that Noah was yet two ordinances--she had yet another month to go--or necessarily a monster--she could be an absolute angel, when she was in the mood to be--but traveling with a small child was always trying at the best of times. Her scarred hands clung to the small waist of the child, keeping her situated despite her shrieks and protests to the contrary. Noah had, unfortunately, taken a rather strong liking to the ropes and things that held and operated the sails over head. Now fully capable of walking and running, she wanted nothing more than to squeal and wreck her havoc on the poor crew...who looked miserable now that Noah had been reduced to crying.

"It's all right," she crooned, stroking the girl's dark brown hair and gently sending a calming spell through her daughter. The girl's tears and outright shrieking stopped, but she sucked in her breath with a gasping, quiver of a noise, and sniffled a little as she buried her face against her mother's shoulder. Aydyn felt bad doing that, putting the spell around her, but already she could see the tension easing in the shoulders of the men working the boat and knew that it was better than letting Noah disrupt the brightening.

"We'll be off soon, I promise." She kissed the girl's hair and looked towards the shore. It was, indeed, growing closer--a long strip of sand that the forest hugged close against its dense hanging leaves and thick underbrush. Arios was one of those untamed beauties, not unlike Natura or Acumin, and it gave her that warm, relaxing feeling that constructed cities often sidestepped.

The boat bumped up against the dock and Aydyn waited as they secured the lines before picking up her bag and resting it over her shoulder, then lifting up Noah with a slight noise gusting out at her. Noah was no longer small and light. They helped her off the boat and Aydyn's booted feet thumped down the wooden planks as she moved before finally settling on the soft, island turf.

She allowed herself a few moments to become situated with the surroundings, apologizing and stepping to the side when she found herself standing in someone's way. She stood this way for a few moments, nothing more, then advanced forward towards the path that wound its way to the island's village.
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Junctior, season of Autumn

Markas had boarded the ferry to go to Arios. Markas was surprised that there was very few people immediately in view. Standing on the edge of the ferry he could see the docks and a lone boathouse. There were four piers together. Then they were two more piers close by. The ferry docked and there was the slight bump as the ferry hit. Well trained hands threw the hawsers over the pylons to tie the ferry to the dock. Markas had already paid the boat master for the trip and he had very little personal items.

As the ferry began to unload, Markas stepped off the ferry and onto the dock. Markas stepped out of the way of the disembarking passengers and bent down to look at the dock. Markas was expecting a wooden dock, but this dock was made of some sort of soft, glossy stone. Markas stepped off the dock and onto the island itself. Markas then suddenly realized he felt odd. He felt rejuvenated after his journey. “I don’t feel tired, some of that can be the excitement of being in a new place, but not all of it would explain what I am feeling.”

Markas noticed to there were no guards. Markas was glad but he was slightly anxious over the lack of guards since the last five almost six years he had seen plenty of guards watching him. The familiar sensation of having guards watch was unnerving to the young man. This was a marked difference from the last few years of his life. There was an absence of gates. There was a gatehouse though, but nothing to channel you into going to the guardhouse so Markas skipped it. Guards did still make him nervous. The pent up anger he had been carrying around for the last six months started to lighten. “It feels better not having the constant dwelling on the path my life has taken.” Markas muttered to himself.

Markas looked at the choices for him to go. There was a path which wound deeper into the island. There was the beach, then the woods, and the dock house. Marks assumed people would be down the path so he began walking down the path. The rain fell lightly on him as he passed along the trail towards the trail end. Every sound seemed magical to his ears and he spent the walk at first looking around whenever there was a sound. He kept feeling his energy return to him with every step he took. Markas kept walking putting one foot in front of the other as he continued down the path. He didn’t know how long it took him to walk but eventually he sighted a small village in the distance in a clearing. Markas kept winding his way on the path marveling at how he felt and the sounds he was hearing. The first thing he notices is a building which seems to be made out of the same material as the docks. “I wonder what that material is.“ Markas mused thoughtfully.

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5th Cycle of Kalendryas Season of Winter
Era XVI Post Fractum

Yseult could see the island looming in front of her. She couldn't wait to get off the ferry. She was cold, the sky was grey, and the wind was starting to pick up again. To top it off, it looked like it was going to rain. "Great." Yseult pulled her coat closer to her thin body. She probably should have eaten that morning. Maybe she wouldn't be so cold if there was food in her body, but traveling always made her anxious and the likelihood of actually keeping the food down would have been slim. She didn't even have to travel far. She was only coming from Olympia, which wasn't that far away in comparison to the distance someone coming from the mainland had to travel. Her stay in Olympia had been enjoyable, but it was time to move on. She had found her mother, and now that she accomplished that, she wanted to establish her own life with no connection back to her father's family.

Finally, after what seemed like a million candlemarks, the ferry docked. Yseult stepped off placing her feet on stone--stone which was somewhat white somewhat clear and definitely unique. She had never seen anything like it in her life, but then again, she had not traveled to many places--only Olympia. It was mesmerizing. She found her eyes drawn down automatically, watching her feet as they tread over it.

The dock was surprisingly empty. There wasn't a lot of activity--maybe a couple of people rushing to and fro going about their own business. Yseult looked around expecting guards to usher to her a station so she could show her visa but found there to be none. She had to admit, she was a little confused. Did she not have to show anyone her visa? Did she simply just waltz in? Was there really no regulation? Yseult stood for a bit trying to get her bearings, the wind blowing her hair across her face. She was feeling a bit weak, probably due to the ferry ride and the lack of food she had that day. The first thing she needed to do was find something to eat, and then she would head to the government building to inquire about a house.
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Second Cycle of Kalendryas, Season of Winter.
Era II of the Celestine Mandate; Era XVI PF
In the Reign of His Royal Highness, Prince Milo L'Evienne I

It had been many, many eras since Tiarela Iceglitter had set foot on the Island of Arios or any of Eunesia in general to be truthful. The little faerie's mind idly recalled the vague faces of the blind man who had given her a little history lesson and the man who had taught her Mysticism initially, Dene, the great trickster. It had been a very long time, but the faerie was hoping to eventually learn from him again since he was the very reason she had gotten into such things. Perhaps they could at least chat. That, and the draw of her recent nightmares had sent her to look for answers amongst those that were constantly awake. Did they fear the dream land, should they? Could she make them? Tiarela's mind was quite a deal more cynical than it had been the previous times she'd sat wing in the air of the secluded city that never slept.

As the boat began to empty, the faerie followed down the vaguely familiar path as she headed back towards that odd city, feeling revitalized with each beat. It was comforting, really, considering how tired she had been feeling this past cycle after that terrible nightmare in Ethgan'tor. It was going to be awhile before she could totally get her head around what happened, and it was still making her not sleep so soundly... so the faerie had decided that she would go to where sleep was unnecessary in order to advance her studies... it was the only way she could hope to be awake enough to retain the information properly!

And so Tiarela's wings bore her a bit brighter and happier down the path, the stress and sleepiness in her bones leaving with each new meter she bore herself in through the island. It was good to be back.

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Second Cycle of Kalendryas, Season of Winter. Era II of the Celestine Mandate

Arios, why not? Vers had been unhelpful so Duncan Sythe turned elsewhere...and wasn't exactly hopeful, even if it did possess a very odd Black Dome. But if he didn't come and spend a cycle here and at least ask about he might never learn about the Stone of Kalendryas...granted, he might come and learn nothing but he also lost nothing by trying. Plus he'd never been to Arios before and a cycle somewhere new was never, usually, uneventful.

Thus toward the back of the boat he stood in shade as the clouds rolled above. As innocuous as any other of the dozen travellers, a family of four and a pair of dock workers returning from an excursion his entrance to yet another town was...as always, unremarkable and unremarked.
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- Timestamp -
Brightening Eleven of Kalendryas, Winter, Era XVI Post-Fractum

The name “Arios” meant precious little to the Quel’anthasan Elf – to her mindset, it was simply another strange set of syllables to place within her ever-growing Charismean vocabulary. She’d never understand this language, despite being doomed to spend the rest of her long existence caught on this terrible Medonian continent in this awful nation that the commoners called Aelyria. Why she had thought that leaving her precious home of Trelore was a good idea, Kedyn would never fully understand. In this moment, she’d take the prejudice and disinheritance over this horribly barbaric culture and way of life – at least in Trelore she understood the people. Here they were simply monsters.

Long, tapered fingers ran through loose red hair as the pale High Elf watched the boat come into the docks into this newest city of her inhabitance. Diana had meant nothing to her; even Syl’rosya, the supposed Elfhame on this continent, had been little but a blurb on her consciousness – she still hated this place with all of her being. And now she was somewhere new, no better than that first brightening that she and Kisa had landed on this Gods-forsaken continent and been forced to fight their way toward survival and existence.

A whisper had told of a great population of Quel’anthasan Elfs on this island city and thus had brought Kedyn here. Why, and what purpose that would serve, she was not yet sure – but she was here, still, and here she would stay – at least for a while. Her fingers moved down to rub against the soft green linen of her simple skirt as she began to move forward, off the boat and onto the wooden planks of the docks. What mysteries might this newest abode hold for her now…
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Time Stamp:
Brightening Eleven of Kalendryas, Winter, Era XVI Post-Fractum

All this travelling from place to place was really beginning to grate on the Trelorean's nerves. If she were still at home, she would have been sent by sorcerer or at the very least in a luxorious carriage. But no, Kisa had to make do with things on her own. This entire continent was barbaric.

It didn't help that she had been seperated from her only companion, Kedyn. The sisters had been nigh on inseperable before and now they hadn't seen each other in what? Ten eras? Maybe more.

She had no conscious idea of why she had chosen Arios for her latest travel destination. All Kisa knew was that she had to go there. Some unseen force was tugging at her heart strings. What else was she going to do? It wasn't as if she had any ties to anyone in any city in this blasted kingdom. She might as well see more lackluster sights.

Her thin eyebrows barely lifted as she alighted from the boat and made her way to the city gates. To most people the scenery would be breathtaking. But for a true Quel'anthasan elfess that had personally witnessed the splendor of Trelore... it was little more than rubble. She passed through the gates and continued along hoping she would soon find the cause of her troubles.
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Fourty Third Brightening in the Fifth Cycle in the Month of Kalendryas in the Season Winter; Era II of the Celestine Mandate, Era XVI Post Fractum. The First Era of his Highness Prince Milo L'Evienne

Keldon took several steps off the boat and sighed slightly, it was the first time in awhile that the young elf, and soldier managed to get away from the bustle of the city, and the pains of a political life in the armed forces of the kingdom. But he had decided to head to Ifferon to seek out a summer estate for him and his wife to get away from prime, jaedaxia and the world they knew to spend time together. However on the journey at sea he had heard about the hidden beauty of this small yet bustling town.

So like many times before Keldons curiosity had taken him off the intended path into a new area of exploration. The elf moved down the docks and into the city silently in his summer clothing, the warmth and rather misty air lifted the soldiers spirits as he started the first steps of his exploration.
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First Brightening
Third Cycle of Kalendryas
Season of Winter, Era XVI

It had been a long and tiresome journey, though company had certainly made it much better for Fyrano. He greatly enjoyed the multiple cycle long journey to better re-acquaint himself with his cousin Suldam. And riding the cats had made the journey quite pleasant, for the fur insulated his tiny body from the biting cold--though that extra warmth became unnecessary as the pair entered Eunesia, it was still pleasantly warm here.

The ferry ride had been satisfactory, but Fyrano was not one for riding boats, he yearned to fly across but he did not want to lose his way over the water, and he did not want to abandon his cats. But they were finally at the docks of Arios and him and his cat got off the boat and made their way to the actual city.
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