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Overview of Arios

This is just a tentative approach at Arios, as I am still developing it completely. However, I have decided on the basic structure of the village. In the future this thread will be linked from to all the locations in Arios. At the moment, there are no locations to be linked.

The small village of Arios is located on the north of the island it was built upon. It's a village of about 900 citizens, most of which are arcana users of some kind, specializing mostly in the practical aspects of the magic to improve their trade. The village has no walls, seeing no need for anything like that.

Right in the center of town is the main market place, sort of the 'mercantile district' of Arios, for this is the only place where people can buy goods inside the village. The Inn & Tavern of Arios lies next to the marketplace for visitors to the village. Surrounding the marketplace is a large park where the people of Arios can walk through if they want to have a bit of rest.

To the west and the east of this park lie the houses of the residents of Arios, kind of scattered through the village, not cluttered together in an ordered fashion like many cities.

To the north of the central marketplace are the docks and Arios' warehouses. The docks of Arios are home to a small fleet of fishing ships and any visiting ship that may arrive from one of the other islands or rarely the mainland.

Just south of the marketplace, still inside the park, is the Thane's Estate of Arios. This grand complex of buildings is also home to the Aedile's Office and the guards and any major governmental facility Arios may need.

The further south of the village is home to the training facilities of Arios, including the Academy of Elemental Practice and the Institute of Arcane Learning. The Temple Complex is located in this part of the village too.

Dominating the village from the south is an enormous black dome of which the use is not yet know and remains an enigma for the residents for the peaceful village. Many rumors abound about the dome, from a large coven of Necromancers to the home of some powerful Aeternial being.
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Map of Arios

Attached herein is a map of Arios, that is nothing more than a concept... Therefore, it doesn't look like much. In the future I intend to make a better map.
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The map above is created by ex-GM Ed. That's only a rough map. I'll update the map a bit to provide a better outlook for this nice island.
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