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  1. [Lylles House] "All Great Changes to the State Begins at the Pracenda Table"
  2. [The Forum] "But In Ourselves, That We Are Underlings"
  3. [The Forum] A private summons [Alexis Sapientia]
  4. [The Forum] A private summons [Tiyribi Andares]
  5. [The Forum] The State of the Empire
  6. [Forum] Office of the Governor-Chancellor of Prime
  7. The Sapientia Daybook [Threllius' Eyes Only]
  8. The Office of Bladewyn Imaire, Governor-Magistrate of Prime
  9. [Imperial Archives] Blueprints
  10. [Rosta] Offices of the Imperial Heralds [Indefinite]
  11. The child and The Gentleman [Roscarnis]
  12. [Governor's Office] Harnessing Lethality from Innocuity [Iseult]
  13. Come Rest Your Breaking Soul on Mine [Roscarnis]
  14. [Courts Estate] She Left a Servant and Returned a Legionnaire
  15. [Governor's Office] The One Where Roscarnis Meets Alastair
  16. [Governor's Office] "War does not determine who is right - only who is left." [Hiro]
  17. [Courts Estate] A Lylles Never Forgets Their Debts or... Their Favors [Lyr]
  18. A Letter For The Governor
  19. "For the merchant, even honesty is a financial speculation." [GM Jace]
  20. [Courts Estate] "An Army Not Properly Equipped is Simply a Mob" [CW]
  21. [Governor's Office] The Man Behind the Curtain [Ana]
  22. [Lylles House] True Nobility is Exempt From Fear [Invite]
  23. [Governor's Office] "I know you. How do I know you?" [Zardysseus]
  24. [Provincial Building] "Politics is the remorseless grinding of forward events."
  25. The Reward and Power of Duty (Roscarnis)
  26. The Worthy Women of Value and Goodness
  27. In Which Lyr Looks for the Aedile [Roscarnis]
  28. [Governor's Office] "Most Virtue is a Demand for Greater Seduction" [Rilly]
  29. [Governor's Office] Entry to the Noble Scene
  30. [Governor's Office] "Ill Tidings Should Not Be Swallowed First Thing in the Morn"
  31. Governor's Office] "Religion is What Keeps the Poor From Murdering the Rich"
  32. [Courts Estate] "There is Nothing More Deceptive Than an Obvious Truth." [Private]
  33. "Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You" [Invite Only]
  34. To Convalesce [Private]
  35. [Location] The Imperial Archives
  36. [Location] Villa Arguendo Sub Rosa
  37. [OOC] The Forum: Link Map
  38. [Location] The Guardian Gate
  39. On his way to the Palace [Charlie]
  40. [Villa Arguendo] "Esse Quam Videri"
  41. [Governor's Office] Noblesse Oblige [Veleraen]
  42. [Location] The Imperial Archives
  43. [Location] Villa Arguendo Sub Rosa
  44. Beautiful Creatures [Private]
  45. The Office of HIE, Roscarnis de Lylles, Imperial Governor of Prime [Spring, Era XX]
  46. [Courts Estate] The Lylles House [Spring Era XX onwards]
  47. [Location] The Guardian Gate
  48. [OOC] The Forum Information and Link Map
  49. [Forum] Surveying the Damage
  50. A Change From the Old [Sarah]
  51. "Idle Hands are the Aeternians' Playthings" (Closed)
  52. The Parliament of the First [Private]
  53. "We May Not Move Against One With Another" [Threllius, Private]
  54. The Office of HMIE, Threllius de Lylles II, Imperial Viceroy & First Minister
  55. "A Cabinet of Rivals? Not quite, but a Cupboard will have to do." (Alexis/Roscarnis)
  56. "One Touch of Nature Makes the Whole World Kin" [Aydyn]
  57. Not-Exactly-Strangers are Almost-Friends, Right? (Roscarnis)
  58. Politics is so much better when there's sex. (Roscarnis)
  59. "The Political Testament."
  60. Volaris [Self and more Self]
  61. I Wanna Grow Up To Be a Politician (Roscarnis)
  62. An Oath Among Allies (Charybdis)
  63. Meetings and More (Alexis, Silvio Davide)
  64. Rosyun for Regents, Part II. [Private]
  65. "Starstruck" (Open)
  66. [Proconsulate] Office of the Aide to the Imperial Proconsul [Era XIX]
  67. Storm Warning (Alexis, please)
  68. Was it Bearded Ladies, Dragons The Possibilities ( Duncan Private)
  69. [Forum - Appropriate Personages] Rumours of my Death are Lies and Slander!
  70. Most Certainly Not His Brother's Keeper [Private]
  71. [Proconsulate] Office of the Aide to the Imperial Proconsul [Winter Eras XVIII/XIX]
  72. Whispers on the wind of Appraisal [Alys]
  73. [Kaldres-Lylles Wedding] Invitation for Lord Garnier de Reyes
  74. [Proconsulate--Ballroom] Empire Day Luncehon (9 Kalendryas)
  75. [Forum] Every Just and Reasonable Mind
  76. [Forum] Learning the Ways of a Lady's Maid (Eden)
  77. [The forum] [Consulate Office] Rosyun for Regents
  78. [Forum - Office of the Co-Regent] Family meeting and private business.
  79. [Proconsulate] Office of the Aide to the Proconsul [Party Planners Posting Place]
  80. [Proconsulate] Office of the Aide to the Imperial Proconsul--Scheduling
  81. Furious Sentiments [Private]
  82. Furious Sentiments [Private]
  83. Furious Sentiments [Private]
  84. A Chance at Repaying A Debt [Private]
  85. A Chance at Repaying A Debt [Private]
  86. A Chance at Repaying A Debt [Private]
  87. A Chance at Repaying A Debt [Private]
  88. [Forum ~ Consulate] Party Planning [Alys open]
  89. [Proconsul's Office] From An Empty Nest To Quite Something Else (Pala)
  90. Furious Sentiments [Private]
  91. A Chance at Repaying A Debt [Private]
  92. A Matter of Business [Private]
  93. "You...take my breath away, and I don't know what to say..." [Private]
  94. [Pronconsulate] Office of the Aide to the Imperial Proconsul [Autumn Era XVIII]
  95. forum~ Proconsuls Office] Reunion pending ~ an unexpected visitor.
  96. [Forum] “Imperium Temporarius” [Proconsuls Office]
  97. Office of the Deputy Minister of War- Autumn Era XVIII and On
  98. Lotholdt c'est moi [Private]
  99. [The Forum] [APS Consulate] [information only]
  100. [Proconsuls office] ~ Any Otter Business ~
  101. Apocalyptic Revelations [Private]
  102. In Which Gilded Gil'dae Once More Takes Alexis Sapientia to School. [Private]
  103. "Still May He Heal His Soul" [Private]
  104. Offices of the Proconsul [Autumn and Winter ERA XVIII]
  105. Siege Perilous [Private]
  106. Office of the Proconsul [Palacrisis] Summer Era XVIII
  107. [Internal Decisions] Council Table
  108. [Internal Correspondence] Scarlet Letters
  109. [Public Announcements] Aelyria State Gazette
  110. [Correspondence] Office of Imperial Letters
  111. Office of Regent Malkaer Andares
  112. [Tercet - Private] Food Gone, Food Found, Food Produced, Questions...Asked...
  113. Office of the Royal Magus & Assistant Royal Magus
  114. Sheria First Thoughts [Roscarnis / Palacrisis]
  115. What the Thunder Said (Xavhand, Alexis?)
  116. [Correspondence] An Important Letter (any minister or advisor)
  117. [The Royal Advisory] A Knight's Conundrum [Veleraen]
  118. Sympathy for the Devil [Archmedius]
  119. An Imperial Scavenger Hunt [private, Duncan & Tercet]
  120. Combined Offices of the Royal Tribune and the Lord Inquisitor, Minister for Justice
  121. Fathers, be good to your daughters [Private]
  122. Unfinished Business [Private]
  123. [The Sede] Reconnecting with the Arakmatan Patriarchy [Darkmavrck]
  124. "...For certain arduous and urgent affairs concerning Us the state and church..."
  125. Stay awake, don't close your eyes [Private]
  126. Effrenata potentatus ambitio [Alexis]
  127. The Visitation [Private]
  128. [Royal Advisor's Office] Momento Mori [Aerienne]
  129. [Royal Advisor's Office] There's a Tide in the Affairs of Men [Ebram, Nikki]
  130. There Will Be Blood [Open/Exposition]
  131. A Giant of a Knight ??
  132. Something is Rotten in the State of Aelyria [Private -- Nimavel Mynendil]
  133. Being Liselle Vampyler…Part Two (Private Narration)
  134. Guardian's Gateway [Please Post Here First]
  135. [OOC] The Forum Information Thread
  136. Makeover Tip# 243 Never hire a giant to redecorate an office. (Rhyax/HB)
  137. Only Angels (or Ancients) Have Wings! [Private]
  138. Ennui and insouciance [Private]
  139. [The Amethyst Hall] First Impressions [Malkaer Please]
  140. [Royal Advisor's Office] The Grainy Issue [Chef -- By Invite]
  141. [Royal Advisor's Office] Ask What You Can Do For Your Realm [Private -- Chrysannia]
  142. The Administration of Centripax [Private]
  143. [Private] One Governor Sat on a Wall...One Governor had a Great Fall
  144. Unexpected Meetings [Private, A Certain Someone]
  145. Haggling over the Price of Civilization [Private]
  146. [Private - Archalen] There is no Meeting Here
  147. [The Amethyst Hall] Inevitable Changes (Atl please)
  148. [The Amethyst Hall] Simplification is the Spice of Life! (Milo, Elma, Rougenoe)
  149. Ad limina regnum [Private]
  150. [Ministry For Interior Aid - Alexis ] There once was a man at the Ministry
  151. Office of the Proconsul of the Aelyrian Kingdom (Liselle Vampyler Sapientia)
  152. [Senator's Circle - The Tenth Building] Lauryl and Carmelyn
  153. La carrière est ouverte aux talents [Private]
  154. What's up, Doc? [Private]
  155. [OFFICIAL] Military Secretary's Dispatches
  156. Life's Little Problems [Duncan please]
  157. [Royal Advisor's Office] Of Shifting Sands, Winds and New Opportunity [Godah]
  158. [Royal Advisor's Office] "Ah, I remember you now." [Private -- Archalen]
  159. The Offices of the Royal Tribune and Minister of Justice
  160. Office of the Proconsul Cryxatum Era XVIII onwards
  161. The Conflagration of the Sherian [Private]
  162. Every end has a beginning [Private]
  163. [Marshal's Office] - Mystery Proposals (Malkaer)
  164. The Advisory of Public Appeals and Petitions
  165. [Marshalls Office] - Wild, Wild, West (Rectify)
  166. [Marshalls Office] Old Friends Come Home
  167. The Forum Description & Link Map
  168. The Forum OOC Thread
  169. [Villa Arguendo] A Meeting of Kingmakers
  170. [Location] The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development
  171. Offices of the Royal Marshal, Aperitus XVI Onwards
  172. [Board of Works] Intelligence Gathered, & Unorganized
  173. Small Meetings Before the Large Ones!
  174. Post Interrogation
  175. Waiting responses from oracles, honoring the gods, saluting the sun [Private]
  176. The Grey Area Between Law and Military
  177. If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind? [Private]
  178. Whom the Gods wish to destroy... [Private]
  179. Offices of the Royal Almoner and Ministry For Interior Aid
  180. [Villa Arguendo] Of Peers & Gentlemen
  181. Office of the Royal Tribune of the Court of the Crown, Earl Syndicus, Summer Era XV
  182. [Ministry of War] Let the Hands of Greater Men Shake (Alexis)
  183. [Arakmat Consular Office] Two Eras later let's meet like we planned, eh? (Valanthia)
  184. Glorious Arms
  185. The offices of Military Intelligence [J]
  186. Reporting back, hopefully in one piece (Milo, Private)
  187. Knowing who to trust is everything in this business. [Private/Palacrisis]
  188. [Bureau]This is a Surprise
  189. [Royal Court] Bureau of the Arcane & Office of the Royal Magus
  190. [Arcane Bureau] Concern from the Academy
  191. How Exactly to Procede? (Nikki L'Evienne)
  192. [Ministry of War] All work and no play (Alexis)
  193. Office of the Imperial Exchequer, Era XV Onward
  194. The Eretria Rotunda ~ Office of The Royal Sage
  195. Office of the Imperial Chancellor, Winter XV onward
  196. Offices of the Imperial Bard
  197. Emergent Session to Discuss Portshire (Private)
  198. [Imperial Forum] Offices of the ArchPrelate
  199. Public Notice of Meeting! ( All Prime Pcs please read )
  200. Office of the Imperial Judicator, Ministry of Law: Autumn Era II, Era XIV p.f.
  201. [Bureau Office] A Gathering of Ministers (Private Ogabe)
  202. [Arcane Bureau] Sorting out the Mess (Private Carly and Llanwyn)
  203. Career Decision (Private: Veleraen)
  204. [Bureau Office] Unepected Suprise (Private Keldon)
  205. [Bureau Office] Two of a Kind (Private Z'kron)
  206. [Imperial Ministry of War] Report to a Superior before the Commander in Chief
  207. [Ministry of War] Presenting Ones Plans (Alexis)
  208. Office of the Imperial Minister of War, Board of Works. Ponutius of Era XIV On
  209. (Imperial Consulate ~ Private, Duncan) Mysterious mysteries...
  210. [Bureau Office] What Black Wings (Wessex)
  211. Barracks (private Alexis/Talinnar)
  212. [ImpChancellry] Cedant armae togae (Private, Alicia Gil'dae)
  213. [Ministry of Justice] Marching Orders (Parreyon)
  214. Dark news borne on beautiful wings (Private, Alexis)
  215. Office of the Imperial Minister of War, Ponutius Era XIV
  216. [Ministry of War] Reporting to one's commander (Keldon)
  217. [Bureau Office] The Ikos Councillor (Atl)
  218. [Imperial Palace] Days of Disquiet, Days of Rage (Private)
  219. Office of the Imperial Minister of War (private, Alexis/Talinnar)
  220. DeLylles Lies
  221. [Bureau Office] The Growth of the Blue Powers (Basic Crystalium Training)
  222. Office of the Imperial Minister of War
  223. The Imperial War Council [Private]
  224. [Location] Bureau of the Arcane & Office to the Imperial Magus
  225. Imperial Mail Call - Duncan
  226. [Bureau Office] The Many Talents of the Mind (Private Sheng)
  227. [Bureau Office] To Test Two Options
  228. [Villa Arguendo Sub Rosa]A game of cards (Riconus
  229. [Bureau Office] A Second Meeting (Atl, Private)
  230. [Bureau Office] To Rise from the Ashes (Private Duncan)
  231. [Bureau Office] To Bring Glory To That Which Is Closest To Our Heart (Anda)
  232. [Bureau Office] Long time no see (Janis)
  233. Dinner for Three (Private Alexis and Liselle)
  234. The minds is a precious gift (Shei'yein)
  235. To Rise to Glory (Private Carly)
  236. Imperial Mail Call - Faust D'Rinishad
  237. Reading between the lines...( Private: Faust & Liselle )
  238. [Ministry of Justice] Allerian Empire vs. Malkaer Andares
  239. One Last Time...[Open]
  240. Office of the Imperial Judicator, Era XIV P.F.
  241. [Ministry of Defense] Marshalled and Admirable (Private Shorty!)
  242. [Imperial Marshall's Office] Sheng please
  243. [Ministry of Defense] The Imperial Marshall's Office
  244. (Imperial Consulate - Private, Katherine L'Rodan) Wild blooms entwined...
  245. [Imperial Citadel] A home to house a Knight (Veleraen's Abode)
  246. Senate Vote - Amendment to the Government Structure
  247. [Imperial Court] Offices of the Imperial Magus and the Arcane Bureau
  248. [Imperial Citadel] Wielding a dagger is a dangerous thing (Grodyn)
  249. A Chance Meeting of the Leaders of the Sacred Circle
  250. [Imperial Citadel] Planning the Expedition (Milo, Valeraen, Dani, Darian)