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[Location] The Arios Center

The Arios Center
Community Gatherings

Being a small place Arios looks to it’s citizens to help guide it in the right direction. Though no official rules are made here it is a place for debate on issues that effect Arios as a whole. Visitors are welcome to come to the meetings held the brightening after the brightening of rest on the second cycle of each month, but are expected not to say very much. They are not, however, completely discouraged from it as sometime it takes an outsiders opinion to see things clearly.

From the outside it is obvious that this building is not a simple house besides the large board above the door that reads “The Arios Center”. It is noticeably longer than any of the house in the city and only seems to be one floor despite the building being 14 feet in height. The reason for the massive height is so that any citizen if Arios may enter including giants. The door is 12 feet high meaning that they would have to duck to enter but some may even need to duck in order to stay in the room.

During the brightings that there are no meetings the massive oak doors are left open and anybody is welcome to enter and do as they will. Arios being such a small town is very trusting of it’s people and only few places close their doors or even lock them unless they are owned by a mainlander. On the off days it isn’t uncommon to see people in there debating among one another or even celebrating a birthbrightening. The building is used for the citizens free of charge and if often taken advantage of. One thing that can be noted is that no matter how fierce a debate gets inside of the building once they leave the doors they are friendly to one another again. This is just the way of Arios.

Upon entering the building directly in front of the doors is a large long table raised on a platform that has seating for 5 people. These seats are constantly changing depending on what the meeting main issues are. The Thane generally sits in the middle however in times that he is not needed he sits with the rest of the people.

In front of the stage area are several benches of seats that go almost go back to the far wall butt stop a decent distance away from it. Against the back wall are large benches clearly meant for giants to sit at. Though it isn’t all that often that the giants wish to sit in on these meetings there is usually one that comes though it isn’t planned it is just by chance.

This location is to be moderated.

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