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Ferry to Arios (post here first)

Cool breezes gracefully fly across the shoreline as the ferry from the mainland runs back and forth to Arios, a small and seemingly ordinary Eunesian island. Not many people have actually heard about Arios, and visitors are not a common sight, although that does not mean that they are not welcomed. What is a common sight, though, is trees. Trees are practically the only thing visible when the occasional visitor sets foot on Arios. These are not ordinary trees though. At first glance they appear to be, for their bark looks regular enough and they are not of any odd colors, but they are not ordinary. These trees are overwhelmingly tall, stretching from a range of 50 feet and above. Abnormal, isn't it?

Mages and other folk who can detect magic, soon realize that there is an unusual amount of raw Arcana flowing about the island. It's enough to make one feel uncomfortable, especially those to which Arios is a new environment. However, there's energy and life in this Arcana. Perhaps it is actually the reason why the trees grow so tall and healthy. It also explains why the vast majority of the island's 1,000 or so citizens practice one form of Arcana or another. Ikos and Song are the main disciplines in town, and far to the north is a recently-arrived coven of druids.

While a few of the already-rare visitors to Arios flew in, mostly Fae folk, the vast majority of them take the ferry. Because the trip is quite...how do we put this...rough, it is rather common for one to get seasick on the boat. Ariosans often joke that you can tell the difference between a visitor and an Ariosan on the ferry because the visitor is hanging off the side, an obvious reference to seasick-induced vomiting.

For whatever reason, though, possibly related to the Arcane energies about the island, the seasick always seem to feel the energy coming back to them after landing on Arios. Visitors felt their senses cleared and a sense of total refreshment. Ariosans, of course, were more than used to this feeling. Actually, anyone who spent a prolonged amount of time on the island before returning to the mainland was likely to experience a feeling of being drained and empty. Arios made a great retreat for the weary, but one had to be careful in their return. The drained feeling was not all that strong if it was expected. Unlike the revitalization upon coming to Arios, it seemed to be largely a psychological thing.

For obvious reasons, Arios made a good place for healing. Between the forest, full of undiscovered cures and remedies, and the Arcane energy (if that was indeed what caused the refreshing feeling), it was an ideal place to relax and be made whole again.

The odd thing about one's arrival in Arios is that no one is around to greet newcomers. No armor-clad soldier checks Visas, no hawk-eyed archer readies an arrow for suspicious folk. There is only a lonely dock and a pathway that leads into the depth of the forest. In the distance one can make out the outline of the town, and adult elves are likely to even pick up a few details. There are no other paths, save a walk on the sandy shoreline to enjoy the sunshine. Off to the left, right next to the shore, is an Aedile's office, a simple log cabin house with a small wooden sign in the sand identifying the office.

The ferry isn't going anywhere. With no real schedule, it comes and goes as is needed. The horizon seems to stretch out infinitely...well, perhaps that is exaggerated a bit, but the mainland is largely invisible from here.

Despite the refreshing arua, this place called Arios...it can give a very lonely impression.

(Originally written by GM Guru, heavily modified and restructured by GM O'Brien. As Guru put it: here's something I want you to post rather than just saying that your PC arrives here. Reveal your trip and how you endured the ride on the rough sea. How did you arrive here? Flying? Swimming? By fish? Or whatever. Thanks.)

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Necazo Zheunnhin is an upstanding Citizen
A Lioness that is looking for a second home, adventure, and training

Necazo was relieved to be back on solid ground. The trip from the main land was very ROUGH ride. Though out the trip on the ferry, she listened to what the other passengers had to say, but also focused on the sea. She would have to learn how to sail sometime in the future, but for right now, she wanted to explore this new island. She had gotten seasick several times, but those feelings were beginning to pass. Since she was used to the Deserts of Arakmat, she was in aww of what she saw as she stepped off the boat. The trees were gigantic, and that was a great spectical in itself. She hadn't known what to expect when she finally got here, but she knew that she would enjoy every minute of it here. Things here seemed so alive compared to the desert, even though it seems more desolate.

Necazo looked around and noticed that there were no guards around, but did notice the only trail that lead into the woods, she guessed that was the way to the town, and so she started off down the path...
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Necazo quietly made her way down the wooded path. Assuming she had been in a forest before, there would be nothing that surprised her. Birds chirped, occasionally fluttering frantically upon seeing the large Katta below, leaves rustled, and the occasional branch snapped underfoot, whether Zheunnhin's or a wild beast's. At length there were a few wisps of smoke rising out from the trees, and it seemed that the Lionoid had found the small town of Arios.

The town was quiet when she happened upon it - almost deathly quiet. Other than the otherworldly silence, though, there was nothing notably spooky about the place. Eventually the sound of something pounding down on metal rang out, like from that of a forge. Necazo could easily see that the sound was coming from a small hut with a chimney, the source of one of the wisps of smoke from earlier. None of the other buildings showed any specific signs of activity, but didn't appear to be shut down either.

OOC: Thanks for coming to check out Arios! I hope I can get some things up quick enough for your liking. Keep your eyes peeled for a nice, fat, juicy plot coming up soon too. Welcome, and enjoy yourself.
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Paul disembarked, and turned back as the sailors threw down his few packs to him on the dock. He shouted a thanks as they sailed off in the direction of the mainland.

Dispite the fact that the trip to Arios had been far less than enjoyable, the seas rough and the boat small, he had fared well for one who had never been in open water before.

Surveying the land, he saw a forest made of immense trees, densly packed and seeming to reach to the sky. How appropriate, he thought, as he walked down the small path that he assumed led to the village, his packs thrown over his shoulder.
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Having travelled from Narim, Tev, his wife Myfanwy and their twin daughters boarded the ferry for Arios. They were in a carriage with their riding horses tethered to the rear of carriage. Their travelling luggage was in the rear of the carriage. This was the first boat journey for Tev and the girls.
After securing the team that was pulling the carriage, Tev sat the girls on his lap and pointed out the tall trees on the island to which they were travelling. It was indeed and inviting sight. He hoped that the girls felt better than did. The choppiness made him feel a bit queasy
When ferry tied up and they landed, Tev unhitched the team and slowly disembarked. Only one path was apparent, so Tev rode on toward the town. As he glimpsed the structures, Tev pointed to them and spoke to his daughters, "That is where we will be staying for our holiday".
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Karn tied his steed to the ropes that secured the mast and sails, rubbing the horse under the head he wispered in its ear as his eyes scanned the occupants of the ship 'A cat, inbreed, and Human youngsters, good job you are present to keep me from going insain' he left the horse smirking at the other passengers as he passed them, Sitting at the rear of the ship he pulled his legs under his chin and wrapped the cloak tight, pulling the hood up over his head. Karn closed his eyes hoping for a gentle sway as they approached Arios.

What a mistake thinking it could every be a sway, he had heard tales of the journey but not in his dreams could he had envisaged the feeling of beeing tossed and thrown about a ship with no control.

once they arrived at the docks, he unfastened his horse and mounted, looking back across the seas thinking, 'where will this one lead him'.......................
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The boat ride was something of interest, the wonders of the sea could be seen frolicing about in the water. Rhys had caught the boat from Olympia, his hometown. He paced around the boat, it was a nice sized vessel. The boat made its way to the dock and settled next to it.

Rhys was the first off, the first noticable thing was no guards, gates or anything just a path into the woods a weird feeling came over him, he heard that the place had arcane magic. He put his pack fully on his back and adjusted the sheath of his sword and his bow on his shoulder. He walked down the path, maybe this tournament would be a good time to rest.
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Insignificant Entrances of the Fae Variety...

Hour 13 of Brightening Dianara, 2nd Brightening in Cycle Five of Ponutis
Winter in Era I in the Celeste Mandate
Era X Post Fractum (PF) in the Age of Darkening, the Mageocracy of Julos the Mad
Paradigm: Coronation of Queen Sharinya of the Fae Folk

Boat rides. If there was one thing in the world Tiarela Iceglitter was very quickly learning to despise more than big people themselves, it was boat rides. The stink of people, the toss of the harsh, relentless salty water... It was many a man's grave, the end of lives and unmarked tombs - shy the sunken ships, the bone mass that slowly crumbled into Her open, sandy bottom. At least if this boat should sink, faeries could survive. Blessed be the winged...

She had caught one from Olympia a few candlemarks back. The time that had elapsed, to her, was endless. The rough, relentless waters of the mother sea and tossed the little craft this way and that, slamming blundering big person into blundering big person, making the little fae practically scream out in irritation and, sometimes, even pain.

The poor Faerie was about to literally go insane when she finally spotted tree tops through the space between two cramped big people infront of her face. There weren't a lot of them, but these two just seemed to have a difficult time not being slammed around by this piece of floating wood on the waves of the sea.

This thing called a 'ferry' (which,coincidentally was not related at all or by any means to Tiarela Iceglitter, a Faerie.) finally ran aground on this place called 'Arios'. It was here that big people would shoot arrows at.. something, she knew this from glancing over the shoulder of a big person at the herald, whom had letters about the size of her for titles.

Things like that had always interested Tiarela.. Which was why she, after a very mean passage through the rough watered seas, was finding herself upon another island in a chain of islands. This was Arios - and it apparently, unlike Olympia, had no one waiting to check the miniscule visa that proved who Tiarela was. Well, they are either very trusting, or just don't care!.. That was good, meant no lines to stand in.

When everyone began to file off, Tiarela found a renewed burst of energy and zipped into the air above the crowd. She was determined to get off stinky, crowded ferries as fast as she could. Huddling herself down into a stance in the air that was very much akin to one those who keep their feet on the ground are in when they poise to run, and her wings all a'flutter, Tiarela took off. Down, down, down the path! Above the big people's heads! The rush of the wind, the fact that she was above those who used their legs.. It was bloody brilliant! How she just loved being a Fae.
Such was the dashing, absolutely insignificant enterance of one blueish faerie into the interesting Island City of Arios.

Edit: Timestamp, Timestamp, Timestamp - Ack!

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5th Brightening in Cycle Five of Ponutis
Winter in Era I in the Celeste Mandate
Era X Post Fractum (PF) in the Age of Darkening, the Mageocracy of Julos the Mad
Paradigm: Coronation of Queen Sharinya of the Fae Folk

The boat rocked on the open sea, and this elf could be seen at the edge of the boat, looking quite sick. He only been on a boat once before, and that had been going down a river, not rocking back and forth on the sea. He could feel the lunch he had trying to come up his throat, leaving a burning feeling in his throat as it retreated back down again. He couldn't take this much longer, thus his happiness when he saw land not to far off.

As he checked himself for all his goods, he wondered why he had gone on this trip. He had seen the article in the herald about the archery tournament, and nothing had really sparked his interest about it, yet a few days later he found himself gathering his things and heading for a place where he could buy a boat ride to Arios. He wasn't planning on entering the tournament, but he figured he would at least watch it, but he still didn't know why he would fork over 75 crowns for something he had never had an interest in. He shrugged his shoulders and simply smiled, however it didn't last long as another set of waves rocked the boat. "I can't believe that people run this thing back and forth between Arios and the mainland all day, I fear I will die on my return trip." He shuddered at this thought, but he had made the decision to travel to an island of all things. "Oh well, just another new memory to have, one which I will take into consideration each time I travel."

With another dull thud, the boat was at the dock, and he quickly made his way off the boat, feeling better each step he took towards the island. He glanced about; there were no guards, no person to check your visa! "What in the...?" He was truly confused about this place. So far everything about it was odd, but he shrugged it off again and placed a smile on his face as he headed towards the city. "I wonder what lies in the city of Arios, I simply cannot wait!" He grinned and started on a jog towards the city, indeed this would be fun!
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Syrillis had catched the last boat from Olympia to Arios that evenig. While they mad etheir way on the waves she stared before her at the endless stretch of sea and awves till a small island became visible afare.

The trip wasn't a pleasant ride. The sea was very rough and here and there Syrillis noticed people hanging over the railing of the boat with a face that rathered neared a white greenish glow instead of their regular pink.

On the left siade from Syrillis a mother was trying to calm her child that could do nothing but cry, scared of the heavy waves most likely. Syrillis moved over to them and started neurying a sweet, soft and soothing song she knew from when she was little. It often calmed her when weary and she was happy to notice the child slowly stopped crying and changed into a sniffling stare towards her. The mother was glad the noise was finished for she herself wasn't at ease either.

Although the trip didn't make Syrillis ill like some on board she did feel uncomfortable. The trip she had had towards Olympia had gone much more calmly then this one...But luckily they were about to arrive and would soon be docking.

As Syrillis set foot on the ground she was surprised not to see any guards or gates, as the other places usually had, and just a small path that lead to the woods. It was said that arcana was at work here and her elven sence picked some of it up.

Adjusting her backpack on her shoulders and grabbing tight to her newly bought bow she made her way on the path, as did many of the passangers ahead of her.

After a few minutes of walking Syrillis noticed a familiar silouette in the crowd. It seemed like the man Rhys she had seen in the tavern many times and who had informed her about an archery contest. She hurried her pace to catch up with him and a bit out of breath she saluted him.

"Serale Sir...Remember me? From the tavern?"
She smiled bright as she extended her hand and tried to keep up with his pace
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Tap Tap Tap

Hour 12 of Orodisia of the first cycle of Ponutis In the Winter of Era X, in the age of the darkening. Paradigm: Coronation of Queen Sharinya of the Fae Folk.

To come off the ferry next was a glossy brown Lutran with a stick. She moved in a pecular manner, sweeping the stick back and forth and tapping it on the ground slightly. Only when one was close enough to see the lutrans face would they realize she was blind. Her eyes were covered in white film but it didn't seem to faze her, she had been born like that and was quite used to her world of darkness.

L'eau took a deep breath and cocked her head to listen to things about her before she set off moving again. She had caught the ferry so she wouldn't have to spend cycles swimming about the sea and risk the danger of becoming lost. She planned to slowly explore the waters around Arios but not for a while yet. She would go get soem supplie first, and see if she could find the house for this supposed deed her family had given her. She couldn't read the address or anythign but they had told her the numbers. She would just ask someone she meet along the way to confirm it and give her directions.

She was quite excited to have reached Arios on her own, it was quite an accomplishment for the Jaedaxian native, what with her handicap and all, still it was quite easy, she had followed along the shore she knew until she had reached Archadoon, from there she had traveled across land with Caravans until she had reached the Ferry corssing a few Candle marks earlier.

The ride across the sea had been enjoyable for the lutran, listenign to the waves roll about them. While she had heard many people gettign seasick she hadn't, she had laughed with delight at her freedom and she couldn't wait to begin her life on the island of Arios. Now she just had to find her way to the town itself and find her house.
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Dagger Arriving for the Tournament

The ferry journey from the mainland had indeed been rough. Whilst Medea found the cool coastal and sea breezes refreshing they also induced a disproportional amount of chop within the ocean waves. She had travelled extensively before by off-shore boat and whilst not feeling overly nauseous her stomach did nonetheless feel slightly queasy.

But it still felt good to be out in the open once more and away from habitation. As the ferry neared the small, circular isle Medea marvelled at the forest skyline. As Carmelya's Champion of the Forests it always sent a shiver down her spine when she neared one of the Empire's woods, especially for the first time. A special tingle of excitement flowed through her veins as she had also heard that this forest contained a grove of druids and was also enchanted somehow. Whilst she had come to the isle for the archery contest she knew that she would spend a good proportion of her time within the forest itself.

Once the thrill of the forest's physical presence began to wane then did Medea first sense the arcane presence of the trees. Her own abilities were small in comparison to most mages but her special affinity to the trees and druidic magic allowed her sense that this was indeed a special grouping of trees.

As the ferry finally docked and Medea once more set foot upon dry land she felt her nausea immediately vanish. The strange shift in sensation was unnerving but welcome nonetheless. As she glanced around for city guards or customs officials Medea could find none. Beside a small wooden cabin announcing itself as the Aedile's office only a solitary pathway leading northwards into the forest met her emerald gaze and, as a few of the other ferry passengers began to make their way up it, she too began the short trip to the town proper.
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After waiting upon the mainland for a few hours the ferry finally came into view. Although no the greatest of crafts it served it purpose, or so Ta'er supposed. When the craft finally docked the Northland Elf picked up his belongings and boarded. soon after the boat shoved off and the trip was in progress.

Although it had been ages since he had been on a water craft of any size, Ta'er regained his sea legs after a few bouts of seasickness and about halfway through the trip began to enjoy himself. The sea was rather choppy, making the boat heave to and fro, but compared to the tremulous Northland Seas the rough waters barely kept Ta'er's stomach unsettled. Plus the sea life swimming along side the barge gave Ta'er something to look at besides the endless rolling of the waves and that helped with the seasickness quite a bit.

How long had he been trying to find arcana training? First selling his uncle's house in Vers for the gold needed to pay the training fees, and then finding out that they didn't teach elementalism. The set backs had only strengthened his resolve to find a teacher, and eventually he had heard about the Black Dome and it's mysterious affect upon the surrounding lands. So a few weeks ago Ta'er had set out to find the Black dome and to see if he could find a teacher there.

Which was how he found himself disembarking from the barge onto this dock in Arios. Looking around Ta'er knew that somewhere there would be an inspection point and withdrew his visa from his pocket, having it ready just in case. For some reason he suddenly felt better than he had in ages. Shrugging mentaly to himself he started off trying to find someone to help point him in the right direction.
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Gareth silently flew towards the docked ferry, racing time to see if he wuold get there before it left. Of course it had just pulled in, so he really didn't care about missing it, even if he did he could always fly onto it. He was leaving Arios, with everythign inc heck and an open, fresh mind ready to learn new skills. He had enjoyed his time here on the island, but felt the need for adventure and exploration, to go onwards into other cities and see their climates and society. He would always call Arios his home, but for now he was leaving it, a vacation per se.

He checked to make sure he had everything. His bow, quiver, Visa, cloak, knapsack, all was in order. He had locked his house down securely and had closed the curtains to any outsiders, and then he had left it. Memories flooded his mind as his foresty-green wings led him ever-so-closer to the ferry, memories of Paul, Solaris, and his random encounters with other people. But then again, he would not be alone on his travels. Paul was surely to leave soon as well, Gareth had mentioned going to Vortex and he believed Paul was sure to follow.

Either way, Gareth had resolved his mind and was speeding through the air towards the ferry. No guards were on Arios, no gate to pass through, just the dirt trail that led through the village and into the woods. He prayed that Arios would change, and he would be coming home to a fine, lively city. Maybe he would, maybe he wouldn't. He soon reached the ship and lowered himself down onto the platform. He sadly remembered the sea-sick journey he had endured to get to the island, and he hoped that he wouldn't have to go through such a thing again. His next stop, Vortex!
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Teora had been wanting to leave home for so long she would daydream for hours that someday she would move from the city. She thought that Arios would be a nice place to go, although her dreams of moving were nice, her ride to Arios wasn't because she was seasick the whole way. Even though she tried to think about other things she couldn't stop the seasickness. Her walk to the ferry was bad also. It was bad because while she was walking it was pouring rain, and the trail was muddy, so her cloak was really wet.

Teora looked up and saw that the ride was over. She picked up her stuff and got off the boat. She stood on the road for a few minutes until the seasickness wore off. She looked around. Everything looked nice. She finally got her self together and started down the path to her new life.
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