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[Service] Toms Rickshaw

Toms Rickshaw
Get pulled around by people
It is no secret that horses are not allowed on the island of Arios. Ponies are few but are not often ridden on, so Tom Andrews came up with a way to get people where they wanted to be. He started a small business pulling people around himself. The locals didnít partake in this very often, but locals seemed to love it, especially when they were greeted at the docks or on their way to the docks. Though Tom couldnít make it every time a ship pulled in he did his very best.

There was no actual building that Tom worked out of, but it wasnít hard to find his him. There is a rickshaw outside of his house all of the time, even when he and his eldest son and both doing runs. He finds it best to have a spare because you just never know. If one were to go to his house, like most of the houses in Arios they would find it empty. The best place to find olí Tom would be on the road between the town of Arios and the docks as that is usually where he comes from. That or his son.

The Rickshaws themselves are nice, made of strong wood and very soft cushions. The wheels were silent and the rode oddly smooth. Anything that was wide enough for the rickshaw was where Tom or his son would be willing to take people, at custom prices that is.

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Secrets :

Name Tom Andrews
Race: Human
Description: A skinny man with a bald head. He is older but still has a lot of life in his, or at least it seems that way. He often doesnít wear a shirt in the heat of Arios and his skin in started to sag from age as well as get brown spots on it.
Demeanour: Very friendly and very fast. He is a dealer and wants people to take a ride on his rickshaw instead of walk but he isnít too pushy

Name Joe Andrews
Race: Half human half Dracon
Description: Spotted with scales but still retaining a human-ish appearance as far as the rest of his body goes. His skin in nicely tanned, the scales are a sandy grown. He had no hair anywhere on his body. Very ugly
Demeanour: Kind though not as friendly as his faster. He gets commission so he also prefers if people take a ride from him.

Secrets :

Prices are per person. Each Rickshaw can carry three average sized people plus minimal baggage.
Between the docks and the town of Arios: 10 crowns
Between Arios and the fishmens docks: 20 crowns.
Between the docks and the fishermens docks: 25 crowns
Other locations are custom. Good will be at a different price.

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