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  1. Family Reunion- Arriving in Fintagel
  2. [Honorary Sharinyana Gardens] Reunion {closed}
  3. Fintagel Thread Summaries
  4. Who is Danllyn? [open]
  5. Danllyn's Place
  6. Snoring handsome like in Fintagel [fetch and Eden Rose]
  7. The Frost Maiden
  8. fetch's Bar Stool[open to all]
  9. Fintagel's NPC's
  10. ~Riddle Me This~ (Tsariel)
  11. ~I'll Grind His Bones~ (Suldam)
  12. ~Follow the Breadcrumbs~ (Zara)
  13. ~To Grandmother's House We Go~ (Orbril)
  14. [Location] ~Her House~
  15. [Private] All Magic is not Arcana...is it? (Continuation of Tatiana Mission)
  16. ~On the Whim of a Whirlwind~
  17. ~Down the Bunny Hole~ [Invite Only]
  18. Not mushroom in sight [open adventure]
  19. [OoC] ~The Glitter Box II~
  20. Taking a flight [Open]
  21. The threads we weave (Dipti and Orbril)
  22. Lazy days
  23. [Location] ~Martha's Bathhouse~
  24. [The Mushroom Warehouse] A new face, a new beginning
  25. Lunch on the fly
  26. [Eryannia's Well] You, Me, and Aslan Makes Three [Tiarela]
  27. [Shirrae te Faenyl] Woshing Off the Road
  28. On a Case (Open)
  29. The fire within, the burning without (Ensnare please!)
  30. [Location] ~Eryannia's Well~
  31. Mystic treats (Dipti, Hsin)
  32. Same Old Fae'rel Again [Gileon]
  33. ~Hearth and Home~ (Private)
  34. Uamh o'Tuar Ceatha and the Flower [Sharinya, Bobbity, Tomasyn]
  35. [Tisi] On Withered Wings [Temis]
  36. [Bristly Teapot] Fuzzy Cups and Pixie Wings [Dipti, Orbril]
  37. [Singsong] Melodically Rippling Tides [Tomasyn, Dipti, Orbril]
  38. Grown home
  39. [Tisi] The Weight of an Half Darkened Shadow [Private]
  40. Tea with the Duchess [Private]
  41. [Sharinyana] Vocalized Petals [Bobbity, Orbril]
  42. [Location] ~Tree-Hive Citrus Peel~
  43. [Location] Windsong Stables
  44. [Location] ~Wosh Kray Fork Caves~
  45. [Guide] ~Link Map of Fintagel~
  46. [OOC] Moderation Requests & Character Registration
  47. [OOC] The Glitter Box
  48. [OOC] ~City Profile & Guide~
  49. [Location] ~Shirrae te Faenyl~ - Tavern/Inn
  50. [Location] ~Bristly Teapot~
  51. [Entrance] ~Tisi Trail~
  52. [Location] ~Worchester Apothecary~
  53. [Location] ~Summerby Farm~
  54. [Location] ~Singsong Spring~
  55. [Location] ~The Mushroom Warehouse~
  56. [Location] ~Hygienia's Leaf Barge~
  57. [Location] ~Honorary Sharinyana Garden~
  58. [Location] ~Grimmer's Glass and Glassworks~
  59. [Location] ~Figg Farm~
  60. [Location] ~Dovaethya Spires o’Trall-Ovie~ - Residence of the Duchess
  61. [Location] ~Chapel of Carmelya~
  62. [Entrance] ~Docks of Fintagel~