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Tredding on That Empty Road[Private]

Gareth was lost, he could admit it. He had taken a wrong turn on the wrong street at the wrong time and was now suffering the consequences. The buildings around him were not familiar, the cobbled street he was on was not familiar, and he was practically a stranger in the city. He had previously made it by keeping to known roads and paths throughout the city, and now he had thrown himself into forging a new pathway to something he recognized.

How had he started this? Well, it had been quite the long day already by simply site-seeing and tour-gazing around the city. Now, the small Sprite was tired and ready to get some sleep, even if that wasn't possible. So, as the bored Fae walked back home, he happened to get lost in the thought of striking it rich. Gareth Gruven was literally stripped for cash, having spent the majority of his money on newer and fancier things to entertain himself. Now that money was gone, and slowly with it, his entertainment. Sure, Gareth was content with his life now, and would have been happy to give it all up and kick back and relax. Yet there was that inner desire called pride that kept the small Sprite going, and it was that that had taken his feet to a new road, to unfamiliar terrain, waiting to be explored in the heart of adventure.

And so Gareth trudged on, bearing with him only his dark-green emerald cloak, his leather knapsack of rations, and the slender shortsword that had been wrought of elven-steel for protection. It was with these items that Gareth had determined to find something new and extravagant with, something out of the ordinary. Something that might flip his life on the chance of a coin, something or someone that might be able to help him earn some pocket money.
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As Gareth wondered about in a lost manner he stumbled apon a root sticking just above the ground. Just past this root though, was a long, slender path that ran deep into the ariosian forest. The path looked to be well worn, but not tread on for a long time.

A path like this is pretty hard to come by, because of the mystical forests ability to re grow as soon as a tree is cut down, a branch broken off, or other wise. The sun filtered through the leaves, giveing the path an eere green glow, but the dense shadows would not permit to much of the path be seen from such a distance away.
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