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  1. [Bosquet] Excuse me! Do you have a moment? [OPEN]
  2. [Bosquet] A Chancellor's Chance [Private]
  3. Strolling around Mystique
  4. [Selfmod Basic Alchemy] Do you Remember 'al-Kimeia? [Private]
  5. [Gubernator Palace] The Paper Work (Oracle)
  6. Honest Work Has Just Rewards [Meredith]
  7. The Midwinter Grand Ball (open)
  8. Tea for Two, None for One (Private Calairiel)
  9. [The Park] Consequence and Returns [Open]
  10. The First Real Snow (open to all)
  11. [Town Square Park] A Life Less Ordinary….(Oracle/Open)
  12. Hot Fire [Oracle]
  13. A New Start [Oracle]
  14. [Location] The Fortuneteller
  15. Bitter Enemies Make Good Friends (Quilantes, private)
  16. The thorny part of life (Quil please!)
  17. This Child of Mine
  18. Beauty in Ruins (closed, Quil/Ein)
  19. How Far We Fall... (Closed, Faust)
  20. Bleeding the Night (closed, Kaar/Zen/Fizden)
  21. Things That Go "Pop" In The Night [Private, Mod Please]
  22. Reclaiming what History Forgot (Open)
  23. [Timeless Tome] Armed and Ready for Reading! (Andrea)
  24. The Fair is in Town! (Open)
  25. [Location] The Timeless Tome
  26. Lost on his way far from home.. [Oracle mod here pls]
  27. [Bosquet] "A Simple Errand", Huh?! [Oracle, Private]
  28. [Setting Suns] A Trelorean and a Vyss'laheir Walk Into A Bar [OPEN]
  29. Speak My Peace, Seal Your Fate [Malk; Private]
  30. Job Searching (Private, Oracle)
  31. My What Pointy Ears You Have [Elaesia]
  32. Then It's (Not (Not)) A Date [Kazumi]
  33. [Town Square Park] A Dog's Walk in the Park [Open]
  34. A Meeting Long Overdue [Esme, Malkaer]
  35. Woe is for Widows; Secrets for Secyclion [Private]
  36. Chasing Status - Judicial Status [Mod Please]
  37. [Setting Suns Inn And Tavern] Another Performance, Another Meeting [Ein, Open]
  38. And the pointy end goes where? [Basic Dagger, Oracle]
  39. [Setting Suns Inn and Tavern] Kazumi's Room [Open, Residence]
  40. The Curious Ancient (Open)
  41. First Contact (Open, Mod Please)
  42. Far Form Home in a City of Giants
  43. Pretty Lights [Thaum Stuff]
  44. Out of the Light... [Ein'nasar]
  45. Things Left Behind [Fizden]
  46. A Magician's Fate [Limbus]
  47. The Price of Pride [Alaricus]
  48. [Closed] Letters On the Wall
  49. Mystique City Gates [Post your entry/exit here]
  50. [OOC] A New Beginning
  51. Tying up loose ends
  52. Half past Shell (Aglet)
  53. Unsettled Accounts [Esmé]
  54. Awakening of the Spirit
  55. Arboreal expiramentation
  56. A familial fling?
  57. A Meeting of Political Savvy Minds (Malkaer)
  58. The Pegasus Citadel [Provincial Army HQ]
  59. (Blue) Blood and Iron
  60. The Delicate Dance with the Mana (Second level Sorcery Training ~ Gormgwrm)
  61. A Prince, a Prince... what was that again?
  62. [Bluestone Palace] Great Opportunities [Serion -- Private]
  63. Here come the suits [Roscarnis]
  64. Friends in Winter [Ebramsom, Roscarnis]
  65. [Bluestone Palace] The Long Gallery
  66. [Bosquet] The 'Light' in 'Enlightenment' [Training, Private]
  67. Hmmm!!! What's in that carrot cake? (Z'kron)
  68. [Duncan] Putting away the hatchet (but keeping it close)
  69. Workshopping Again (Self Mod)
  70. Misaligned Continuations (Rectify)
  71. Natchkatzic Experimentations [private, Rami]
  72. [Bluestone Palace] Lyssoryl's Office.
  73. Minding manners on a provincial scale
  74. The Lauryllian Renaissance
  75. The Shield of Aelyria (Godah)
  76. Nature, Admiration, and Swords (Private - Rectify)
  77. Shrooms for Dinner
  78. Ambition, a family curse
  79. Lauryl State Gazette
  80. Consultation with the Consul
  81. Shantaliosha
  82. Crackling Bones with Fists Ablaze [private, Arkahn]
  83. The Goddess and the Vysstichi (Charybdis)
  84. The Lylles Kingdom of Lauryl
  85. [Location] Bluestone Palace
  86. Rat for Dinner
  87. The Humble Abode
  88. [Announcement] Governor of Lauryl Needed (all interested)
  89. [Gubernatorial Palace] Office of the Governor
  90. [Gubernatorial Palace] Audience Chamber
  91. [Location] The Grand Bank of Mystique
  92. A steady wind blows [open]
  93. New place, new adventure
  94. The Last Farwell, Unless The Fate Should Decrea Otherwise. (Amaris)
  95. [Draekial's Place]Of Justice and Peace
  96. A Journey Interrupted
  97. second Meeting
  98. {Open to all} Getting his barrings
  99. The Emergency Peer Moderation Request Line
  100. Hovel of the forgotten death
  101. Ebony and ... Chocolate Brown (Nabia, Open)
  102. The Elegant Katta (Straylor Leonard)
  103. In a strangers house. [Anna Brodie Only]
  104. Of Pitchforks and Dung Heaps (work thread)
  105. [Constantine's Reckoners] - Finding A Shortcut To Long Travels
  106. The New Spring of JKR: (Aviator/Tolbin)
  107. Imperial Mail Call [att. Aviator]
  108. [LOCATION] Aelyria Mail Service of Mystique
  109. Address to the People of Mystique (All Welcome)
  110. Basic Horsemanship [Ebramsom de Lylles only]
  111. Initiate Sorcery (Ebramsom de Lylles)
  112. [LOCATION]Mystique Guard [City Militia: Barracks/Recruitment]
  113. [LOCATION] The Guardhouse
  114. [LOCATION] The Vertez Hall
  115. Town Square Park
  116. Tyr's Gleaming Steel
  117. Initiate Druidism (Elryth Evynsaw)
  118. The Invitation of Shadows. [Anna Brodie and Elryth Evynsaw]
  119. A Good Morning at Nystul's apartment
  120. [Bosquet] Temple of Carmelya
  121. [Bosquet] Tower of the West
  122. [Bosquet] Tower of the South
  123. [Bosquet] Tower of Balance
  124. [LOCATION] -Offices of the Commanding Officer-
  125. [LOCATION] -8th Imperial Legion Main Entrance- [Outside Mystique’s City walls.]
  126. [LOCATION] -8th Imperial Legion City Side Entrance- [Inside Mystique’s City walls.]
  127. Constantine's Reckoners, Home of the 8th Imperial Legion.
  128. [Location] Frank's Castle
  129. [Location] Wild Treasures - Animal Adoption Center
  130. [LOCATION] Crystal Waters Bath House.
  131. [Thane's Office] An Envoy arrives
  132. [LOCATION] The Timeless Tome.
  133. [LOCATION] Bazza's Build and Save
  134. [Location] Mirthe's Clothiers and Fine Leather Goods
  135. [LOCATION] Ernor's Earthworks, Weapons and Armour
  136. Oh, to Hide...
  137. [Location] Bosque de Consigne "Gate to the Grove"
  138. Mystique City Profile and Link Map
  139. Moderation: Requests and Offers
  140. Tolbin is in the Hospital
  141. [LOCATION] Willy's Livery and Tack
  142. Index of All Useful Threads
  143. Link Map
  144. [Location] The Cornerstone
  145. Welcome Tolbin!
  146. City NPCs
  147. [LOCATION] Gelfen and Daughter General Goods
  148. [Location] The Aedile's Office (Spring & Summer)
  149. Threads that need updating...
  150. [OOC Discussion] This is the way we burn Mystique, burn Mystique, burn Mystique...
  151. Finally (open Please Join)
  152. Shadows of the past (Private)
  153. [OOC] The Mystical OOC Chatter Thread
  154. Lilly LeFey comes to town.
  155. Initiate Longsword
  156. The Dorin and The Political (Training Peer Mod Requested)
  157. TheLaw and the Dorin(Training, Perr mod requested)
  158. Correspondence For The Constantine Reckoners, 8th Imperial Legion
  159. A Welcome Sight
  160. Power to the city of Crystallium
  161. <Adventure> The Mysical Gems That Lay Beneath (Ouoo,Anvael, Mod Requested)
  162. [LOCATION] The Setting Suns Inn and Tavern (from Summer Era XIII)
  163. New Arrival
  164. New Plans for a new Era (Seria Please)
  165. Job Hunting. also the Legalities Involved Therein [Open]
  166. Ambition, a family curse?
  167. The Black Hawk spreads its wings
  168. Meeting of enlightened minds
  169. [Location] Office of the Provincial Commander
  170. [Location]Woulofen Manor
  171. Writing Poetry (Open to all)
  172. Initiate Sorcery (Teka'sak)
  173. [Location] Offices of the Governor
  174. Home, Sweet...What?
  175. Bringing Wealth to Lauryl (Cattle Drive Stage 1: Departer)
  176. Heal Me! (Peer Mod/Open)
  177. Cabbit Calamity (Wild Treasures)
  178. [LOCATION] The Aedile's Office (Spring)
  179. Running Errands (Private, Aydyn. GF'ed)
  180. Fiddling with fickle forces
  181. The Flower of Lauryl
  182. Dark Harvest
  183. New Beginnings (Shawntay)
  184. Alone in the Library
  185. Picking The Pockets Of Justice! (Shake)
  186. Lurking In The Shadow Of Night (Open)
  187. My Cup Runneth Over (Anvael)
  188. Paths of Glory, Group III: The Inevitable Hour
  189. Looking for Someone (open!)
  190. Paths of Glory, Group I: A Solemn Stillness
  191. The Hunt is On (open)
  192. Learning The Basics [Thaumaturgy] - Self Mod
  193. Basic Herbalism (Glenard)
  194. Not Flying, Jump Good (Basic Acrobatics, Self-Mod)
  195. The Gathering of New Life (Open to everyone)
  196. Paths of Glory, Group IV: The Lap of Earth
  197. Herbs on the Brain
  198. Time to make a stick (Private, mod please)
  199. Alms for the Poor (Erenthril please-Private)
  200. Paths of Glory, Group II: All that Wealth Ever Gave
  201. Initiate Druidism, Andaeron (M. Marion)
  202. A Gray Day for a Late Entrance (Open)
  203. No Pink (not at all happy) - Mod Please
  204. Apprentice Druidism
  205. Wandering Around Mystique (open)
  206. Still Waters (Seria, Private)
  207. City Gates [Era XIII onward, post here as you enter]
  208. The Thanes Mail (Correspondence here)
  209. A young lad's future
  210. Pick Me Up, Dust Me Off [Aydyn's Home]
  211. Bards and Magic Shrubbery
  212. What About the After Party? [Eir'helm]
  213. Trying not to cut himself. (Atl's Longsword Training)
  214. Searching for a place!! (Open!! anyone join)
  215. Snowflakes Fall (Intermediate Shaasska | PM to Join)
  216. [LOCATION] Jac's Home
  217. Interview with a Woulofen
  218. Guratt Tavern --{Glenny}--
  219. The Paths of Glory | The Gathering
  220. The Paths of Glory | OOC Thread
  221. The Passing of an Empress (Open)
  222. Glenards Home
  223. Guratt Tavern --{Durnik Hallow}--
  224. Searching for Stuff
  225. Basic Horseback Riding [Self-Mod]
  226. Cat Meets Dog --{Staas}--
  227. One Human, One mark (Vilvinran)
  228. Idle Wanderings (Open)
  229. The Release
  230. For Nothing but a Song (Aydyn, semiopen)
  231. *To have lost and loved~ (basic arms training, Peer mod Ouoo)
  232. Mail Call for Klue Malinconico (Private)
  233. A Deal You Can Refuse (Artimeus)
  234. What A Difference a Month Makes....(*Eren, Private*)
  235. Children of the Crystallium (Elan, openish)
  236. So Dark the Con of Man (Open)
  237. Druid in a Warehouse [Maelvonian Tradehouse]
  238. “A Rosyun with a new Thane” Sitandria and Pala
  239. Sibling Reuinion (Epicurus, if you would)
  240. Sitandria's room at the Setting Suns Inn & Tavern
  241. The Trouble with Wine & Men (Stephan)
  242. Picking Up the Pieces (Xando, closed)
  243. Two's Company, Three's a Crowd (Erenthril, Cein)
  244. [Masquerade Ball] The Great Hall
  245. -Sleeping Sun [Open]-
  246. Free Time in the Park (Open)
  247. Initiate Druidism (Elysia)
  248. [Wine Tasting] The Music Room (Milo)
  249. Gifts, Giving & Giving Up
  250. Mind Probing (Elantria and Shawntay)