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  1. Into the sleepless woods (Open)
  2. On a Winter Darkening (Hh'esthesia)
  3. [Flashback]Close your eyes [Ensnare]
  4. [Sanda Tari] She and the Trees Make Three [Hh'esthesia]
  5. [The Statue of Enaom'loa'lia]A Bajiani wandering the forest
  6. [Location] Orn en' i Sanda Tari
  7. [Location] Tressallea Ruid
  8. [OOC] Ariosian Forest Link Map
  9. Sleepless in Arios [Private]
  10. The Dryad's Tree: Hh'esthesia's Home
  11. The Walkings of the Prophet (Private)
  12. [Kalan Circle] The Prophecy & the Druid (Ensnare, Private)
  13. [Location] The Menth'aenean Camp
  14. [Location] Shrine of Zyrgra
  15. [Location] Shadow Hill
  16. [Location] The Kalan Circle
  17. [Location] The Statue of Enaom'loa'lia
  18. [Woods] Guard Your Garters, Girls! [Ensnare]
  19. [Location] The Ancient Tree of Song
  20. [Location] The Fae Fall