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  1. [Northern Seas] Chapter X: The Lost Isle At Last ~ Part II (Continued)
  2. [Northern Seas] Duel Daggers (Porta, Open)
  3. [Northern Seas] Chapter X: “The Lost Isle Again” (PM for Invite)
  4. [High Seas] Red Dawn (Private)
  5. [Eastern Realms] "The Sons of Minatos" (Private)
  6. Ara, ara everywhere, but not a spell to weave [Meditation Level-up, Self-Mod]
  7. Challenging Ourselves (Nessime)
  8. A merry sailing jaunt (Indefinite please)
  9. Shipbound Shenanigans (Indefinite)
  10. Mysterious Islands
  11. [Xet Alliance] Chapter I: The Conquering Prophet (Quest)
  12. [Off Aelyria Prime] Sunken Treasure! (Private, w/Zim and Straylor)
  13. [Northern Seas] Chapter III: The Lost Isle (OPEN)
  14. [Sea of Diana] To Spar For Honor
  15. To Places Unknown! (Open, Mod please)
  16. [Sea of Diana] When North and South are One [Ish, Conor]
  17. Aboard the SDA Empire
  18. Embassaries to the southern Continents
  19. to the open sea (ryan)
  20. "Put him in the scupper with the hose-pipe on 'im" -- The Angelico on the High Seas
  21. Carrots. Why is it always Carrots? I didn't even eat carrots. [Open]
  22. [Basic Sails] A New Captain of The The Azuh Star?
  23. [Training]Masts and Rigging and Keel Hauling - the Important Stuff
  24. [GFd] We wants rum, wenches, and... whatever that ships got!!! {PM to Join}
  25. A fish lost at sea?
  26. Memorial Dreaming (Shamanism training, Self Mod)
  27. Nautical coordination thread [Open]
  28. Cui Bono?
  29. The Enemy of My Enemy
  30. The Polar Madame leaves Portshire (closed)
  31. Splashing Around (open for all)
  32. [ Lotholt Prime ]
  33. Shapeless [Private; Labyrinth]
  34. Avoiding sticky fingers and sketchy math [Mod Please]
  35. lost
  36. Captured By Pirates
  37. Of Bondage and Determination [Palermo]
  38. Looking for Lost Histories
  39. The New World [Private]
  40. The Evening Star: Hell upon the High Seas [Private, GM Crow]
  41. To Yonder and Beyond
  42. Yar, Yo Ho, and Other Stereotypical Pirate Lingo
  43. ~Telera, of Tk'hzaar~ (Continued Plot, GM Maddyn)
  44. Coastal Dhows
  45. 15 Men on a dead mans chest, and no bottle of rum. (private)
  46. -private- Nickolis
  47. -Private- Ba-Tu Exploring the cold south
  48. Next stop ~ Terramarique! (Private)
  49. Tale of the Whale: Calamity at Sea (Private)
  50. The Emergence of a Sea Wizard
  51. Tale of the Whale at Sea: Upper Decks
  52. The Search for Clear Water
  53. Tale of the Whale at Sea: Lower Decks (Keth, Trevlyn, Beling & Pavel)
  54. Cottage By The Sea
  55. From Narim to La Quista, and back again! (Private)
  56. Ship to Enusia
  57. The Eyeless Beauty - Bound for Terramarique
  58. Fourth Watch and All's Well!
  59. Thrillseekers: A Watery Grave
  60. En Route to Port Alyxandrya (mod plz)
  61. First journy
  62. whoops
  63. Sea chants
  64. AFS Hecate: From Solace Island to Olympia (Daranih)
  65. Pirate's Cove (Imperia)