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  1. [Thanal Manor] Establishing a foothold
  2. [Aetheria's Gateway] A Priest, a Gypsy, and a Fat Man
  3. [Aetheria's Gateway] Take everything with a 'grain' of salt (Gir)
  4. [Aetheria's Gateway] A Hero's Hero (Fizden)
  5. [Thanal Manor] A Gift From Paxia (Conrad)
  6. [Aetheria's Gateway] To Ioannolius be the Glory
  7. [Adventure] Moving through Death's Door [Finex]
  8. [Location] River Docks
  9. [Location] Gateway to L.A. (Please post here first)
  10. [Location] Death's Doorway
  11. [Location] Aslangrad Arena
  12. [Location] Thanal Manor
  13. [Location] Aetheria's Gateway [WIP]
  14. [Location Link Map] Little Aslangrad