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  1. [Legion Camps] Goodwill Missions Willing Good (Sliucha)
  2. Sleeping Beauty Had It Easy (Indefinite)
  3. We'll see the light of day again my dear [Maddyn]
  4. [Melodia] Do you need a blacksmith here?
  5. [Taber Keep] Servicing the Troops
  6. [Sixth Legion Outpost] You Can Never Go Home (Dalia)
  7. [Forest of Light] You don't know what you've got till it's gone (Vireylda)
  8. What Remains - (Indefinite)
  9. [Ruins of Mystique] The Secrets in the Portal
  10. [Legions Outpost - Mystique] Dreaming of Old and New
  11. [Wilds] Man Can't Live on Hard Tack Alone
  12. [Lauryll] The Shadow Awakens (Private)
  13. [Forest of Light] Dark Woods
  14. A Dance with Dragonoids (Jade, Kour'el)
  15. [Ruins of Mystique] It Seemed Like a Good Idea
  16. [Taber Keep] And Now The Love That You Gave Me [Merek]
  17. [Melodia] Returneth
  18. Left foot, Right Foot. Left foot, Right Foot, Hop
  19. Establishing an Outpost [Indefinite]
  20. [Melodia] Return my Heart to its Home (Mimesis)
  21. [Open to all] Mystique: a ruin is another term for five finger discount!
  22. [The Lylles Palace] Home Is Where My Heart Is
  23. [Ethgan'tor] Lil Vigaj
  24. [Gracelands] The Lylles Palace
  25. [Gracelands] Castellian Keep
  26. [OOC] Notable Lauryl Locations
  27. "Darkness and Light" (Private)
  28. A Return to the City of Gleaming Light
  29. [OOC] Lauryl Chatterbox
  30. [The Lylles Palace] "We Know What We Are; But Not What We May Be"