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  1. [Flower Islands] Ashes, Ashes [Private]
  2. [Delphi Ara Academy] A Long Expected Begining (Mod)
  3. [Delphi Ara Academy] Understanding the Elements
  4. [Delphi Ara Academy] Mystical Dealings (Mod)
  5. Basic Aelyrian Law and Politics; or, Lying 101 [Mod needed]
  6. Dreams of Destiny (Mod)
  7. Reflections of Steel (Longsword Training, Mod)
  8. A Beast with a Blade is a Scary Combination
  9. [Location] Tessera Gonia apo i Triantafyllo (Mage Towers)
  10. [Location] The Phulake
  11. [Location] The Homoios Zygos (Recruitment Office)
  12. [Location] The Strategos Pyrgos (Military Headquarters)
  13. [Location: Entrance] The Nike Pyle (Military District)
  14. [Location] The Flower Islands
  15. [Location] The Tricca Center of the Healing Sciences
  16. [Location] The Lyceum University (Trade School)
  17. [Location] The Delphi Ara Academy (Arcane School)
  18. [Location] The Pyrgos of Ioannes (Knights of Ioannes)
  19. The Grave Digger (Veteran Sword)
  20. Unbinding - An Initiation
  21. [The Agean Tide] The Great Race [Aeron, Open] (Seamanship Basic)
  22. Aegean Tide
  23. [Flower Islands] - Shadows Rest in Peace [Private - Ensnare]
  24. The training of a Faithful mind (INT. Thaum)
  25. [Delphi Ara Academy] A Journey Once Taken (Moderator Please)
  26. [Korcharos Cove]
  27. [The Great Forum] The Not So Great Debators [Open Mini Adventure]
  28. [Karcharos Cove] Seeing the sights, feeding the sharks.
  29. [Neptunide Gates]The Soultion (Mini Adventure)
  30. [Delphi Ara Academy] Stone Songs (Open, Mini Adventure)
  31. Flower Islands
  32. The Great Forum
  33. Karcharos Cove
  34. [Delphi Ara Academy] A Festival! Wait, A Festival? {MOD}
  35. [Lyceum University] Festival? What? Where?! [MOD]
  36. Use the Force, Lyr!
  37. The Tricca Medical Science Center
  38. The Achaean (Military Headquarters)
  39. The Athenian Barracks
  40. The Olympian Goal
  41. The Defenders Enlistment Office
  42. Dionysus’ Galley – School of Catering and Tavern Management
  43. Keep of the Parthenon
  44. The Parthenon Temple
  45. The Lyceum University
  46. Delphi Ara Academy
  47. Training
  48. Basic Law (Rhys, AGM Striker)
  49. Resuming training
  50. Philosophy Training - Drei Kalahar (GM Tarot)
  51. Ejiro's Military Training
  52. The path of ink... (Private)
  53. Olympian Gaol
  54. The Athenian Barracks
  55. The Achaean (Military Headquarters)
  56. Enlistment Office
  57. The Command Center
  58. Neptunide Gates (post here first)
  59. The Keep of Ioannes
  60. Dionysus’ Galley – School of Catering and Tavern Management
  61. The Parthenon Temple
  62. Delphi Ara Academy
  63. Kaeden's Elementalist Training
  64. Beginner Bow - Stanton Banning (peer mod)
  65. Basic Politics - Ks
  66. Ale, Cookery, and Wine basic Training - Stanton Banning
  67. The Keep of Ioaness
  68. Dionysus’ Galley - School of Catering and Tavern Management.
  69. Tiarnach's Military Training
  70. Admiral on Deck! - All Enlisted Defenders Report
  71. The Parthenon Temple
  72. Advanced Training (Theldor, Dafydd,and Rhys)
  73. Rygan's Thaum Training
  74. Kakita in the Admiral's Office
  75. Zytron's Mystic Training (cont)
  76. Kakita talks to the Arch-Druidess
  77. Delphi Ara Academy
  78. The Command Center
  79. Vyctaro's Military Training
  80. Roerex's Military Training
  81. Bretheren's Military Training
  82. It's all in the Herbs (Private)
  83. Patrol of the Island (Open To Military Trainees)
  84. Vendon's Military Training
  85. Nalla/Private/Class
  86. Kakita/Private/Herb Classes
  87. Yorik's Military Training
  88. Berona's Arcana training
  89. Life in the Defender's Barracks
  90. Dafydd's Military Training
  91. Enlistment Office
  92. Neptunide Gates (post here first)
  93. Theldor's Military Training
  94. Rhys Military training(Private)
  95. Xenosa/Private/Medical lessons
  96. Vittorio/private/back again for more lessons
  97. Apprentice Thuamaturgy: Malvoitre
  98. Basic Law: Malvoitre
  99. Torrax & Moonwish(military training-Day1)
  100. Private/Kakita/Herb Class
  101. Tha Athenian Barracks
  102. The Achaean - Military Headquarters
  103. The Lyceum University
  104. The Parthenon Temple
  105. Delphi Ara Academy
  106. Olympian Gaol