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  1. [The Holy Palace of the Divine]How's This Going to Go Again? (Shalafi)
  2. Cloaks, Daggers, and Lions (Shalafi, Tiyribi)
  3. Gadgeteering Rule #1: For every action, there inevitably will be...... (Klue)
  4. A Letter from the Baron of Vortex
  5. A diplomatic oportunity
  6. Governing? Ain't nobody got time for that! [Mod]
  7. [Holy Palace] An Audience with His Holiness
  8. [Holy Palace] Lady, Meet Lion (Shalafi)
  9. Darkness must be preserved III (Shalafi, please)
  10. Darkness must be preserved II (Shalafi, please)
  11. Dreadful Tides [Alexis, Aslangradi officials]
  12. Darkness must be preserved (Shalafi, please)
  13. [Holy Palace] In Sickness and in Health
  14. [Announcements] The True Word of the True Faith
  15. Visiting the new Archprelate (Duncan, Private)
  16. Above All else...Money (Duncan, Private)
  17. The things we believe in (Shalafi)
  18. Document - The Declaration of Holy Purification
  19. The Execution of Uri Kytchiak (Open Event)
  20. [Letter] Cutting the head from the hydra (Shalafi)
  21. [Holy Palace]The World Of Politics. Good Luck, Light![Luci, Shal]
  22. [Holy Palace]Negotiation. Where is my brother? (Shalafi)
  23. Of brushes and canvas [Hay'ann and Klue]
  24. Upon wings of metal, they come for us [Private - Shal?]
  25. The Trial of Uri Kytchiak (Open)
  26. Peace and Prosperity (attn.: Shalafi, Triumvir, Open Thread)
  27. [H'jarte Lev Hall] To answer the Call [Shalafi]
  28. [H'jarte Lev Hall] A hopeful Knight's potential future ((moderator please))
  29. [Location] Offices of the Provincial Triumvirate (Velkdova Trojoprav)
  30. To the Future... Maybe [Shalafi - Private]
  31. Answers and Questions [Shalafi - Private]
  32. [Svet Castal] A fool rushes in (mod please!)
  33. An unlikely knight (Hjarte'Lev Hall - Anastasia Volya)
  34. [Hjarte'Lev Hall] A blade for the boy (Svetlevi Long Sword training - Mihaiel)
  35. United Directorate's Gubernatorial Incunable
  36. [Hjarte'Lev Hall] The Path to Knighthood (moderator please)
  37. Cerius Business (Shalafi, PM to Join)
  38. [Svet Castal]Meeting the Director-General (Conrad)
  39. [Missives for Uri - Shalafi Please] Unfinished Business
  40. [Svet Castal] Temporary Office of the Director-General of Arium
  41. [Svet Castal] The Gathering of the Senators (private)
  42. [Holy Palace] Half a Millennium late! [Palacrisis]
  43. Marching on the Capital (Private, Conrad and by invite)
  44. Resuming Discussions (Private - Alys only)
  45. The Soul Searches for Answers (Private - Louis Lotholdt, Conrad)
  46. [Holy Palace] The Extended Hand of the Empire (Louis and anyone else who is around!)
  47. [Holy Palace] On the Eve of Change (Private, by Invite only)
  48. [Svet Castal] All hail the Governor of Arium! (private)
  49. A Visit From Estelgorod
  50. [Holy Palace] Paxia and co. meet Aslangrad (Kailin, Hakyn, Shalafi)
  51. [Sveta Aslankirk] The Importance of Perspective (Vel)
  52. [The Kremlin] Out of Hand, Out of Luck (Shalafi pls)
  53. [Location] The Kremlin gates
  54. [Holy Palace] A Place of Reberth (Shalafi)
  55. [Kremlin] Centrifigal Assistance
  56. [Svet Castal] Davon & Uri Have A Conversation
  57. [Holy Palace] Arrivals, Questions, Diplomacy, Oh... And a Mage
  58. [Holy Palace] A Matter of the Faith (Shalafi)
  59. [Svet Castal] The Trysvale Delegation
  60. [Holy Palace]Deific Deficiencies
  61. [Holy Palace] He Who is the Hand (Shalafi Iori)
  62. The Measure of the Would Be Lion (Private-Roland)
  63. [Kremlin] Questions and Answers? (Conrad,Kailin,Hakyn)
  64. [Holy Palace] Meeting the Neighbours
  65. [Location] Hjarte'lev Hall
  66. Provisions from Ieffreon
  67. [Holy Palace] Enter the Divine (Shalafi, Private)
  68. Kremlin Guide and Map
  69. [Location] Cossack Fortress and Annex (Pevnost Kozak)
  70. [Location] High Court of Honor (Vys-Pravot Cesta)
  71. [Location] The Baths of Purification (Bazdova Klenzt)
  72. [Location] Dragon Industries Headquarters (Drakin Dunstras)
  73. [Location] The Grand Treasury (Velke Zakla)
  74. [Location] The Blessed Armory of the Faithful (Svetvapen Vera)
  75. [Location] The Holy Granariums (Svet Nokchaf)
  76. [Location] Sacred Square (Namesti Sveta)
  77. [Location] Immanuel Bell Tower (Balstolt Immanuel)
  78. [Location] The Holy Palace of the Divine (Svet Castal)
  79. [Location] The Sacred Cathedral of Aslan (Sveta Aslankirk)
  80. [Location] Bajecny Concert Hall (Koncerdova Bajecny)