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  1. [Governor's Offices] Knock, Knock, Who's there? (Giovanni, Private)
  2. [Gyali Limnoula] Burn, Burn, Burn to the Wick [Kaar]
  3. [Mpatis Asylo] Seven Devils All Around You [Lynessa]
  4. [Fizden's House] Storms, Ships, and Sorcery
  5. [Self Mod] The Last Step (Adept Mysticism)
  6. [Governor's Offices] Among Neighbors and Frenemies (Charybdis)
  7. The Sea That Calls All Things Unto Her [Open]
  8. [Private - Antonius (PM for Invite Otherwise] Regent in the Bawdyhouse
  9. [Governor's Offices] Hide Yo Wives, Hide Yo Kids (Antonius)
  10. ~Once More Into the Breach~ Open
  11. ~Quiet as a Mouse~ [Spellbreaking, Self-mod]
  12. [Chamillos] Anakritikós Grafeía, Inquisitorial Offices
  13. Nightmares and Dreamscapes (Private)
  14. Saviour of all (Duncan)
  15. [Governor's Offices] Wanted: Dead or Ostracized. (Duncan, Private)
  16. [Governor's Offices] Cool Story, Bro ... Tell it Again (Andrzej, Private)
  17. [Governor's Offices] My Captain, My Captain...oh, that's right you're a shipwright!
  18. To Expand One's Knowledge (Apprentice Mysticism, Self Mod)
  19. Experimenting with Mysticism (Self-Mod)
  20. Elementary for Elementalists
  21. [Panepistimio Peri Metaphusika] The Pleasures of the Material (Arika)
  22. [Arthro Gyali Limnoula] The Dreaming Girl's Bauble (Dimnersti)
  23. Do streets change between nine and nineteen? [Open]
  24. ~Devil and the Deep Blue Sea~ [Private, Suvia]
  25. ~Pearls before Wolves~ [Private, Aderyn]
  26. Taxes, Taxes, Taxes
  27. A Paramount Duty [Private]
  28. [Governor's Offices] In Memoriam ( Esme, Private)
  29. [Governor's Offices] Of Customs, Consuls, and Courtesies (Rioughe, Breeze, Private)
  30. The path of ink (part V)
  31. [Governers Offices] A Simple Job (Office Thread)
  32. Dancing in the Moonlight! (Open)
  33. It's Elementalism My Dear Giant (Aderyn please)
  34. [Governor's Offices] By the Power Bested in Me (Aydyn, Private)
  35. [Governor's Offices] Why So Serious? (Batman, Private)
  36. Fishy? No, My Dear, I'm a Lutran. (Private, Stray)
  37. [Self Mod] Imperials, Royals, Islanders, and Spears (Private)
  38. [Domicillus] Arthro Villas Thanal Estates
  39. Rhylq Visits the Governor
  40. [Harbor] The Ariel's New Mate (Akirak)
  41. [Evgenis] Fizden's Peaceful Paradise
  42. A wayward mother(breeze)
  43. [OOC] Thread Approval & Experience Requests
  44. [House] Elise, Would You Please Clear My Schedule? (Antonius, Breeze, & Elmaryia)
  45. To clear ones mind(open)
  46. The Learning Process
  47. The Hidden X Marks the Spot
  48. [Metaphusika] The Long and the Lost of It [Soras]
  49. [The Double Edge Inn & Tavern] Smugglers'n'scum [GF'd]
  50. [Evgenis] Grapevine Shack
  51. (Not so) Brilliant Ideas [gf'd]
  52. This Is Why You Familiarize Yourself With A City's Layout First (GF'd)
  53. Delving into the mind (Initiate Mysticism, Self-mod)
  54. [Stratonas] Getting Acquainted With the Armada (Nimh)
  55. [IC] Backdated Ieffreon News & Ledger Articles
  56. [Tapeinos] Arthro Aspros Frourio
  57. [Tapeinos] The Crimson Cutlass
  58. [Pithanotita] Heart Of Stone Meets Body Of Marble [Nimh]
  59. [Port Chum] Another calm day at the harbor [GF'd]
  60. I Was In The Neighborhood [Semi Private]
  61. Training in Politics - self mod
  62. [Delfini Paidi] Dolphin Danger (GF'd)
  63. The Office of Evgenis District Council Member Rhylq
  64. [Evgenis District] 4 Eirini Way - Home to a Dark Elf
  65. Nothing I can give(Adventure, GF'd)
  66. [Council] Winter Greetings of a Most Political Nature [Private]
  67. [Basic Painting] A portrait of the artist as a young fairy (Nimh please!)
  68. [Location] The Pleiades
  69. [Imbuements] For Love of Sorcery (private, self mod)
  70. Advanced Spellcasting For The Rusty (Self-Mod)
  71. Swing that lump of metal around like you mean it! (Self-Mod)
  72. For All the Riches in the Deep Blue Sea [GF'd]
  73. A Dawn Walk In Ieffreon (GF'd)
  74. Practice Makes Perfect! (Self-Mod)
  75. [The Circle] All the back-breaking labor you could want (GF'd)
  76. Well HELLO there! (GF'd)
  77. Memories of magic past (Flashback Druidism training)
  78. All out of Love
  79. Pull shapes! [GF'd]
  80. Sickness and Rumors (GF'd)
  81. [OOC] Ieffreon's Seaside Surfer Shack
  82. Heaven's Net Is Wide (GF'd)
  83. Are People Who Participate In Scavenger Hunts Called Scavengers? (GF'd)
  84. Rioughe's Palace [ Private - Duncan please ]
  85. [Ledelre] Metaphysika Offices: Lothain
  86. [City Council] "Blessed are the Young, for they Will Inherit our Debt" (GF'd)
  87. Death Hides in the Shadows (Ashandra)
  88. Home Again! (Open)
  89. Borderline Sunset [GF'd]
  90. Extravagant expenditures, but... in who's name? (Straylor)
  91. Tell Me What I Want to Hear (private, Iseult please)
  92. [Spiti] A Hopeful Start
  93. [Sea Breeze Asylum] Leave Me to My Nightmares (private, Nimh)
  94. Revenge of the Fallen....?
  95. Time After Time [Kaar]
  96. [Swaggering Swordfish] Fish in The Trap? (private)
  97. Drinking our Fill (Private, Rafa)
  98. [Assembly] Adventurers and Do-Gooders, Here's Your Chance [GF'd]
  99. Let's Sit Down and Talk Some (Sebastian)
  100. [Argia] One Brother Gone, Another Resurfaced [Sebastian]
  101. A Time And Place [Nimh]
  102. Foiled Again! [Selfmod | L2 El Viatre]
  103. Bartender, I'd like a mug of milk please!
  104. [To Arios] To Defy Death, We Must Face It! (Quest, invite only)
  105. Wanderlust [Open]
  106. Oh, the things that I know...I think I know...
  107. Let The Rain Fall, I'm Coming Clean
  108. [Gyali Limnoula] Monkey See, Monkey Do [Skysong]
  109. [Council] We're Going to Die Aren't We? (GF'd)
  110. Well, that's a violent sto- OH FETH it's headed this way! [GF'd]
  111. [Seaside] Of Precision and Poison [GF'd]
  112. [Exercitum] An Interview of Fire and Steel [Argo]
  113. A Girl With a College Head [Closed, GF]
  114. You sound like a MOOOOO Cow Take II [opera experience]
  115. This Widget goes into... [Ramadi]
  116. Sailing Over the Wild Blue Waves
  117. Who Roughed Up My Boat? (Suvia)
  118. [OOC] Ieffreon's Succulent Sea Kitten Shanty
  119. [Aisthetikos] Ceram-Wrap..or How to Pinch a Pot [Private]
  120. [The Double Edge Inn and Tavern] Gossiping about the latest... [Closed, GF]
  121. You Sound Like A Mooooo Cow [Opera Training]
  122. Opera at the Cloudy Clam? [Closed, GF]
  123. A Dash of Fun, Some Assembly Required [festival planning, GF'd, season-wide]
  124. [Seaside Market] Sea Kitten, Sea Kitten, Where Have You Gone? [Private]
  125. Splotches of Ink upon the Cosmos
  126. [Ieukos Epakrides/Bibliothiki] On The Wings Of A Scroll (Wyvern Lore)
  127. A Stitch in Time Saves Nine (private)
  128. [Guide] Ieffreon's Alternate Link Map
  129. Investigation, Initiation, and Induction (Aeron)
  130. Unseen Motives (Training, Feral Shaman L2)
  131. [Evgenis] Herbal Remedies of Ieffreon
  132. [Squid's Ink Parlor] Blue Morning, Blue Day [Basic Tatooing, Mod please]
  133. What...What are you doing with those curtains?! (Qiara)
  134. [Correspondence] It's Your Big Sister Calling [Lynessa]
  135. A Wandering We Shall Go [GF'd!]
  136. How does that Thaumaturgy thing work anyways? [Private, Self-mod]
  137. Welcome to the Levinorkenna, Sister Mine...Oh Feth [Closed, GF]
  138. The Millos Assignment (Closed, GF)
  139. Asunder Inc. Ieffreon [25 Starboard Avenue]
  140. [Guide] A Cultural Profile of Ieffreon
  141. [Guide] The Ieffreon Link Map
  142. [Guide] An OOC Guide to Ieffreon
  143. With a Left and Right and Sonny Say Goodnight [Private]
  144. [Golden Exchange] A Quick Transaction (Dante)
  145. [Flashback] Rhythm is a Dancer
  146. [Panthoretes Academy]The First Day of School--They Grow Up So Fast! (Cairbre)
  147. ~Telath's Travelling Children Arrive~ (Closed, GF)
  148. [Evgenis] Demens Medicus
  149. A Finger Broken, What Words Spoken? [Closed]
  150. [Swordfish] The Scoundrel and the Scamp [Rougenoe]
  151. Learning How The Government Works (Spin)
  152. Which Way Did He Go, George? [Lynessa|Qiara|Cordian]
  153. Searching for the Darkness in the City of Light... (Closed, GF)
  154. [Chamillos] Should We Keep Your Council or Mine? [Private]
  155. The Tethers of a Man [Closed]
  156. A patrol (Closed, GF)
  157. Of Damsels, Duels and Deeds [Ci'aran]
  158. 6 Sea Wind Terrace (Qiara's Place)
  159. Nightswimming Deserves a Quiet Night (private, Liam please)
  160. Ramblings and lost thoughts (Closed, GF, Mod) (Philosphy Basic)
  161. [The Spiti] Of Mind and Matter (Kalashnikov)
  162. [The Cloudy Clam] Find Your Voice and Sing (Elisabeth de Leonardes/Closed, GF)
  163. [Anaidis Seirina] A Siren Born [Eelahi]
  164. [OOC] Ieffreon's Chatty Codfish Corner
  165. A Bit o' This, A Bit o' That [Basic Alchemy, Mod Pls]
  166. Layer Upon Layer [Basic Planes, Mod Pls]
  167. A Luxurious Mansion is Not a Home [Keldon]
  168. That Woman is Driving Me Crazy! (Closed, GF)
  169. [IC] The White Harbor Docks & Gates
  170. Ritornare (Basic Piano | Self-Mod)
  171. Honey, Give Me Some Sugah (Amalthea)
  172. [Spiti District] So I'm a drunk...I'm not totally useless....(Ocarion, Private)
  173. A Locket for Your Love [Vanderlou]
  174. [Near the Spiti] The Sins of the Father, Passed Unto the Son. (Suvia)
  175. What do you do with a drunken sailor? (Adventure thread, Closed GF)
  176. As Darkness Falls [Kalashnikov, Straylor]
  177. [Consulate] Ah, So We Meet Again (Lyr, private)
  178. Arthro Ieukos Margaritari (Mod please)
  179. [Spiti] Draklin Street. (Saka/Closed, GF)
  180. Black Skies and Bloody Streets [Straylor].
  181. Open Season [Kalashnikov]
  182. New Friends Ahoy...
  183. Pearl Diving
  184. Spare Me the Details (Iseult, Rougenoe?)
  185. A Token For My Thoughts (Nimh)
  186. [Enchantments] Fishing was Never Meant to be Fair (Private)
  187. [Chamillos]Ah the Theatre, I Knew It Well (Lyn)
  188. A Stranger I've Known All My Life. [Iseult]
  189. Parenthood, They Call This Joyous? [Liam]
  190. Building the better golem (on hold until points are acumulated, selfmodded)
  191. [Chamillos] Arthro Palios Theatro, The Old Theatre
  192. Pass or Fail; How Much Do You Really Know? (Elwe)
  193. Meet the Harem [Liam|Rougenoe]
  194. [Domicillus] Coral Shore
  195. [Evgenis] The Whistle's Hide
  196. A Sea of Glass [Senriel]
  197. [Domicillus] The Consul's Mansion
  198. [Elections] Cast Your Stone [Closed, GF]
  199. [Harbor] The Swaggering Swordfish Inn & Tavern
  200. [Seaglass] Tea with Dolly [Senriel]
  201. [Gyali Limnoula] The Exotic and the Strange [Elliera]
  202. [Evgenis] Anatoli Iliou Chaidevos, Sunrise Pets
  203. [OOC] Ieffreon's Sassin' Sea Slug Saga
  204. [Seaglass Studios] A New Start & a Chance of Employment (Nimh)
  205. The One With George Stephanopoulos
  206. [The Circle] Let's Go 'Til We're Dizzy, Darlin. [Kala!]
  207. What's Scarier? Real Pirate, or Butt Pirate? [Closed, GF]
  208. The Politician and the Pauper [Stray Please]
  209. An Urgent Matter (Nimh, private)
  210. [The Whistle's Hide] Now, About that Sheath (Nimh)
  211. [The Swaggering Swordfish] Social [Kavene and Elli]
  212. True Potential (mod please.)
  213. It Was Just A Standard Patrol…(Kala/Closed, GF)
  214. [Social] Exploring his new home [Closed, GF]
  215. [Evgenis District] Getting to know a relative. [Private, Straylor]
  216. Leon and the Merry-making.
  217. A Deal is a Deal is a Deal [Straylor]
  218. [Adventure] Squiggy Sells His Fortune [Closed to More PCs]
  219. So You Wanna Ride Big izards? (Kaar/Closed, GF)
  220. A Shiny New Toy (Self- Longsword Training)
  221. Crazy People Think They're Sane. [Binklebub]
  222. I may be lil, but I carry a BIG stick! [Binklebub-Custom Crossbow Practice]
  223. [Tapeinos Armadus] The Mariners (Idoc Ross)
  224. When a Woman Screams it Means... [Liam]
  225. Brothers in Arcane (Straylor)
  226. [Private: Suvia] Black Haul
  227. [City-Wide] Election Committee Expands Available Positions
  228. Where is it? [Mod]
  229. [Five Clicks E. of Tapeinos Docks] You Sunk My Galleon?(Kaito)
  230. Those in need (Private, Ramadi Tanin)
  231. Fear and a mind full of dust. (Closed, GF)
  232. [Chamillos] Leitourgias Peri Arthro Basilikos Proxenos, Governor Offices
  233. Calling on the Royal Consul [Straylor please]
  234. [Childhood] Forgotten Memories Left In The Dark [Nimh]
  235. Baby Blues [Nimh]
  236. [Ieffreon Harbor] Ships Happen (Private)
  237. Finders Keepers (Mod please)
  238. [City-Wide] Earth Shakes, Rocks Break, Such a Headache. (Closed, GF)
  239. [IC] The White Harbor [Post Here First]
  240. [City-Wide] Tides Recede From Ieffreon's Shores
  241. [Grindstone] A Man and His Herbs [Luit]
  242. [City Hall] And the Imperial Consul Arrives [Straylor Please, private]
  243. Hot for... Secretary [Private, Nimh please]
  244. [Armaeo] Hoist the Sails or be Keel-Hauled! [Tanneth]
  245. Lost again; Help Reinus find his way back! [Closed]
  246. [Spiti District] Lost [Cairbre, Closed, GF]
  247. Too Fast, Too Fishing (private, invite only)
  248. [City-Wide Posting] Elections Post-Poned Until Spring
  249. [The Panthoretes Academy] Gadgets in Iefferon?
  250. Cast Your Luck on Me [Cairbre]