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Arriving on the island

Folk wisdom read that if you ever saw one fisherman's village you could be sure that you saw all of them. That was the first though of a young pantheri woman that stepped out of the small boat and embarked on the land of the island. From the first glance this place was looking dull, but she knew that first impression might be false and she still had to be careful. Omeray wasn’t afraid that some one might try to rob her, as she already got used to travel with light luggage. So she left the “port”,, the place that wasn’t really worthy such a name and went deeper into the village itself.

Looking at the houses around it was clear that locals were using improvised materials to build their houses. Looking at the people and catching their glances, she realized that she don’t appreciate that kind of attention. But she wasn’t able to do anything on this matter – such attitude was common for small villages. ”Everyone has the right to be crazy…At least till they are not going to stand on my way”

When she reached what was a center of the village in her point of view, Omeray stopped and looked around. She was sure that should be a place where people from mainland were able to find a bed for night and meal to stifle hunger. At least there should be some roasted fish.
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People from mainland? It's by now a certain that Omeray knows not much about this remote village called Arios. The villagers wouldn't leave this place and the people from Mainland would not come here besides for the weirdest reasons. Even so, if you ask a Mainland person whether or not they've heard of Arios, it seems almost certain that they would never have heard of it. Why is that? The reason is simple, because Arios has nearly no connections with the rest of the empire.

Yes, Omeray thought that she needs a good night sleep and a meal that would satisfy her tummy. Yet, Omeray notices this strange phenomenon in which her body seems to be recovering from the fatigue, not the hunger though. With the noticeable changes, she realizes that she can stay awake for even longer despite the fact that the stars are already hanging above. Strange though, but obvious enough, a magical fire shoots vertically up approximately 50 feet just enough of her. This height is most certainly exotic and possibly fascinate the dracon is the pantheri shape.

Besides the sound of the burning fire that seems to offer the energy for excitement and joy, the villagers come out looking depressed and worried, but no signs of fatigue. They seem to have lost their motivation and eagerness or whatever.

There's certainly a huge contrast in what is to be anticipated.
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