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[Spoiler]A Crimson darkening

Timestamp: Brightening 50 of Ionannes, Summer, Era XiV

It was during the darkening, the rest of the citizens of Arios were near the campfire except these three. They were outside of town being lit by a lantern doing something most of the citizens didn’t understand… working during the darkening. This was no normal job by any means, nor was the event that was causing a need for this work.

There it is…” said a voice calm yet clearly disturbed. “I found it here right before I went to get you two. As far as I can see it’s not natural but…nothing around here can support anything else.

You know this?” came a feminine voice that sounded more irritated than disturbed. The man who spoke previously nodded. “It was my understanding that you had come straight to us. That is what you have told us. This does not seem to be the case now does it? One may be inclined to believe that you were the one to do it and that you ‘examined’ the area so that your tracks would legitimately been the only ones here, when it might have been you who committed the crime.

Enough” came a deeper manlier voice. “I will have no acquisitions of my own son being involved with this. It was not my him who have done it, no…the trees tell me different. They will not tell me who did it, or what only that they are afraid that it will happen again. It came from the North, it’s origin is not from Arios nor do I believe that whatever it is that did it has been to the island. We can only pray that it doesn’t happen a second time.

That time has come and gone” sighed the female of the three and she knelt down examining closer. “The second was two brightenings ago…this is the third. Something is indeed gone astray on Arios, we will need help uncovering what it is. I do not believe that there is a better tracker in all of the empire than you two, but it seems to me that his is bigger than just us…It is safe to be out here. let us go

What about the..the…” the first voice stammered.

It will be gone by brightening…it always is” she intoned as she turned and headed back to the town of Arios. This darkening was as useless as the ones before it…no information was gained; only that it happened again.

This is not to be replied to. This is just a spoiler for what is to come next season
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