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  1. All that Slithers and Shambles [Barthelme]
  2. [Level Up - L3 Necromancy] In the Shadow of the Lion (Ashandra, Private)
  3. Recycling weapons
  4. "I am Marko Orlov. Welcome to my home." [Private]
  5. Clockworks and Telescopy! (Klue, Private)
  6. The first thing they do is feed all the lawyers [Private]
  7. [3rd Prihod] The Great Hunt
  8. Bureau of Public Service
  9. A Place to Start [Quilantes]
  10. Knowing The Blade By Its Soul
  11. [3rd Prihod] Speak Softly, And Carry A Big Stick [PM to Join]
  12. Lightem Massani Takes the Governor to School
  13. An Old Friend... Or A New Enemy? [Arturus]
  14. Alexis Sapientia's Brightening Off [Open!]
  15. Returning to Life [Grub Bag Inn] (returning thread, all welcome)
  16. Guard Duty can be so Boring at times, Wait, Who's that?! (Ryori, Private)
  17. You'll Attract More Bees with Honey Than With...[Alvari, Private]
  18. The Cycle (Private)
  19. Give an elf a quarterstaff and.... [Wanderer]
  20. [Fifth Prihod]Hi ho, hi ho. It's off to work I go (Private; Wanderer)
  21. [Kanal Davat]Friends In Wet Places (Shalafi)
  22. [Fifth Prihod] Crowns a Make Her Dance (Open, Mod Needed)
  23. Drink Life as it Comes [Shalafi, plz]
  24. [Shalafi] Big Money, Little Money; It's All Money
  25. [Location - 5th Prihod] Marko's Meats (Maski Marko)
  26. [Fifth Prihod]Spare the rod...(Private; Wanderer)
  27. [Fifth Prihod]Spin the knife (Private)
  28. [Riad Slabka] You Need An Army To Rule A City [Wanderer]
  29. [Wanderer] Learning The Art of Scents [Closed]
  30. A Thread For Threads (Sigh)
  31. [5th Prihod] Decree of Mercy and Beneficence -What's that mean? (Open to 2 PCs)
  32. "Memories" (Private, Shalafi)
  33. A New Family / A Group Of Annoying Critters
  34. Plead the 5th
  35. Proof of Power [Irmaon]
  36. [5th Prihod] What's with the walls? (Shalafi)
  37. [Exposition] Where there's a will, there's a Wall?
  38. [Cheksteufel HQ] Cogs and Widgets and... what the feth is this??? (Private, Self-Mod)
  39. [Shalafi] Reputation Is Worth Gold
  40. The Quadrangle [Private - Wanderer]
  41. The Wet Wheel of Fortune [Rick]
  42. [5th Prihod] A Change In The Air
  43. [3rd Prihod] Into the Lion's Den
  44. [5th Prihod]Minds in a box (Tristan Rhine)
  45. I'm Here for the Boos [Tristan]
  46. [5th Prihod]Soul forged through Heart (self-mod)
  47. The Crucible [Jeremiah]
  48. [Potravak Gostin] Aslangrad dive-bars for the win! (Mellonin)
  49. Settling Down [Mod]
  50. [Svet Trengakirk]Knees in the Dirt (Wanderer)
  51. [4th Prihod] Babudska's Bakery (Biskdova Babudska)
  52. [1st Prihod] High Birth Attire (Vys Narod Odiva)
  53. To take a read on the Forbidden
  54. Strategy and Perfecting a Gadget (Shalafi, Private)
  55. [Exposition] An Odd Exodus...
  56. [Kolegi] Novice Alchemy Training (Private)
  57. [Outside the Gates] Eye See a Person... a New Friend? (Nanai)
  58. [5th Prihod] The Aslangrad Underground (Shalafi)
  59. [2nd Prihod] Kthnxho (open)
  60. You, Again? (Eldwen)
  61. [Adventure] Drunken Revelries & Faithful Bigotry [OPEN]
  62. [2nd Prihod] Fishbowl (Rickith/Mod?)
  63. [5th Prihod] Purposeless With A Purpose (Tia)
  64. [5th Prihod] Feth you! ( PM for Invite)
  65. A New Spell for New Beginnings
  66. [5th Prihod - Grub Bag] Grabbing a Drink (Open)
  67. Hunger - da Gardkrozi (Shalafi )
  68. Head hunting, but not the bad kind (Rhiannon please)
  69. A quest for a rest
  70. [5th Prihod] Spearwork (Private)
  71. [City Wide]Little Lion Pawn Shops (Naz'Lev Peskulot)
  72. [5th Prihod] Crossing Guards (Private)
  73. [5th Prihod] Application to the Aslangradi Guard (Private)
  74. The Purge (by invite only)
  75. Shut up and take my money! (Shalafi)
  76. [3rd Prihod] Lion's Den Tavern- Clues behind the Drinks (Marionette)
  77. [1st prihod]Back From the Edge to Say Hello (Duncan)
  78. [Kolegi] Gadgeteering Training (Private)
  79. Beneath the Streets (Private, PM to join)
  80. [Kremlin] Lovely Masks Everywhere [Open]
  81. Who Is A Lion And Who Is A Lamb [Private]
  82. False Promises - Cheksteufel Zattra (Mykolas, Private)
  83. [Cheksteufel Facilities] Children with Blades (Basic Dagger - Private))
  84. Alchemy for Life
  85. Madelyn's school for criminals (Morgan please)
  86. [L3 Healing Training] Paint the Man, Cut the Lines... | Shalafi, please!
  87. [Shalafi] Once more in the name of Aslan
  88. Crimson Doors [Closed]
  89. [Maximillian Velkaklinik] The Will of Aslan Must be Done. (private)
  90. [4th Prihod, Babudska's Bakery] Life is Sickly Sweet | Charlotte & mod, please!
  91. [5th Prihod][Grub Bag Inn] Singing For My Supper
  92. [4th Prihod] "I didn't start it, but could you please finish it?" | Duncan, please
  93. [4th Prihod] "If one dies, let a thousand be saved. If a thousand die..." | mod, pls
  94. [5th Prihod] A Captive Audience (Open)
  95. [Aslangrad City Limits, Closed, GM Shalafi] Let's Live in a Lovely Cementery
  96. [Exposition] Don't stay out in the cold, you'll catch a death....
  97. The furrier side of the slums (Nanai Please)
  98. [5th Prihod] An Eye for an I
  99. [5th Prihod] Let the hunting horns sound
  100. Hunted (Private)
  101. [1st prihod] All your pockets are belong to me (ragboy please!)
  102. Slatchi Park-1st Prihod- A Scene is Worth a Thousand Words..(Hay'aan-PM for invite)
  103. [3rd-Prihod] Trader's Market-Not all who wander are.. (Open)
  104. Someone To Watch Over Me (Private and Invite, Stephan)
  105. Creating Pleasure Can Be Such A Pain...In the Coinpurse (private, Stephan)
  106. Genny Looks for Work (Private, Genevieve Laroche)
  107. [City Wide] Vys Bakdova Aslangradia (High Bank of Aslangrad)
  108. [Kolegi] In Mother Aslangrad, Varaslan speak you (Mod needed)
  109. [5th Prihod] What's in the Shadows? [Stephan]
  110. 5th Prihod - A Gika lost in town...[Pm for Invite]
  111. [1st Prihod] Dream Street
  112. [5th Prihod]{Grub Bag Inn}A Rose in a Tavern (Open)
  113. {2nd Prihod, Maximillian Hospital, Klinik} Open your eyes (open)
  114. [The Grub Bag inn] Pipe & Cheap Ale (Open)
  115. [5th Prihod Brothel ] Will you Blow my Whistle Baby? (Open - Shalafi)
  116. [2nd Prihod, Grand Arena Training] You could loose an eyeball doing that!
  117. [2nd Prihod, Grand Arena] The world upon a bloodstained edge
  118. [2nd Prihod, Aslangrad City Hall] Undead make poor bounties
  119. [1st Prihod, Black Drakin] A black touch for scarlet steel
  120. What's Under Here? (Closed - PM for Invite)
  121. Brothers Together, Brothers Apart (Lightem - Open)
  122. The Whispers of Rebellion [Exposition]
  123. [5th Prihod] Prison Lab Rats
  124. [3rd Prihod] Anger burns hot (open)
  125. A Call from Salvation
  126. Searching for Work (Callie, Private or by Invite)
  127. Leaving the Shelter ((Open))
  128. Clever fingers, jiggling keys (lvl2 lock picking)
  129. (5the Prihod, The Grub Bug) Seeking Employment, A new start, open
  130. (Arium) Rooting out the Thieves (Closed, Shalafi please)
  131. [The Holy Church of the Needy] By Cetheron, What Is This Place? (Open, Mod please)
  132. [Exposition] A rose by another name
  133. To Go Where Few Dare Tread (Open Adventure)
  134. [2nd Prihod -Mestdova Aslangradia] When Gnomes and Humans collide (Shalafi - Private)
  135. This New Life (Open, mod please)
  136. [Blue Drakin - 4th Prihod] Gearing Up (Open)
  137. [City Wide-All Prihods]Oh where oh where could my sweet Veleraen be?[Private-Mod Plz]
  138. The Cold Wind of the Night (Exodus - Private)
  139. [Exposition] Spared the Fog, but not the Darkness
  140. If there was ever a time to act, this would be it (Shalafi, Invite only)
  141. [The Traders Market-3rd Prihod]Looking for Sleep (Private-Mod Plz)
  142. Cesta an Drach (Raff Grey, Private)
  143. [Podastunel] Within Darkness comes Light - Redeolenth/Qiara
  144. Drakin Dunstras - (Closed - PM for invite)
  145. Ferry Business (Vulcan and Qiara)
  146. [Podastunel] Within Darkness comes Light - Qiara
  147. [5th Prihod] I'll Take My Chances (open)
  148. [Podastunel] Within Darkness comes Light -Keagan Riastradh
  149. [Podastunel] Within Darkness comes Light - Madelyn Twst
  150. [Podastunel] Within Darkness comes Light - Redeolenth
  151. A Peaceful Path Through the Corruption of Truth (Grawl, and by invite)
  152. [Podastunel] Within Darkness comes Light
  153. Selling stuff I found (Mod please!)
  154. The Drakstra (Vulcan - Private or by Invite)
  155. [Basic Training - Zinn'ka Cha'sung]Watch Mom, No Hands! (Redeolenth)
  156. [5th Prihod] Forget Me Not (Private- Raff Grey)
  157. Home Sweet Home, Slums of the Fifth Prihod (Moderator Please)
  158. [Acrobatics/Zarbezi] Da Blokti is a Playground - {self-mod}
  159. [Flashback] An initiation to death
  160. Defending that which despises you (Keagan Riastradh)
  161. [5th Prihod]A Birth-Brightening to Remember(Cameron, Mod)
  162. [Air'riela Dance] Learning the Steps{Private-SelfMod}
  163. [5th PriHod] - Are My Eyes Really Seeing This?! - Tessa Almari (OPEN)
  164. [Outskirts] How far do men in robes fly? Well, let's find out. (Shalafi)
  165. Starfate (Open)
  166. [Hidden Blade] How does one fight with toothpicks? (Luciana)
  167. Everything Has A Price [Shalafi & Duncan]
  168. [Zan Zu Training - Veteran Style (Private, Shalafi)]
  169. The Way, The Truth, The Light [Private-Shalafi]
  170. [3rd Prihod-Lion Den's Tavern] Into The Lion's Den(Raff Grey)
  171. Forgotten promises...(Kael, Vulcan - Private by Invite only)
  172. [2nd Prihod; The Quadrangle]Kael's journey (Shalafi please)
  173. [5th Prihod] Poverty Lane [Open] (mod please)
  174. A Moment of Peace (Shalafi, PM to Join)
  175. [Kremlin - Drakin HQ] The Power to Organise [Logistics Training - Shalafi please]
  176. [5th Pridod - Drakin Factory] Learning from the Best [Smith Training - Shal please]
  177. Paying Respects (Natasha - Private)
  178. Dinner with the Boss (Vulcan - Private)
  179. The Cycle of Alchemical Life [Private]
  180. Sometimes it takes two [Private - Raff]
  181. A Wobble in the Right Direction -{Cheksteufel HQ - Zarbezi 101}
  182. [5th Prihod - NE District] Seeking a way into the Kremlim (GM please)
  183. [4th Prihod] Doha Dova (The Missionary Hall)
  184. A Half-Giant in a China Shop (Basic Alchemy Training - Raff Grey, Private)
  185. [5th Prihod - Open]Don't Be a Menace to Aslangrad While Drinkn Ur Juice in 5th Prihod
  186. [Adventure] You Call This Faith?
  187. [Vulcan Tvastar] The Old Lion [Self-mod]
  188. [5th Prihod] Dragon Industries Metalworking Factory (Drakin Dunstras Faboka)
  189. [Cheksteufel headquarters] Humanity Is Overrated (closed/self-mod)
  190. The past is yours to find...if you wish it (Private, Raff Grey please)
  191. [Vulcan Tvastar] A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing [Shalafi please]
  192. [4th Prihod] Len-Drako Distillery
  193. [A Small Inn] A Letter for Death (Zenplith)
  194. [5th Prihod] The Green Anvil Weaponsmiths
  195. [Private] Half a Giant, In a Whole Lot of Trouble? (Raff Grey please)
  196. [Private] All Magic is not Arcana...is it? (Tatiana's Second Mission)
  197. [Vulcan Tvastar] In Search of Purpose [Weaponsmith Training - Shalafi Please]
  198. Print and Press in the Aslangrad Style [Mod Please]
  199. [Basic Whip] The Beauty and the Abnormal? - Private
  200. [Info] Factions and Organizations of Aslangrad
  201. [Private] Raff Grey's Zattra (Shalafi or other mod please)
  202. [Gadgeteering Training] Tick-tock goes the clock; where does this go? (Tatiana)
  203. Insanity and Maddness are the only good things in life [Open]
  204. [Private] Don't look down! [Basic Zarbezi]
  205. Is that Sigil a lonely hearts add? (Illusion, private)
  206. [5th Prihod, stealth training] If I can't see you you can't see me! Right?! (Tatiana)
  207. [5th Prihod] The Devil is in the Details (Adjuration Training, illusion)
  208. [5th Prihod - The Grub Bag] Once More Into the Breach! (Open)
  209. [5th Prihod] Trysvale Trading House - Kitova Station
  210. [Southern Cemetary] Vigilias Inuisibilis (Zenplith)
  211. [5th Prihod] March of the Witch Hunters [Invite Only]
  212. [Naz Lev Park] If Time Endures (by Invitation)
  213. [5th Prihod] Akisohida's Residence
  214. [Professional Alchemy - Private] Now, to Vitriols
  215. [The Grub Bag Inn] Establishing Oneself (Open, Shalafi please)
  216. [Mission] Dealing in Death (Private, Natasha Kolnikov)
  217. [Vel - Private] Peace in Parkland
  218. [Private] The First Zattra (Shalafi or other mod please)
  219. [Hostdova Chastinov] Taking conclusions (Kailin)
  220. [Private] No Assassin is Without a Blade
  221. [5th Prihod] Alexi's Explorer Supplies (Alexi Kapnik Davka)
  222. Poverty of Life, Poverty of Thought (Shalafi)
  223. [3rd Prihod - Private Establishment ] Two Brightenings in the Old City [Pvt, Pal]
  224. [Chronicle] Shameful Metaphors (Private)
  225. Jump [Private]
  226. [Mission] A Prayer's Edge [Private - Shalafi]
  227. [Mission] Let in the white light, let out the white terror (private, Natasha)
  228. The Doll's House [Private -- Shalafi]
  229. [Exposition] Essays on the Early Days of the Return of Aslangrad
  230. Something For Nothing [By Invite, Shalafi please]
  231. When Past Meets Present [Vel & Gorm - Private]
  232. [Outside City] The Farmlands (da Gardkrozi)
  233. The Aelyrian in the city that time forgot (Closed, Mod please!)
  234. [2nd Prihod] Maximillian Hospital (Maximillian Velkaklinik)
  235. [3rd Prihod] Zendov Outreach Clinic (Zendov Dosaklinik)
  236. [4th Prihod] The Southern Cemetery (Gravtor Sora)
  237. [3rd Prihod] Naz Lev Park
  238. [4th Prihod] Bocaj's Books
  239. "Abar's Annoyance" [Exposition]
  240. [City Wide] Rhychkur Messenger Services
  241. [5th Prihod] Swift Journey Stables (Stajni Potovahit)
  242. [OOC] Aslangrad Moderation and Experience Request Thread
  243. [5th Prihod] Dragon Industries Metalworks (Drakin Dunstras Kovopraka)
  244. [1st Prhiod] City View Estates (Mestvisnin Casdova)
  245. [3rd & 4th Prihod] The Trader's Market (Mirva Chodnik)
  246. [OOC] Aslangrad Role Playing Guide and FAQ
  247. [2nd Prihod] Aslangrad City Hall (Mestdova Aslangradia)
  248. [5th Prihod] The Blocks (Da Blokti)
  249. [1st Prihod] Slatchi Park
  250. [5th Prihod] Poverty Lane (Riad Slabka)