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  1. [Official Midpoint Summons] Urgent Return From Narim [Private]
  2. First steps on Talvia, the deceiving scarf [flashback]
  3. Of Pygmies and Pincushions
  4. Monkey Trouble (Or nimrban, actually)
  5. [Manicomico] Whatever Doesn't Kill You Simply Makes You... Stranger. [Jess Taer]
  6. Ten mornings [mediation training thread/self mod]
  7. [The Mouth of Telath] Inside you're Ugly, Ugly like Me... [Archalen]
  8. Titans Tangle at The Temple, Giant Vs Demon Round 1
  9. What’s in there? [Narim Public Library]
  10. [Crowshead Keep] A Selfish Gift is still a Gift
  11. To Torture the Innocent... (Private, Self Moderated)
  12. The Giant's Pupil [Basic Dagger Training]
  13. Excuse me...I'm looking for...[Trinity]
  14. Verrick's Home
  15. "The Doomsayer" [Open Event]
  16. Approaching the ranch
  17. These souls are not forgotten [ Trinity please ]
  18. Troubled Times in the Broken Bay Town [Trinity]
  19. [Location] The Wailing Gates (Royal-Imperial Border Checkpoint; Post Here First!)
  20. [NEWS] The Parrot's Beak
  21. Tev's Ranch
  22. [Location] The Temple of Jalat
  23. [Location] Crowshead Keep (Immanis XVI Onward)
  24. [Important - Please Read!] Common Knowledge Quirks about Narim
  25. [Location] Manicomico (The Asylum)
  26. [Location] The Court of Souls
  27. [Location] The Sailor's Haven
  28. [Location] The Fish Market
  29. [Location] The Kalendryan Observatory
  30. [Location] The Broken Excaleris
  31. [Location] The Mouth of Telath
  32. [OOC] A Guide to Narim and Link Map
  33. [OOC] We're all Mad Here...
  34. [Flashback] Bread for body, Wine for blood (Mysticism, Self modded training)
  35. [Narim - Docks] Travel by boat? Never again...(Open, Keldon)
  36. Fade To Black (Master Infireus)
  37. [Flashback, Self-Mod] Fading Thoughts and Pasts Forgotten
  38. [Temple of Jalat] Date With Destiny [Trinity]
  39. [Temple of Jalat] You'd Better Pray... (Aerienne)
  40. [Temple of Ioannes] "I am the Punishment that Fits the Crime" [Dego, GFed]
  41. Diamonds Are A Ghoul's Best Fiend (Master Fei)
  42. [Event] The Loyalties of Turncoats
  43. The tale of the Dracon and the Child [Private, Alessa Starncell pls]
  44. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Rot (Open to All)
  45. Little Pig, Little Pig, Let Me Out! (Mistress Starncell)
  46. [Location] Herbal Remedies
  47. The grim fate of Infireus and Doriano Caperio
  48. A Stroll Through the Scarred Streets (Clay and Trin, please.)
  49. [Location] The Narim Public Library
  50. To assume the guise of Royalty (self mod, Basic shape shifting training)
  51. [Flashback, Self-Mod] A woman's secrets (Birthnot/Tea Ceremony Lore)
  52. To weave the threads of the mind [Private, Mysticism training]
  53. To balance a cold chill [self mod, training]
  54. [Flashback, Self-Mod] To be accomplished (Drawing/Painting)
  55. [Flounder's Finn] Going to the Mattresses (Arilyae)
  56. A Drunk and An Ox.
  57. [Flounder Finn] To catch a fish (Arrnan)
  58. I Gave Her My Heart, but She Gave Me More Than a Cold. [Open, Trinity please]
  59. Ashier exploring the Abandoned Narim Ranger Hall (Attention Trinity; Private)
  60. [The Covenant] Restless Souls (Basic Adjuration, Kakita)
  61. [The Covenant] Haunted Brotherly Love (Wren)
  62. [Flashback, Self-Mod] A Heavy-Hearted Work of Stagger
  63. My kingdom for a coat and a nice pair of fur boots! Yes, that would be nice. (Open!)
  64. [Longest Winter] Twisted Judgments, Lingering Souls (Closed, GF'd)
  65. Ashier and Basic Sorcery [Self-Mod]
  66. Death Knell (Oblivion)
  67. A Place to Call Home...Where? (open)
  68. [Training, Moderation Requested]Free and easy
  69. [Location] The Covenant
  70. [Event] The Longest Winter (Weather and Narimite Oddities)
  71. Playing with pointy sticks [Kakita]
  72. [Crowshead Keep] Cordially Tense Meetings (Aerienne)
  73. [Self-Mod, Flashback] Innocent We Have Been Sprung
  74. [Location] The Needle and Thread
  75. [Location] The Kalendryan Observatory
  76. Necromancer hidden, search for his next mission... (Moderation please)
  77. [Self-Mod, Training] Caroling Practice for Primehiems Day
  78. [Temple of Jalat] A Gift or a Curse? (Shiro)
  79. [Self-Mod, Flashback] Glass to the Arson
  80. Alexithymia [Private, Duncan?]
  81. Walking Around Narim....Never Been HERE Before
  82. [Flashback, Self-Mod] If I Were The Stream...
  83. [Self-Mod, Flashback] A Golden Time of Trial
  84. A Haunted Figure (Infireus, open)
  85. Remains of Memories (Trinity, please)
  86. [OOC] A Guide to Narim + Link Map
  87. [OOC] Moderation and Experience Requests
  88. [Location] The Temple of Jalat
  89. [Location] Narim Fortress (City Watch + Military Connections)
  90. [Location] The Narim Technological Institute
  91. [Location] Andagias Arcana Institute
  92. [Bulletin Board] Shvakkim Road Map and Classifieds
  93. An Appraisal of Destruction
  94. Royal Mail Call - Valerio Selestine [ att. Trinity ]
  95. [Location] The Sailor's Haven
  96. [Location] Aedile's Office
  97. [Location] Temple of Ioannes
  98. [Location] The Serpent Docks (Entrance via Sea of Diana)
  99. [Location] The Wailing Gates (Post Here Upon Entrance/Exit)
  100. [Location] The Flounder's Finn Tavern and Inn
  101. [Location] Crowshead Keep - Thanal Palace
  102. The Reclaiming of Narim
  103. [OOC] Seaside Chatterbox
  104. How do can i train my character
  105. hello
  106. How do i play?????
  107. First day of work! (Ayeka) Semi-open
  108. Shortsword Training-Kalynne
  109. Basic Training for Infantry Recruits (self mod)
  110. Seeking Guild Membership
  111. A Welcome Meeting, Arlott (Private)
  112. When putsch comes to shove...
  113. A Day In Town (Open To All)
  114. Basic Archery - Itre
  115. Hasty Departure
  116. Storm's a brewin... Leaky roofs be scorned
  117. Kisses and Moonlight (Zo, private)
  118. The Arrival of Hestat (Open to anybody)
  119. A jolly good time (S'lon, private)
  120. Zero's home
  121. Basic Healing Training-Kalynne
  122. A proposition (open)
  123. Find the Colour (private, Zo)
  124. Entering is never easy... (Mod needed! Come!)
  125. The Official Ranger OoC Thread
  126. Basic archery - drew
  127. Midnight Mayhem (Mod needed, open to all)
  128. With Nobility Comes Riches [Carly, Private]
  129. Most things that glitter are gold (private)
  130. Looking for a gulible character. (Mod needed)
  131. Pearl of the South
  132. In need of a guide (Zokia)
  133. A man, a pot of fish glue, and a desire to be seen.. Broken Spear Investigates (Open)
  134. Faded beauty... Standing before a shack (open)
  135. [Summer Era XI] Crowshead Keep (Thanal Palace)
  136. A wagon is a wagon is a wagon (Mod please)
  137. Back In Black (open/mod needed)
  138. The Mariner's Box
  139. Caelator Silvae: Narim
  140. Junzo's Home: Narim
  141. A Spark to Ignite the Fire...
  142. Teenage sup for a Chickened Soul [GM (Get Me)/Open]
  143. Apprentice Blacksmithing [Private]
  144. [Information!] Looking for a Job?
  145. Pursuing Vengeance [Open]
  146. [IC Information] The Parrot's Beak (News)
  147. [Storyline] As the Bell Tolls
  148. Sunset Requiem
  149. Vicious Vibrancy
  150. [GM Moderated] The Caperio Manor
  151. in the mist
  152. [Self Moderated] Narim's Gates (Post Here First)
  153. Sands of Time (Open)
  154. Destiny returns
  155. A New Beginning (Private, Zokia Zora)
  156. Achtung! - All Rangers
  157. Stupid little.......Ginger cat!(openwide)
  158. Spring is the best time for a hangover [open]
  159. Destiny Returns
  160. The Narim Ranger Hall
  161. S'Lon - the Inquisition (or why it is important not to get caught with other women)
  162. Horsemanship(open to all rangers)
  163. Elf Love [Selegon;Ig-ma]
  164. Selegon ONLY!
  165. Stretching thier Legs
  166. Archery Range (Fastdraw, Self-Mod)
  167. Selegon
  168. Narim's Airborne - Gryphon Rider's Complex
  169. Archery training - Ig-ma Selegon
  170. Discerning True Prowess (Private l Trinity)
  172. The Return of Myfanwy.
  173. The Narim Chapel
  174. Herb Garden
  175. A wedding (all rangers welcome)
  176. Wilderness Survival Training (Tev....)
  177. The Bleeding Moon Epidemic
  178. Fastdraw Returns (Tev)
  179. Property investigations (Robyn, S'Lon)
  180. Searching (Robyn, S'Lon)
  181. Home is where the rump rests.
  182. Seeking the Order of Shadows (Celethor, or other members)
  183. Annoying details of buisness.(private)
  184. Temple to Ioannes and Diana
  185. Map of Narim
  186. The Hidden Apothecary
  187. The Rouge Gusto
  188. Without Purpose (open)
  189. Room - Malius
  190. Room - Zokia Zora
  191. Archery Training - Malius, Zokia
  192. Home #4(the smallest one)
  193. Esteban's dormitory
  194. Basic Priciples Of Being A Ranger
  195. Looking for Pierre
  196. Ranger Support For The Empress
  197. A new home - Robyn and S'Lon
  198. The Aedile's Office
  199. Long Awaited Revenge(self-modded till i PM Trin)
  200. Perils of the night (Private, Zokia)
  201. The Flounder's Finn -- Tavern and Inn
  202. Room at Flounder's (Sakura, private)
  203. Room at Flounders (Robyn, S'Lon private)
  204. To Flounders! (S'Lon, Robyn private)
  205. New Residence
  206. Peer Moderation in the Serpent's Sea
  207. House in the slums...
  208. Training In Leathercraft
  209. Walking the mean streets (GM Trinity please)
  210. The Darkblade Residence (open)
  211. The Lion, The Robyn and the potential Wardrobe :p (private, robyn)
  212. Catching up on Old Times (Private)
  213. A Walk on the Wild Side (Private~Hsin)
  214. A stranger in the streets (open, PM to join)
  215. A Prelude to Inquisition... (Open to All!)
  216. A Little Talk (Tev)
  217. As night falls
  218. My Uncles House Has Three Rooms (open, mod if poss!)
  219. NTI, Basic Blacksmithing (Matthew)
  220. Rummaging at Night...Savvy? (private)
  221. Tomar's Shipyard
  222. A Rude Awakening
  223. NTI-Basic Law: Calise Desseren
  224. calm after the storm? (private, zokia)
  225. Cries of the Juggernaut: A Lesson in Chant (Steve)
  226. Terpsichore: Initiate Elementalism
  227. In need of a feminine touch(jaali)
  228. Fovart's Blades and Bows (III)
  229. OoC is by the Sea (VI)
  230. Reclamation and restoration of a long abandoned home.
  231. Herblore Training For Galford
  232. Khelben and Tev Outdoors
  233. Sherian Post Office
  234. Lonely Faery
  235. Old Friends Reunion(Private-Gabriel and Balthor Only)
  236. Boelgard At The Ranger Hall
  237. The Home of Boelgard
  238. The Town Square
  239. The Sailor's Haven (General Supply Shop)
  240. The Arena (Post only if referenced by a moderator!)
  241. Greatsword (Celethor)
  242. Alyssandra: Initiate Elementalism
  243. Pyron: Initiate Elementalism
  244. [Self Moderated] Narim City Gates (Post here first!)
  245. Order of Shadows Rebirth
  246. The King's Gambit (S'Lon and Jorhan D'Athlaan)
  247. Tiedus at the Ranger Hall
  248. Naval Base- Roughly Sketched Map
  249. Ica of Narim
  250. The Archery Range(Averielle)