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[Information] A little history of Arios

This timetable provides a brief information as to what happened to Arios since GM Guru joined in. However, the RL time is needed to convert into the Aelyrian time.

Connect the Isolated - Winter 2002

It was winter, Prime. It all began with the hunt for Bilther, an Ariosian bridge builder. He was being chased by a group of renegade assasins, led by Zabusa, an adept elementalist / elite renegade assasin.

The adventure began with (PC) adventurers joining in, including Erilar, Avius Thaniquiel, Alexander Alaisor and Tyranade Whisperwind. An ex-assasin who goes by the name of Karkasi joined in. Later he was found to be one of the ex-comrades of Zabusa.

The group went on facing life-threatening events. While their fighting abilities gained, they began to learn about the cruel life and fate that faced by the seemingly coldblooded assasins.

They finally reached Arios, but was greeted immediately by Zabusa. Karkasi seemed to have won Zabusa, and a mysterious person took Zabusa's lifeless body away. With Karkasi's energy used up so much, it took him a week to recover. During this recovery time, they realized that Zabusa was not dead yet. The adventurers had to prepare.

They found out that an elven businessman named Mon'polis was behind this assasination. His main goal was to completely isolate Arios thus allowing him to take total control over the seemingly unlimited supply of wood and fish.

James Loran, a PC stranger from a strange world, was locked up with Blizzy, a NPC Ariosian, by Mon'polis while all of James' possession was taken away. They were saved by the group of adventurers.

The week was gone and the adventurers fought against Zabusa and White, the once mysterious man (a teenage White Tigron, to be exact), with all their might and courage. A tragic death fell upon White and Zabusa.

Extra notes from the moderator: This adventure is more than just for revealing my little view of assasins as tools, but also to break through the traditional emotional components that have been lacking in the general roleplaying experience. This was done by looking at the colourful world through the black and white eyes of the assasins, especially White, the rare White Tigron who loyally followed and protected Zabusa without any doubt.

Mon'polis, being a whimp and bully like he always do, was killed by Zabusa.

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Uncharted Dimension - September 2003

It all began with a hidden secret that no one had the curiosity to find out.

Five adventurers of different backgrounds,
James Loran - a human from a world beyond
Vittorio - an elf with a mystifying beauty
Talvarin - a mute dark elf of unknown past
Z'kron - a druidic dracon with a scientific mind
Avius Thianquiel - a skillful, courageous and adventurous elf

join up at the Black Dome and venture into the Ugarni Space Ship that was rumoured to have crashlanded and buried itself into the depths of the Eunesian sea, where Arios now lie.

(to be continued as the story progresses)
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