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Meat Fisherman’s wharf and fish market

Fisherman’s wharf is more than just a market; this is a complete fishing industry, as well as a vital part of the life of Arios. Translated, roughly, to "caught during the night, sold in the morning", in fact, "caught during the night" is really the wee-hours of the morning. A procession of the small fishing boats can be seen going out of the harbour around five o’clock in the morning, long before the sun comes up. At that same time, the day begins, for auctioneers, with a frantic auction at the back of the market, nearest the water. Sea urchins, crab, eels, squid, mackerel -- 400 kinds of marine life -- many of them still alive, are sold to the biggest customers (fish restaurants, taverns, Army supply depots from all around Nesocratic Federation of Eunesia).

There are two main types of vessels that operate in Eunesian Sea from the wharf: large boats and smaller ones.

Fishing hundreds of miles from shore with commercial fishing vessels—large boats capable of catching of thousands of pounds of fish—require a crew that includes a captain, or skipper, a first mate and sometimes a second mate, a boatswain (called a deckboss on some smaller boats), and deckhands with specialized skills.

Large fishing vessels that operate in deep water generally have technologically advanced equipment, and some may have facilities on board where the fish are processed and prepared for sale. Such vessels are equipped for long stays at sea and can perform the work of several smaller boats.

Some full-time and many part-time fishers work on small boats in relatively shallow waters, often in sight of land. Crews are small—usually, only one or two people collaborate on all aspects of fishing.

Although most fishermen are involved in commercial fishing, some captains and deckhands use their expertise in fishing for sport or recreational purposes. For this type of fishing, a group of people charter a fishing vessel for periods ranging from several hours to a number of days and embark upon sport fishing, socializing, and relaxation, employing a captain and possibly several deckhands.

About eight or nine in the morning the first boats arrive back at the Wharf. The fishermen, only one or two on these small boats, first off-load a shallow blue tray, and set it up on a folding stand on the pier, often aided by mother, wife or other family members waiting there. A scale and a cutting block then come off the boat to be put in place. With the stand in place, buckets or baskets of fish come off the boat to be poured onto the blue tray, and a bucket of seawater is set beside to keep the fish wet.

When the large boat arrives at the Wharf the whole place is crowded with dockworkers and all other personnel that is needed for unloading and transporting the large amount of fish.

Waiting customers crowd up immediately to every newly arrived fisherman, and out-stretched hands point out their selections from the still-flopping fish. A quick transaction and the satisfied customer leave with a little sack writhing with its live content: fish, a nicely squirming octopus or eel.

The Market
Right next to the dock is large square full of tables. It is the fish market. There, people who are not buying large amount can purchase smaller amounts of fish for food or smaller beautiful fish to stock aquarium.

Fisherman’s wharf and fish market employs a large amount of male and in recent time female population of Arios, but demand for fish is so great that there are always spots open for recruiting new staff, from captains to the “lumpers” at the docks.

All selling places, regardless of theirs position (near the water or at the market) have the same sign in front of them:

This is only a small segment of Fisherman’s wharf and fish market offer (for any other kind of fish or sea animal please contact the salesperson). The prices are changing day by day, depending on demand and supply
Management of Fisherman’s wharf and fish market

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