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[OOC] Thread Tracker, Moderation and Experience Requests

Arios Thread Tracker, Moderation and Experience


 This thread is designed to make my life, and yours, much easier by allowing me to know what is going in the city of Arios and where everyone needs help. The first purpose of this thread is to track all threads that are currently active in Arios, even if they do not a moderator. This gives me some idea of what everyone is up to and helps keeps things running smoothly.

Also this thread is a great way to get in contact with me, or any of the moderation staff, as well as any potential peer-mods. I will check this and if you have a thread that needs moderation, post it up and I will get someone to moderate here. But if you want to try peer-modding something, then you should also check here and see if there is anything you can take. It never hurts to ask!

Okay for my sanity, please use the following format when submitting threads:

 Thread Name & Link:
Thread Type: (Is it a training thread, and if so what kind, a social thread, a character development thread. Let me know)
Summary: (Give me a brief outline of the purpose of the thread or what you hope to achieve, or if it has been started tell me what has happened so far, briefly.)
Moderation: (Do you need a moderator, say so here. Do you already have a peer-mod, or are you self-modding it, or does it just not need a mod, put any of that here!)

Now, for receiving experience and to get my stamp of approval you must post in here, especially if I am not moderating your thread. Also if you feel you deserve seasonal experience points then please post in here as well. Please use the following format to submit your requests for experience points:

 Thread Name & Link:
Thread Type: (Is it a training thread, and if so what kind, a social thread, a character development thread. Let me know)
Summary: (What happened in your thread?)
Experience: (What skills do you hope to get experience for in this thread.)

And that is it. So please submit all threads you have started or plan on starting in this thread please!

The Following threads are taking place durring this current Chronosynch.

-Winter's Whisperings-

*Original Post by Ensnare

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Thread Name & Link: Temple of Carmelya
Thread Type: hopefully level 2 herbalism training
Summary: Adamon is visiting the temple of Carmelya and asking about a teacher of herbalism.
Moderation: I already talked to you about this a while ago, Joe. Instead of making a new thread I decided to post at the Temple of Carmelya, and we can continue from there - if it's okay with you.

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Into the sleepless woods (Open)
Thread Type: hoping for a short adventure
Summary: Exploring the woods around town and hopefully getting myself into troubles. Left the first post very open and general so that other PCs and future mod would find it easier to join in. Would love it if other PCs will join in for a bit of interaction and character development
Moderation: Don't have a mod yet and would love one. Because of exams period, I'll probably post 1-2 times a week
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