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[OOC] Information about Arios

Information about Arios
Information to be used in posting and as references

Arios is a small island in the Eunesian isle and is the closest one to the mainland which means Arios is often a first stop for tourists, or people come to the island province. Ferries leave often and come often during the brightening bringing new people to the island, and bringing others back to the main land or to another island.

Arios is considered a temperate rainforest and makes up at least 10 per cent of the island. It is normal for temperate rainforests to have rich soil and encourage growth to plants, however not at the rate that the Arios forest grows at. The trees grow so rapidly that at the beginning of the brightening you could chop down a large section of forest and by the next brightening it would be completely grown again. It is not known, even by the locals why this happens though it is a common believe that all of the magic surrounding the island may have something to do with it.

Do to the abundance of wood and the fact that it replenishes it’s self nearly all of the building in the town of Arios are made of wood. The town is located north of the docks that get passengers and materials to and from Arios. It is small in population, with roughly 200 to 250 people residing in the town. The numbers used to be slightly higher, but some of these people were taken away when the isles were being cleared out. Those visiting the town of Arios however may believe the population to be lower as many of these people are not in their houses rather they are practicing their trade or chopping lumber or in the night, partying.

The citizens of Arios have little tolerance for racism and as such, it is a mix of races that make up the small population of the island. Even in towns like this however there is always the odd-ball citizen who is still ill-tolerant to other races. These people are looked at as either strange or in some circumstances, a Joreilte.

Within the small population nearly everybody knows arcana at some level. Though there are no official schools within the city the average citizen would either be able to teach a newcomer or at the very least point them to somebody that could teach them. At one time it was Ikos and Song that were practiced heavily, however, since the mainlanders had been banished from the isle Ikomancers have been in a shorter supply. Druidism however had made a big leap forward becoming almost as popular as Song.

The ikomancers were brought to question after the islands re-opened and it was found that a few of them had been creating ruins on the shores of the island to make mainlanders feel that another island may be better to go to. As a result they were given the choice to either leave the island or be bound. Many chose to leave and a majority of those that did leave went to Ieffreon. Though it was not many that were given the option others chose to leave the island with their family. It should be noted however that Ikos magic is not banned from Arios, however it is harder to get as most mages now require that they trust their students.

During the brightening in Arios the town is usually quiet and people go among their business in such away. When the darkening strikes however, the city comes alive with dancing, music and food. The people of Arios know how to work hard, and they party even harder.

It is, for the most part, a sleepless island, for what reason nobody yet knows. There are houses and mansions dotted here and there all across the island looking for the answers. Arch-mages, scientists, anyone that believes they may be able to find the answer, but so far after many many eras of trying they have yet to find anything. And so, the search continues.

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