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  1. [Xet Invasion] "Our revenge will be the laughter of our children" (Invite Only)
  2. [Xet Invasion] "Your task will not be an easy one..."
  3. [Thanal Manor] Establishing a foothold
  4. [Outskirts] Diplomacy is also the art of negotiating with kinsmen (Gir, Shalafi)
  5. [Governor's Mansion] Noble re-encounters (Luciana)
  6. [Exposition] Dipomacy is the art of allying with the unexpected
  7. Quackery Has No Such Friend As Credulity [Invite Only]
  8. What's the worst that could happen? (Leon and Gir Please!)
  9. [The Crying Falcon] Shake What Yo Mama Gave Ya! (All Welcome!)
  10. [Rawngh Brother's Emporium] A Bull in a Gadget Shop! (Dorian)
  11. [Flusshof] Wer bist du? (Conrad)
  12. [Rawngh Brother's Emporium] Job search (Gir please!)
  13. Oh the Stories You'll Tell (Sebastien/Mod)
  14. [Location] The Crying Falcon
  15. [Location] Rawngh Brother's Emporium
  16. [OOC] Moderation Requests
  17. [Location: Sea Docks] Flusshof
  18. [OOC] Krazy Taco #1
  19. [Location Link Map] Residential District [WIP]
  20. [Location] Sea Docks
  21. [Location] South and North Gate Entry (Post here first please)
  22. [Location Link Map] Estelgorod
  23. [Location Link Map] Market Road [WIP]
  24. Estelgorod City Profile