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Too School for Cool [Aydyn Blair -- private]

Continued from here.

As per the assistant Thane's suggestion, Aydyn would find herself moving out of the Governmental Building. Arios was a small community, and while proclamations were made by the town crier with notices pasted around the boards for all to review and look at, Ariosians were used to and inclined to a more personal touch, something which the new Thane was now on her way to give.

After all, this was something that mattered to their own flesh and blood, and while such concepts aren't entirely radical in larger Cities and Metropolis, it was new to Arios, and most people didn't want the impression that they were being negligent of their duties to their children and letting others fulfill that parental obligation.

The first house that the Mistress of Druidess would find herself at belonged to another single parent -- a wood logger by the name of Kadmos Filostrophos. He was known to be hardworking man who had lost his wife in labor when they had their second child.

The cottage was modest looking from the outside, with the smell of food being cooked, or, to be more accurate, burnt. Weeds had overgrown around the path that led to the door and what seemed like flower bushes around the house were in need of an overdue pruning.

There was the sound of a young child's cry coming from within the cottage, and from the splutter of protests from the earsplitting cries that Aydyn could pick out, it seemed the youngest child of Kyrio Filostrophos was wanting to be carried.
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Aydyn approached the household with care, rolling her practiced speech through her head as did, occasionally murmuring the words aloud as if that might help her somehow, some way. Here and there she punctuated her thoughts and mumbled word with a gesture, a shake of her head, a nod, a sweep of her hand. For all the world, some folks looking on the usual physically-contained young woman might have thought she'd taken a turn down into crazyville (if only for a brief visit). Luckily, Arios was small, but it was also spread out throughout a rather dense wood, with homes puncturing the vegetation here and there rather than sitting one on top of the other. Few people were bound to catch a glimpse of the Lady Thane Aydyn Blair talking and motioning to herself.

All of this came to an end as she reached the cottage. Like just about every structure there on Arios, it did not seek to put itself above any others in the vicinity. She was vaguely familiar with the man who made it his home. At least, she had heard of him and his wife and had glimpsed him on rare occasion. She was not personally acquainted him, having never spoken to him before. But he was someone that Aydyn knew she could stand on familiar territory with. Like her, he was a single parent. Like her, he had two children to keep up with. On an island where there was no such thing as sleep--not unless it was induced by the priests--this made being a single parent more burdensome than in most places.

Her rehearsed lines spun out of her skull as soon as the children's voices wrapped around her. She knew those calls--knew them all too well. She picked up her pace, Eunesian sandals slapping against the uneven forest terrain, and wasted little time in brushing her knuckles against the door to the home. From there she could only wait, bouncing slightly on her toes in anticipation. She was hit with a sudden pang of uneasiness. There was a rather high possibility that she could muck this whole thing up.
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