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  1. Impetus [Maddyn]
  2. You've Gotta Teach Me How to Do That (Hay'aan)
  3. [Dreamscape] To Be Caught In A Nightmare (Hay'aan)
  4. A Midwinter Darkening's Dream (Hay'aan)
  5. A Dance of Daggers (Svein)
  6. The Night Shift (Sebastet)
  7. To Become the Bane of Mages (Straylor)
  8. Blue blue twilight in my pockets (Vyndycus and Lightem please)
  9. Commissioned by the Count (Hay'aan)
  10. Down and out (Open)
  11. Scraps of Paper blowing in the wind RoR (Open)
  12. Scampering about Prime (Open)
  13. [AoM] The Mousai that would be mage.
  14. [risen from the Warrens] ~A new Home for Topaz the Mousai~
  15. [Flashback] The way of the sword, glub glub (Faengwen, please)
  16. Listening In (open to all!)
  17. If you prick us, do we not bleed? [Private]
  18. "Stadluft Macht Frei" Inscribing the Gates
  19. [One of those districts] I'm not as think as you drunk I am (OPEN!)
  20. [Forty Winks] A Dracon seeks some Tea
  21. LFG: Dungeon Raid Party [Invite]
  22. [Stardust's Edge] Same old same old... (Private)
  23. Adventures in Never Never Land [Barthelme]
  24. Wonderland for Lunatics (Barthelme pls)
  25. In the Dark We Saw Shadows [Mod Needed]
  26. (Streets of Prime) A ride into the past... (Basic Horsemanship, Flashback Training)
  27. AP Needs a New Prefect (Roscarnis, or maybe Bladewyn)
  28. Like Sea, Like Sky [Tyana, Private]
  29. Words And Sounds [Ko'Riel]
  30. Vanity [Private]
  31. The Consecration [Lidra]
  32. [Location]Cassius's Room
  33. The Voice Of The Ancients (Private)
  34. [Correspondence] Mistress Iseult Fluersdotter
  35. The Birth Of The Empire (Private)
  36. Riding High on Love's True Blue-ish Light (Iseult)
  37. [Seasonal Event, Closed] I Can Hear the Bells!
  38. [Seasonal Event, Closed] One Less Bell to Answer!
  39. [Seasonal Event, Closed] Killed By the Bell!
  40. [Event, Exposition] For Whom the Bell Tolls
  41. [Event, Open] "Ante Bellum"
  42. "Women and Children First"
  43. Peasant Travels (Private)
  44. Set Fire to the Rain [Private]
  45. [Closed] Cycle of Suffering
  46. [Private, Burzai] Some Day You'll Be Just Bones
  47. I'll Be Wavin' My Hand, Watchin' You Scream [Private]
  48. When The Walk Is More Than That [Open 2 More PCs]
  49. The Revelation of Reunion (Charlotte)
  50. Dreaming of a Bright Primeheim [Tyana & Jade]
  51. [Training]Learning to kill (Roscarnis)
  52. Meeting the Champion! [Veleraen]
  53. The Eye Sees What It Wants To See [Maene]
  54. [Forty Winks] Grand Opening [Open]
  55. [Jade Legion] The Beginning (Charlie)
  56. Send Me An Angel [Kael]
  57. "Orion's Dog they call it, brightest / of all, but an evil portent, bringing heat"
  58. A Flood of Words (Ana pls)
  59. Swordplay Training open to the first three players
  60. [Training] Stand up and fight (Open!)
  61. The Path Of The Goddess [Private]
  62. [Training] The Duelist of Prime
  63. [Training] Long/Bastard Sword, Open 2 PCs
  64. [Training] Prepare to defend yourselves! (Open to 3 PCs!)
  65. Conquering Curiosity (Avanelle, Igrainne)
  66. [Kalamus' Butchery] To Cut It (mod please)
  67. [Open] when a man is tired of Prime, he is tired of life;
  68. [Aedile's Office] Before Destruction, There Must Be Creation Pt. 1[Mod Please]
  69. Boil and Bubble, Soapy Trouble? [Ana Please]
  70. Ol' Ruby
  71. Just a Hop, Skip, and a Jump [Private, PM to Join]
  72. "What a girl wants, what a girl needs" [Sliucha]
  73. Streets Of Prime, A New Companion, Maybe? [Limbus]
  74. A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Brightening [Open!]
  75. Family Matters (Noxu)
  76. Mortui non sumus, sed tunc magis vivere in aeternum! [Archalen Andares, Private]
  77. It's All in Your Head
  78. Open Invitations (private, Roscarnis)
  79. Power [Charlie Wallace]
  80. [OOC] Aelyria Prime Statistics and Maps
  81. [OOC] Prime Locations - Alphabetical
  82. [OOC] Peer / Guest Moderation Guidelines
  83. [OOC] City Guide & Link Map
  84. [Location] The Hero's Gate - approaching from the southeast - Enter Merchant District
  85. [Location] The King's Gate - approaching from the southwest - Enter Scholar Quarter
  86. [OOC] The Prime OOC Thread: Moderation & XP Requests, Questions & Notifications
  87. [OOC] Quirky Moderation
  88. [OOC] Welcome to Aelyria Prime - Please Read Before Posting
  89. Back from the Dead
  90. Searching In An Old Memory - Part 3 [Aelwynd]
  91. The Hunter and the Hunted (Trevan)
  92. Honor and Deceit (Veleraen)
  93. A Notice to the Former Residents of Old Prime
  94. [Location] The Hero's Gate
  95. [Location] The King's Gate
  96. [Aelyria Prime] City Guide and Link Map
  97. [Exposition] Primus Vetus Amplius
  98. [OOC] Important Notices, Moderation and XP Requests, Questions & Random Chatter
  99. Obliteration [Auri]
  100. Don't wait, as the time will never be just right [Auri]
  101. [Closed] With an Empty Heart and an Empty Stomach
  102. [The Dormant Dojo] Path of Least Resistance [Basic Ataa Self Mod]
  103. Modest in Speech, but Exceeding in Actions [Charybdis; open to PCs in Prime]
  104. The Future, and Possible reAlliances (Duncan, Private)
  105. A wintery night, an ancient power stirs [Elzith, private or invitation by pc request]
  106. That which does not kill us did not have the dose calcuated right (Egan please)
  107. A Mage, A Lady, A Favor, A Debt
  108. We Awoke to Nightmares [Short Exposistion]
  109. Fountain for a lutrans bath (Straylor/open)
  110. "When Strangers Come Home" (OPEN)
  111. "Coronation"
  112. A Good Compromise is One Where All Contribute [Charybdis]
  113. The beginning of a long road (Alexis please)
  114. And When They Come a'Calling...(private)
  115. A letter for Lord Roscarnis de Lylles
  116. To ride a twister. (jarrad)
  117. A Lamb Clad in Steel [Archalen]
  118. "Stargates" (Open)
  119. It's the End of Telath as We Know it [Roslynn -- Private]
  120. "Siege of Aelyria"
  121. The Great Aelyrian Cosplay [Rilith]
  122. [The Baths] Dianites in Prime Steamy Caucus [Semi-private]
  123. Care for a Story (Private--Trasia/Eden Rose)
  124. Tell Me a Story (Self-Mod, Training, Flashbacks)
  125. The sunshine is my good luck charm (Archon please!)
  126. Softly over rooftops (Michelle please!)
  127. What shall the Fashionable be Wearing in Winter? (open)
  128. [Training] To Wield a Fan (Flashback, Self Mod, Solo, War Fan)
  129. Trouble at midday (open!)
  130. Other people's things (beginning pick pocketing, flashback, Ladon please!)
  131. Ballad of Crow-Child (closed)
  132. So You Want To Be a Marine...(Valendria)
  133. Can One Wear White in Autumn?--The quest for proper dress [OPEN]
  134. [Quest]Searching for a Job>? [Secret(Private) - Hamilton Solo / Ladon]
  135. [Training] I damage you with my other stick [Ladon-- Basic Dagger]
  136. Sticky Pixies Unite! (open)
  137. A wandering we shall go (Adeline)
  138. [Outskirts]“It's hot out here and that's a good enough reason”[Open]
  139. [Duselby Parva] In Krays's Mind
  140. [Training]The short stick can do some damage. [Kikoto - Basic Short Sword]
  141. Empire State of Mind (Ladon)
  142. Street fun with a stranger. [Pekke]
  143. [ Basic Meditation ] Inner Peace ( Self-Mod )
  144. [ Streets ] Family Matters ( Mala )
  145. In the Dark (Stealth/Locksmith Training)
  146. Looking through the Grapevine (Mod pls)
  147. How Now, Oliver. [Private]
  148. [Open] The Lazy Song ~
  149. Presentment is the Requireage, Part III (Aglet)
  150. Let Them Eat Cake! (Open/Mod)
  151. [City-Wide] Germinating Dissent (open)
  152. Rum tum tum tumble (Thalarion)
  153. Mistakes of the Past (Faust)
  154. So You Don't Read Minds (Angela/Open)
  155. [Letter] The Duchess to Limbus [Private]
  156. For Love of Small Fuzzy Things [Duncan please]
  157. Teenagers Scare The Livin' Feth Outta Me (Seb, Private)
  158. Dead - The state in which something is no longer alive. {Arturus, Alexis.}
  159. A Sorcerer's Discretion [Sorcery Practice - Self Mod]
  160. [Gates] The Gates of Aelyria Prime (Post Here First!)
  161. You Know you're insane when.
  162. Ambushed! (Vaurien, open)
  163. [Jobs] The Aelyria Prime Employment Office
  164. [Requests] Moderation/Experience Requests Thread
  165. [OOC] Aelyria Prime Out of Character Thread
  166. [Linkmap] Aelyria Prime
  167. [Basic El Viatre] The Start of Dawn [Tercet please]
  168. Beauty in being a beast [Tercet, open]
  169. [Navy Docks] Raise that gangplank! We be headed for Terramarique! (Eyvind)
  170. Stepping Out Of The Comfort Zone [Mimril Please]
  171. The Pit Fighter (Haz)
  172. [Location] Lilith's Noodlecart
  173. In Memory of the Departed [Basic Longsword]
  174. Miracles in Unison [Basic Thaumaturgy]
  175. Friendly Hostilities [Jade Please, Open]
  176. Here's a lullaby to close your eyes. . .(Open)
  177. The Aelyria Prime Suggestion Box! (OOC)
  178. Wandering the Streets of Prime - Limbus [Open]
  179. The Voices Inside Our Heads...(Aelyria Prime OOC)
  180. Infinite possibilities await (Velaraen, pm for invite)
  181. [Flashback] Befriending Gravity (Private)
  182. Want to Help in Prime? Aelyria Prime Location Remodeling Project!!
  183. Moderator (Self/Peer/Mod) Request & Approval Thread
  184. [Flashback] The Dance of Three Tigers (Private)
  185. [Flashback] The Crescent Moon's Dance (Private)
  186. Alternate Realities [Private-Chrysannia]
  187. Apprentice Knife Throwing
  188. When The Wolves Howl -Fidelis- closed
  189. "The Arrival of the King"
  190. Aelyria Prime General Link Map & Moderator Listings
  191. Overwhelming Curiosity (Open)
  192. Bloody Ikos!
  193. (Udran Quest) Heartbreaker
  194. Are we exploring??? (vash)
  195. Well At least It Can't Get Much Worse
  196. Aelyria Prime Faction Information (Crime)
  197. Aelyria Prime Peer Mod Program
  198. Rumble in the Woods
  199. I can take care of myself! (Veteran Rhingorda Training: Mod Please)
  200. Matchmaking and Open Threads - Alleria Prime
  201. Mind Rot
  202. The New Player's Guide to Aelyria Prime
  203. Lovely Deceit, Deceitful Love: The Judgment of Ilia (Heartbreaker)
  204. Binding the Fists of Rage (Duncan, Liselle)
  205. The Drum Beat on the City Streets...(Miro)
  206. Where One Story Ends....And a New One Begins [Heartbreaker]
  207. Same City... New Wolf...
  208. A Long Cast Petal {Heart Breaker}
  209. The Aelyria Prime Employment Office
  210. Expect the Unexpected? [Heartbreaker]
  211. [Gates] The Gates of Aelyria Prime (Post Here First!)
  212. Oh no! It's a hold up! [Ragman]
  213. Misadventures and Consequences [Archalen]
  214. The Kattarian State Visit [GD/Open]
  215. Producing worth from the Worthless
  216. "Interdiction"
  217. [Open] Opportunitus Arcanus
  218. Oh, what else did you expect? [Rougenoe]
  219. The Straw - Decision made (Open)
  220. The Search Begins(Open)
  221. What Happens in Prime Stays in Prime(Sabinia, Private)
  222. [Requests] Mods, xp, approvals
  223. 1 and 2 and 3 and Hiyahhhh... (Sabinia Please)
  224. [ENTRANCE] The Hero's Gate (Southeast)
  225. [ENTRANCE] The King's Gate (Southwest)
  226. A Simple Miracle
  227. [Event] The Longest Winter (Prime Province Weather Report)
  228. Trysvale memories [part II] A new home in an old city [Ministra and Pala]
  229. [Advertisement] Latest Showing At Opera Primus
  230. To Fetch the Help (private)
  231. Basic Rhingorda (Angela Myrsa self mod)
  232. Meeting with an Ancient (Private, Revenge)
  233. Sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded (Erenthril, Private)
  234. Angela working at the forge
  235. Wandering Aelyria Prime
  236. Walking the Beat; Recruit on Patrol [Private, Calvin]
  237. Retrieving The Gem ~ And Discovering More Than One Of Them (Invite Only).
  238. Orbril Back in Prime (Background)
  239. [Livestock Market] Three of a kind (Ehtele, Leto, Open)
  240. Now that's a ship (Shipwright Training)
  241. Ibus leaves.
  242. Out of Character
  243. Sightseeing a.k.a. the Baglady (Open)
  244. Shaking the Family Tree (Gil'dae's, PM for invite)
  245. Alexa's New Home
  246. "A Change in the Winds" (Milo, Open)
  247. "Winds of Change"
  248. [Prime] Blood in the Water
  249. Wonder Meadow's
  250. The Vagrancies of Vagarans [Eyvind]