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  1. [Exposition - Closing] Aftermath
  2. This was a bad idea! (Zardysseus, Isolfr, Pescado)
  3. The Reluctant Warrior [Ulfgar, Cassius, Morholdt]
  4. Defrosting Arctic (Bladewyn, Elanara, Rougenoe)
  5. What The Bullseye Missed (Blacken, Diamea, Lyr, Fenystra)
  6. Where The Ladies Wait (Alexis, Igrainne, Chrysannia, Verlaine)
  7. Out of the cafeteria deep fryer and into the fire [Zoraria, Aelana S'Alvia, Shriyk]
  8. She Came, He Saw, and Stuff Blew Up [Eclair, Iori, Morphane]
  9. I Came, I Saw, I Blew Stuff Up [Faust, Serion, Roscarnis, Amber]
  10. Tip Toe Through the...Tulips? [Hay'aan, Klue, Annael]
  11. Come Get Some...[Kour'el, Martellus, Golash]
  12. Evolution never over. Can pursue. Cannot obtain. [Lua, Lyna, Wiz, Dacsylia]
  13. Design must be simple. Elegant. Implementation, less so. [Vaishen's Angels]
  14. "Arbad? Our bad." [Quilantes, Ein'nasar, Silverianna, Theldor]
  15. "Harmin' Harmon" [Straylor, Gaktak, Aelwynd, Isil]
  16. "The Destroyers of Dreams" [Barthelme, Tiarela, Sima]
  17. This far, no further! [Faengwen, Dalia, Svein]
  18. [Exposition #2] The Arrival
  19. [Info] Profiles & Dossiers Compendium
  20. [Exposition #1] Councils of War
  21. [Group F] We All Die Trying To Get It Right
  22. [Group E] Best That I Can
  23. [OOC] Moderator Noticeboard
  24. [OOC] Final Rosters
  25. [OOC] Preliminary Rosters
  26. [OOC] Sign-ups & Basic Information
  27. [OOC] Chatterbox
  28. [OOC] The Final Battle - Planning Phase