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  1. [Khardran] Add some more shiny bits to the end of it
  2. [Khardran] Definitely the best person to do this
  3. [Khardran] Procurement
  4. [Khardran] Eviction
  5. [Khardran] Acquisition
  6. Axes, zombies and a lack of loot. [WAAAAAAAGH]
  7. This little Orcy went to market [Private]
  8. [Khardran] What's out there?
  9. [Khardran Mountains] Raid, Raid, Baby (Closed)
  10. [Khardran] I'mma take dis
  11. [Khardran] Killing fun! Worg riding fun! ORC RAID FUN! (Kruol)
  12. Eyes on the Prize [Maddyn]
  13. This House Alive
  15. [Khardran] This won't 'urt a bit, heh heh heh...
  16. [Khardran] You Need Something Fixed?
  17. [Khardran] The Red Ones Go Faster, You Know
  18. [Khardran] Evil Sunz
  19. [Khardran] Foot Stompaz
  20. Triple Kill!
  21. Blood and Thunder!
  22. [Khardran] Work up to DAKKA DAKKA
  23. [Khardran] Horde o' Wun [Chrys]
  24. [Khardran] If dere's a problum, then smash till dere ain't [Jarradium]
  25. [Khardran] Fansee crumpin and majicks ain't no good 'gainst smashin'
  26. The Darkening is Over. Rejoice.
  27. [Corinalia] The Lovecats / I Just Want You Kiss
  28. Where, oh where, are the Legions!?
  29. Nostalgia...
  30. [Narim]As Petitioned by Jalat (Trinity)
  31. [Ire] Be Not Weary, O' Children of Rock, Tusk, and Blood [Mod Please! :D]
  32. Of the Hunted and Hunters [Closed]
  33. [Narim] To Protest The Living [Lovely Trin Please]
  34. Archmedius Rising [Exposition]
  35. First Steps in a New Brightening
  36. [Heart of the World] Lost in Translation
  37. "The Last Day Dawns..." [Exposition - CLOSED]
  38. [Flashback] Of cousins and stone walls (private)
  39. [Flashback,Grandfathered] Maddness in Motion (Gorm Please)
  40. Going on a hunt [Sheradine Cosmopolis Self mod spear throwing training.]
  41. [Flashback Training] The eusocial awareness of gnomes
  42. A Bridge Too Far [Invite/Mod]
  43. A walk in the forest
  44. Ardent Stride, Earnest Judgment, and Sovereign Resolve [Private]
  45. Acta Sanctorum [Private-Ragman]
  46. [Secret Training Field] Heirs of the Blade [Invite only, Mod]
  47. The Guardian of the Optia Greenwoods (Charybdis)
  48. [Peda] Dawn Brings New Potential [Trinity & Fish Stick?]
  49. [Phondra] When We Long for Absolution, There'll be no one the Line (FS, Inv Only)
  50. A walk in the woods... or whatever is around here [open]
  51. Nox Aeterna (Private)
  52. [Phondra] Operation Trojan Horse (Fish Stick)
  53. Rescue Mission! Or something like that... (Private)
  54. [Hiems] Death on Four Wheels (Trinity)
  55. [Location] Vorgan Mines
  56. Operations of the Overlords [Mod, Private]
  57. [Location] Sherian - Narim Checkpoint (Post Here if crossing this border)
  58. [Location] Prime - Sherian Checkpoint (Post here crossing this border)
  59. [Location] Stormshollow
  60. [The Training Fields]The Debriefing Bout
  61. [Epilogue] Keep Breathing
  62. Service and compassion [Open, Moderation Welcome]
  63. [Near Orckon Forest] The diplomats arrive! (private)
  64. Walking outside of Vers [Fish Stick]
  65. [Western Sheria] Telling Waries Around a Fire (Private| Self Mod)
  66. Battle of Sheria Military Figures / Character Updates
  67. [Western Sheria] A Purgatory for Jhom [GM fetch]
  68. [Sherian Borders] Running up that Hill / Heroes
  69. Going for a walk (Self moderated)
  70. Training makes perfect (Tarfuss)
  71. Second Centuri(Deklan, Private)
  72. Humpty Dumpty(Self-Mod, Basic Horseback)
  73. Lonely paths always seem to meet somewhere. (Alessa please)
  74. [OOC] Saving my Sanity - Military / Mage / Airship Rolling Totals
  75. [Winter War] Timelines and Timelocks
  76. [Winter War] Sherian Map
  77. [Sherian - Prime Border] ...To the Rhythm of the War Drums (Royal Legions Locale)
  78. Wolf pup..( Private- Saint Curious)
  79. [Skies of Sherian Province] An Open Letter to Sheria [ Trinity please ]
  80. [RotGK] The return of the Archprelate (private)
  81. [Western Sheria Near Narim] Steel Flows Through the Veins of History [Open]
  82. [Draelmar Fortress] Hack Hack Chop Chop Stab Stab (Self Mod)
  83. Memorial Sleeping [Self Moderated, Flashback]
  84. Jiboa (Apprentice Feral Shamanism)
  85. [Narealm District] There's something behind me isn't there
  86. [Narim Coastline] Out of the Darkness [Trinity Please]
  87. [Flashback] Secondhand Divination (Self-Mod)
  88. The advantage of the conductor [Self Mod]
  89. Punch me. Kick me. Kiss me. (Private. Ogrim)
  90. [Training Fields] Lessons in Smashing (Private|Self-mod)
  91. [Sherian Waters] Alone with the Sea (Royal Navy Locale)
  92. [Training Fields] Look there's something in the sky!
  93. Sleeping Beauty (Xavhand)
  94. Eye Spy Timbre(Timbre)
  95. Out Into The Wild {JD}
  96. Ox - Private (Ragman)
  97. [RotGK] Fighting inner or outer demons? (Gaius Martyr)
  98. [Du'galle Cottage] - Bringing Legands Home [Private]
  99. [Draelmar Fortress] Bring me Their Eyes and Tongues
  100. In Search of something (Spiky Bushes)
  101. [Training Fields] You ain't alone! (Buldar)
  102. [Location: Outskirts of Orckon] It's Back The Way You Came! (private)
  103. Buy, Sale or Trade?
  104. [RofGK] Shadows in the Darkening (Tarfuss)
  105. [RotGK] Sleeping in Deepwood, eh? (Evilin, open)
  106. [Self-mod, Training, Open]May the strike be true
  107. [RotGK]It's too cold to be green! (Kakita, Xavhand, Deklan, open)
  108. Speed Training (Flashback, Self-Moderated)
  109. [SW -Draelmar Fortress] "...When at First, we Choose to Deceive..." (Duncan, Private)
  110. At Long Last, A Real Conversation
  111. [Location] Draelmar Fortress
  112. [Draelmar Fortress] Tarfuss' Office
  113. [Sherian Wilderness - Draelmar Fortress] Tarfuss' Office
  114. [Sheradine Border] The Fogs of War Seem to Last Forever (Trinity, Private)
  115. The Dead Stump Doesn't Strike Back (Shortsword Practice)
  116. Arrival at castle Phondra
  117. A vacation trip for one
  118. Goblin/Vysttichi Hunt(Carly, Open Thread, Trinity mod please?)
  119. Hostile Takeover: It's Just Business
  120. [Hills of Sheria] Gather up my sons (private/Trinity)
  121. [Phondra District] They Came (self-mod)
  122. [Trellios] Is that an island? (private)
  123. Deerstruck (Open, Mod needed)
  124. From ZS to Sheria (Open/Mod accepted?)
  125. Moving to a conclusion (Private)
  126. The Hunter and His Prey
  127. [Phondra District] What Makes the Army Fine (self-mod)
  128. Proving ones self ( Mod needed )
  129. Summer Session ( Carly )
  130. [Training Fields] Sharpening his skills [self-mod]
  131. [Location] The Training Fields
  132. [Near Autmnus] Gathering natural materials....[Trinity]
  133. [Training Fields] The Black Shields turn Legion (private)
  134. The Pilgrimage (Gahl, those invited)
  135. Battle of Narimfield
  136. [Sherian Wilderness] To Verongorn We March (GM Trinity)
  137. Destiny shows its face. [Redbeard]
  138. [Near Ire]A Wolf Beckons...(Trinity, private)
  139. The Death and Resurrection Show
  140. [OOC] Sheradine Chit-Chat
  141. Rak's Blood - Palacrisis
  142. Instructing them Pesky Civilians
  143. Imperials or Royals?
  144. Provincial Army mobilizations
  145. [Draelmar Hold] Swords at Dawn (Sparring)
  146. Leaving the Hold for Leave
  147. [ Draelmar Hold] Tarfuss' Room - a Horrible Noise - [open]
  148. [North-south road] Guard duty
  149. Invoking Materna: Prayer of Protection (Open, Mod Wanted)
  150. [Mines] One Dot, Two Dots, Peridots (Fish Stick)
  151. "By Grabthar's Hammer" (Open to Orcs)
  152. A Foul Wind Blows...
  153. Military Camp of the Church's Army
  154. The Revolt Of The Provincial Army Recruits
  155. The Citizens Resist
  156. [Everdark Keep] The cursed asks for redemption
  157. The Ogres of the Taralon Mountains [ Palacrisis ][Open]
  158. Valence meets his Squadmates
  159. Valence reports to Captain R'rowl (Valence;Private)
  160. The Coming of the Face (Fidelis, Private)
  161. Delete this thread.
  162. Tasad Studies Tactics
  163. Re: Terrors from Afar [Arakmat Orc Reinforcements]
  164. [Draelmar Hold] Tasad meets his Company
  165. Kaugzi and Effect
  166. [Journey] From Taralon to Draelmar, Tasad is on the march (Mod please; open)
  167. [Draelmar Hold] Tasad reports for duty (Veleraen please)
  168. [Daittern] To Consume the Past ~Construction~
  169. [Location] Auster
  170. Skirmish at Espian Wood (9th IL Cav)
  171. Joining a Mob!!
  172. [Daittern] The 5th Regiment is summoned to war
  173. [Everdark Keep] The Wild Flames are summoned to war
  174. Shoppeing at the Essentials General Shoppe (Vers)
  175. A quest for work study at Imaden (Vers, Fish Stick please!)
  176. [Training Fields] The Art of the Fat Lip (Basic Zinn'ka - Laeon)
  177. [Training Fields] A Blade's Blades (Basic Dual Longknives; Self-mod)
  178. The March of the Manjet
  179. [Fortified Location] Draelmar Hold
  180. The Wasting of Hiems
  181. Marching Orders for the Eleventh Regiment
  182. Marching Orders for the Tenth Regiment
  183. Marching Orders for the Sixth Regiment
  184. Marching Orders for the Fifth Regiment
  185. Marching Orders for the Fourth Regiment
  186. Vesper (Business As Usual)
  187. Inhabiting Verongorn Keep (open)
  188. Restoration of Everdark Keep [Fixed Location]
  189. ~A Lone Lughorn~ Mission: 10th Shatuaz
  190. [Fortified Line] The Taralon Front
  191. [Peda] Woe to the Pedisians
  192. [Location] Peda
  193. [Location] Aestas
  194. [Location] Vesper
  195. [Location] Daittern Ruins
  196. [Training Fields] Preparing for the worst (Private/Self Mod)
  197. Cutting a Path in the Deepwood Forest
  198. [Training Fields] Marching orders for the Wild Flames of Sheria (Aegis)
  199. Using the skills Aslan gave you (Private, Eyvind)
  200. Towards dangers unknown.
  201. ~Shatroful Onreinn~ Mission to Vesper (open)
  202. [Edge of Sheria]Imperial Legions Camp
  203. Death walks with thee (Ralzari) [private]
  204. Blockades or Interdiction
  205. ~ Autumnus ~ Construction Site
  206. Dinner in the cafeteria (Galdor Feiniel, open)
  207. SHC Recruitment (Ogrim)
  208. Concordia salus (Shei'yein Neydremi)
  209. [Location] ~ Narim Castellum ~
  210. A Corsair sail on the horizon [private]
  211. Ludstone Manor (Vers)
  212. Please Look At This
  213. Hope...Lost...
  214. Mandatory Service!
  215. Hope is only an Illusion
  216. The Army Camp (Eyvind; Open)
  217. Peer Moderation and Self Moderation
  218. Absence of Gauls
  219. Behind enemy lines
  220. [Vers] Time To Hit The Dusty Trail (Aegis, Eyvind)
  221. [Provincial Army] Archers training
  222. Reconnaissance and Harassing (Open; Gaul Please)
  223. Preparations for an ambush... [Private-Eyvind please read]
  224. Let them have their formations, we shall be as ballistae bolts![Private]
  225. Look, there is your new army [Andares family]
  226. [Sherian Countryside] Darkness at the River (Gauls)
  227. Preparing an army [private]
  228. [OOC] ~Narim Ruins LinkMap~
  229. A Glimmer of Hope [Private: Taralon leadership only]
  230. Want Some Action?
  231. Shadows on The Khardran [Open/Mod Please]
  232. Thunder, (Traveling to Paxia)
  233. Sherian Druid Grove
  234. Narim Ranger Hall
  235. [Character Development] With this ring.... (Odyleon, please)
  236. The Terror That Burns (private)
  237. [Narim] Correspondence for the Imperatis of the Silvered Blades, 10th Imperial Legion
  238. Operation Magic Carpet
  239. A Reclamation of Seity
  240. Son of Narim [Open] (Please don't kill me)
  241. A Simple Transformation? [Private; Nachende]
  242. Two of Alleria's Most Wanted [Sulmog]
  243. |Area| -- Whistlefall Island --
  244. [Vers] Filling In The Blanks (Ody)
  245. [Orckon] Mischief |Open|
  246. Daittern Ruins
  247. [Hrael Village] The General Cache
  248. [Daittern Ruins] Chasing a Dream [Closed]
  249. The Tribal Life - Forgetting A Former Life
  250. Wandering