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An Overview and Map of Arios

Arios is a very small Eunesian isle and the closest to the Aelyrian mainland. Ninety percent of the already small island is covered in forest. It's no ordinary forest either, it is a seemingly enchanted one in which trees can at times literally grow quicker than they can be cut down.

Arios has its port at the southern end of the mainly circular island with the town a short walk north of it, which explains fishing being the major industry of the island in addition to, of course, lumber. Most of the town buildings, thanks to the abundance of trees, are made primarily of wood, with many homes being cabins. About three miles north of town is the mysterious Black Dome, a large and ancient enigma that is all but unapproachable.

The population of Arios is only around 250 to 300. It sports a fairly normal race distribution, still with more humans than any other race, but it is worth noting that there is really no racism on Arios except for the rare oddball citizen. Discriminate here and you will be considered strange at best, a Jorelite at worst.

Of this small population, near everyone practices Arcana. Most of them follow the disciplines of Ikos or Song, the two taught locally, though that is not to say that other spheres are not represented. Druidism in particular is strong in Arios - to the north of the island, deep within the magic forest, is a group of druids who live isolated from the rest of Arios.

Generally, Arios is a notably dull place during the light hours of the brightenings. Folks carry about their work, which is often done in the comfort of their own home, and the town is pretty quiet. Ariosans play hard, though, and really get into the night life. When the suns go down, the Ariosans get down!

There is only one building in plain sight from the docks, the Aedille's office off to the left.Down the main path and into town, one can access the following buildings in town.On Solaria, one can enjoy a brisk run starting at the center of town.At night, the town is hoppin'!Just north of town, Ariosans are hard at work chopping wood.Farther north through the woods, at the center of the island, is a thoroughly mysterious structure...Even in the dense forest, you may be able to find the occasional cabin or abode.If one were to be looking for the more religious aspects of Arios...
OOC: ~Original post by O’brien

Welcome to the city of Arios! PM me or one of the other moderators if you have any questions. We are here to help. New locations will be added in due time.

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